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7 Facts About Difference Between CV And Resume That Will Blow Your Mind. ?

To make Resume attractive, first of all, like Resume’s good theme (Template).

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Resume (different between CV and Resume) should be such that one does not need to read much and just by looking at it, the detail of the candidate is understood, because the boss of the company does not have enough time to read your resume.

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Resume kaise banaye

Which details should be filled inside the resume?

Difference between CV and Resume
Difference between CV and Resume

Your Basic Information
Your Basic Information:Difference Between CV And Resume

In the Resume, first write your name in which first name (ex. Himanshu) and last name (ex. Gohil) in this format.

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Along with writing the name, it is very important to add your passport photo, which is for ID proof.

After that write your email ID, mobile number and address. पर CV selection क्यों नहीं होता है ?10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Cv Selection


In Experience, you first write about your recent and current job, then write your work and experience in reverse chronological order, from recent work to earlier work.

When writing your experience, do not use personal pronouns like “I”, “me”, “my” and many more.

Do not write your experience in a long line. List it in bullet point and write it down.

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In the Education section too, you have to mention the recent studies first, ie from the recent studies to the first.

You should mention the scholarships, awards, professional certificates you have received in your resume.



Whichever job you are applying for in the company, first mention the related skill of that job in your resume.

Write skills in points not in sentences, Ex.

project management
online marketing

Write only 50 to 100 words to the summary and whatever you write should be correct and write those points as to why you are perfect for this job. It is not that you have not written what you do not know in the summary.

Key points:

Write the same details in the entire resume, about which you are confident, so that if asked about it in the interview, you can answer it.

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If you do not know about anything, yet you have written it in your resume, then you will not be able to give an answer at the time of the interview and you will have the wrong impression.

Your puzzle impression is your resume.

Difference between CV and Resume:

Difference between CV and Resume
CV vs Resume

Difference Between CV And Resume by their origin

curriculum vitae (latin word)

Resume (french word)

CV means information in depth of what you have done in your whole life.

Resume means a summary of your professional work and skill.

Difference Between CV And Resume according to their definition

When you have done more work and are going for the purpose of some big work, then CV is used because you have more details to write.

Resume is used for entry level. If you are doing the first job, you are doing the second job then you use a resume.

CV is used when you have 15 years of experience and you go to senior position then you have a lot of information which you can write in CV.

Resume is used when you have only 2-3 years of experience which you can write in short because you have not done much work in your professional life.

All your details in CV are in depth, so it is of 3-10 pages.

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There is not much detail in the resume, so it is of 1-2 pages.

Difference Between CV And Resume according to experience point of view

In CV, we tell what we have done in all these years.

In Resume, we tell about our skills and experience.

Difference Between CV And Resume on the basis of education & qualification ?

CV is used when you are going for fellowship, going for PHD, or for a professor, then you need more details when you have studied what you have said. Are your certifications? What are the things you have learned.

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While applying for the job, the company wants your resume. A resume is used when you go for an MBA, internship, or job.

Difference Between CV And Resume according to their nature .

CV is static in which you give complete professional life information in chronological order.

Resume is detailed according to the job and you can highlight those things which are related to the job.

Difference Between CV And Resume according to editing .

You cannot make any changes in CV, the changes that you have to make are done in the cover letter which is attached with the CV, in that you can highlight important points.

Resume changes frequently according to the kind of job you want to enter in a company.


Mobile me Resume kaise banaye?

Difference between CV and Resume

To create a resume on your phone, first download the Resume Builder app from the play store.

Open the Resume Builder and click on the create button. After that you have to fill all the information in turn from personal details to reference, about which we have also mentioned above, what you have to fill.

After filling the information, you have to click on the button below the view, after that you will see many templates of the resume from which you select the template of your choice and your resume will be ready.

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If you want, you can also edit the resume and then download the resume and save it in your mobile phone.

Read more about –Visual Resume

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