Artificial intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? their application and career with AI.

Artificial intelligence
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Often you have seen that when you start writing something to search in Google, then Google starts showing it in its entire spelling or sentence sentence. When someone books a cab and the smartphone app starts to show the least traffic way to reach the destination. Google Assistant, Apple Siri or Amazon’s Alexa devices also do something similar, but they help a step further. All these devices are a miracle of artificial intelligence. Let’s know about the important things related to this career

Why Artificial Intelligence in discussion?

Recently, the Government of India has constituted a committee on AI Mission to resolve the differences between the NITI Aayog and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology- MeitY). The committee consists of the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, CEO of NITI Aayog and Secretary of MeitY and chaired by Chief Scientific Advisor K.K. Vijay Raghavan is doing. It is important to note that India is committed to making its economy a digital economy as well as linking government business with artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence
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What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is to develop the ability to think and understand and make decisions in a machine. Giving a machine the ability to work intelligently in different situations is called Artificial Intelligence. Now this task can be done in any form such as – understanding language, watching scenes, watching movies, playing chess or even driving a car. For example- Rajinikanth’s film ‘Robot’ or Hollywood movie Star Wars, I can see movies like Robot, Terminator, Blade Runner, so that AI can be seen or understood. Artificial Intelligence started.

AI is not data intelligence but management and manipulation of data. Many branches of engineering artificial intelligence are manufactured. In simple language you make a machine (computer, robot or any chip). Feed the data in it and create software that can accurately assess the circumstances based on the data. Based on the estimation, guess it and take the right action. This process itself is called Artificial Intelligence or AI.



What is Machine Learning?

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Like AI is employed for computer programs that attempt to solve problems that humans can easily do, like watching a photograph and telling about it. Similarly, another thing that humans can easily do is to find out from examples… and machine learning programs also attempt to do an equivalent , that is, to inform computers to find out from examples. For this tons of algorithms etc. need to be collected, in order that computers can learn to guess better. But now so as to show machines faster with less algorithms, efforts are being made to offer more sense to machines, which in technical language is named ‘regularization’.

History of Artificial Intelligence or AI

in 1983, some private institutes jointly established a consortium ‘Micro-Electronics and Computer Technology’ to develop advanced technologies applicable to AI, such as Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits. Types of AI Purely Reactive Limited Memory Brain Theory Self Conscious

This is how Artificial Intelligence started

AI began within the 1950s, but its importance was recognized within the 1970s.

Japan was the primary to require this initiative and in 1981 launched a scheme called Fifth Generation.

In it, a 10-year program for the event of supercomputers was presented.

After this, other countries also paid attention to the present . Britain created a project called ‘Elvi’ for this.

European Union countries also introduced a program called ‘Esprit’.

Subsequently in 1983, some private organizations jointly formed a consortium ‘Micro-Electronics and Computer Technology’ to develop advanced technologies applicable to AI , like Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits.’

Use of Artificial Intelligence

             Nowadays AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used in Smartphone, Robots, Computers, Application, Software, Machines, Self-Driving Motors, even AI for making Self Control Trains. There will be a lot of development in AI in the coming times.

   Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

                In the current time, AI has many advantages. Technology is going much further with its help. It is being used in most of the fields. Machines made with the help of this technology are much quicker, and the work done by them is very less wrong.

In the coming time, robots made with this technology will make the work of human beings very easy.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

               In recent times, there are also disadvantages of AI. AI (Artificial Intelligence) machine reduces the employment of people drastically, because machines work very quickly and the machine does not take any salary.

In the coming time, robots made from AI (Artificial Intelligence) can also be a threat to us and we can do it in future too. In recent times, the technology of robots has not developed so much that it can harm us.

Therefore, in recent times, there is no risk of life from AI-made machines, but it is reducing human employment to a great extent.

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Artificial Intelligence will be proved Techno-fuel

In today’s time, technology is changing very fast and artificial intelligence is being replaced by humans. If seen, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will prove to be the techno-fuel of the coming times, which will take science beyond the limits of our thinking. Artificial intelligence running as electronic blood on a chip will determine what the future of humans will be.

Can become Artificial Intelligence expert

If you have enough data on a particular subject and you learn to manage it through a software, then you too can become a master of artificial intelligence. In AI, all the data is on some data, if the data is wrong, then artificial intelligence will not be able to work in the right direction. Basic Artificial Intelligence is of two types. Research AI and Applied AI. The difference between the two Research Artificial Intelligence is commonly used to discover a new rule, create a new design, or improve a device. Applied AI when Artificial Intelligence is used for common life is called applied AI. Devices such as Siri, Alexa, etc. are examples of applied AI.

A career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will earn millions

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Start like this

 Two things are most important in learning or making a career in it, computer science and mathematics. To make a career in this field, it is necessary that you have an engineering degree. This degree should be in subjects like Computer Science, Software Technology, Mathematics, Electronics, Electricals. At some places, the entrance exam is also to be qualified for admission in the courses.

  These are courses for Artificial Intelligence

Special courses are being run on all subjects related to computer science institutes. America is currently at the top in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In India too, a lot of work is being done on Artificial Intelligence. Here too, there are many such institutes where one can do a course on AI. There are mainly two types of courses being conducted in India. And PG Diploma.


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