Why do people leave form software even huge salary

I am currently working in IT for nearly 5 years. I can give you a clear idea about what’s happening in IT.

IT is not an automobile company or something where all employees are recruited based on their skill set and interest. IT is full of labour with degrees, they are recruited because companies know they don’t need experts for the tasks they are providing.

So the motivated graduate who thinks he will rule the computers by learning simply get disappointed by the work he gets.

Some more lazy graduates feel comfortable because their brain doesn’t work beyond that repetitive tasks.

So salaries are comparatively high for freshers in IT than other jobs as they want to attract more and more non-IT background people.

One fine day, these motivated graduates realise their worth and try to do something else in life. They will either train for cutting edge technologies or they will move to their passion.

These lazy graduates who think they are working on some life-changing technologies by filling up excel sheets will stay there and change companies after companies for money by forcefully learning new courses and certifications to crack interviews.

They marry later they have to buy a house, and a car for living and kids will follow after a while.

At this point in Life, all will understand Life’s worth. It’s not about sitting on a chair, working on some stupid technology just for making a living.

Then people start to love the job forcefully because bills are yet to pay and EMIs are waiting for every month.

Energy levels decrease, and sexual life goes down due to a bad lifestyle. Back problems. Most of the money goes for hospital expenses.

Their children will get sick now and then because the city lifestyle doesn’t make them sweat a bit.

All the people who realised this scenario and have the guts to come out of the loop will leave as soon as some opportunity is knocked on the door. They create it.

Remaining who are afraid to do something other than their job and less confident. Mostly hate taking risks because for them how people look at them is more important than how they want to live. They will stay there and do the work and die.

Exceptions are always there who love work every bit and enjoy it. But most cases are under the above categories.

You have to leave something good in the present to achieve something great in the future.

Losing in the process of becoming great is far better than staying in the same good place

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