Must read this before leaving job

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From following company protocol to maintaining a good relationship with peace, follow these 10 ways to land a job. If you have made up your mind to leave the job, then know that the time ahead is going to be difficult for you and the company. There are certain issues behind your quitting job which include promotion, bad environment and personal reasons.

Companies have long experience in dealing with laid-off employees. If you have made up your mind to resign, then you must keep some things in mind.

1. Notice Period:

You should know the notice period of the company. If you do not follow the correct notice period, the company will make it difficult for you to give your benefits, funds and the right papers. Information about the company’s nodis period, non-compete clause, company property, medical insurance is important. With this, you can plan in advance and do not become bad in the eyes of the company

2. Stick to your word:

Stay true to the promises you made to your old and later company and don’t go back on what you have promised. Do not expect changes before the end of the year regarding your work, time, salary and do not threaten to leave your job because of these things.

3. Give accurate information about yourself:

Every company keeps records of the ability of incoming and outgoing employees and trusts them as per the need. Sometimes you are hired for tasks that you have to do on a regular basis, but still the company knows that you are right for someone else. In such a situation, do not lie about your ability and give correct information.

4. Follow the rules:

Follow the rules and regulations of the company throughout the job. These rules can be about anything, such as the use of the Company’s goods, or the possession of them. Be careful in the use of the company’s goods and avoid damage to them. Many companies can deduct this amount from your personal funds.

5. Follow Protocol:

You’ve already told your coffee mates that you’re about to quit. While your boss is completely unaware of this. This is the wrong way. You should have a meeting with your management or send a courtesy resignation letter. Know for sure, walls also have ears, it would be better for your boss to hear from you first and then from someone else.

6. Do not compare the new company with the old one:

You have made up your mind to leave this job. The reason is that you have found a place in a better brand with better pay and better work culture. Happy with this, you start comparing your old company with the new one. Telling everyone how many flaws there are in your current company.