You tube channel growing tips.

So today

I will share my personal experience .

how can I grown my YouTube channel through some tips and tricks.

First 15 second of video

You have to effort more to make your first 15 second of the video superb and more effective so that engagement of the audience will lead to watch them till the end of the video


In the PPP formula

1st P stand for pre view:- you have to tell are your video content must tell about the what is video for and why your video is important

second P stand for proof:- you have to accomplice your video content and you have to tell about your experience and also tell something about research you have done for the content of video

3rd one is again for pre view:-

In this section you have to give all your tips & tricks .

You tell all About your case study on video content

Keywords research

You have to workout for your keywords on Google search and youtube search .to select more efficient keyword you can use following


  1. Ubersuggest
  2. A/B TEST

using these tools you can choose best keyword to rank in top 10 in Google ranking

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