What to do after B TECH ?

Different types of career options are available after B.Tech, depending on which direction you want to go. Below are some of the major career tips which are the most important choice after B.Tech.

Campus Placement:

If you are not interested in pursuing further studies or higher studies, this is the best option. Most good engineering institutes have campus placements.

Plan your further studies for specialization like M.Tech:

After completing B.Tech you can opt for your further studies. M.Tech is the next step that gives you a chance to choose your area of expertise and excel in it.

Are you interested in business and management ie MBA?

Have you ever felt that engineering was not right for you? If you feel it is not late and still you can choose the right path.

Getting some Expertise or Certification – Diploma Courses:

Diploma course is another option which will be available for B.Tech graduates. Courses like embedded technology, VLSI, robotics, ethical hacking, protocol testing, machine designing are some of the specialized courses.

Study abroad:

It is clear that the facilities offered by foreign universities are better than many institutions here.

Do MTech: –

You have studied engineering. So now MTech can be done. For this, you should prepare hard for the entrance. Pass the GATE exam and get admission in the best institutions like IITs and NITs.

Own Yourself –

Entrepreneurship: Starting your own business after completing your B.Tech is also a great option. This option gives you the freedom to express your creativity and ideas.

Crack the Civil Services Examination: One of the toughest exams in our country, comes the Civil Services Examination (CSE). For engineering graduates, civil services are an option other than IES.

Serve your country:

Do you have the passion to serve the country? So you can join NDA i.e. Indian Army / Navy / Air Force or any other wing.

Short term course:

If you have done B.Tech and not getting a job then do short term course. Take short term courses related to the field of B.Tech.

Are you interested in research?

If you feel that neither M.Tech nor MBA is your choice, then always keep more options open which can be extended further.

Try to change the world:

If you feel that you just want to make a change without taking any course, then start working for a non-governmental institution (NGO).

A hobby can also be a career:

if none of the above options attract you, then it is time to abandon everything and fulfill your dreams. Take the challenge and try to combine your profession with your passion. Music, dance, photography, painting or any of your other talents or passions can be developed and transformed in your business.

Event Management –

With more destination and theme weddings, birthday parties, one of the most important jobs for managing such events comes an event management job.

An MBA is a better option because most of the students move to MBA after BTech.

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