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Hello friends, how are all of you doing this is my new article on Tekle software I am  going to discuss about tekla software so a friends if you’re new into a tekla for the first time here so you  we have over 200 videos of Tecla on the Tecla structural designer tekla structures and how to make drawings and how to generate outputs of the Tekla. So today we decided to write a article  based on the many comments.

for the students and professionals working professionals who are using Tecla and who are thinking that we can learn technology to improve or career. So let’s start. So basic question is

what is Tekla?

What is Tekla? | Tekla Structural Designer | Tekla Structures |

so basically Tekla is a software produced product family of Trimble. So Trimble company as you always need manufacturers different products, you have seen the civil engineering products is also you have seen much to seen other products like cars and all so timbal is a company and thecla is a software product. Act of that company so software product family. What does this term means?
So it means that Tekla is a name for some combination of products. So what are this combination of products we shall know here. So basically it consists of software for structure analysis design and detailing and also for project management. So all the software included in the Tecla package are used for structural analysis structural design structural detailing.

also for project management, so if let us briefly like give an overview of this, what are these different terms means so structural analysis? What does it the structure analysis means? So suppose we have a particular member here suppose a particular load is acting on that particular member a point load is acting on this member some certain internal forces will be generated in this remember which may be Shear Force bending moment or any other forces. So this internal forces are generated through resist that?

so finding out the values of this internal forces is known as structural analysis. Now

what is textile design instructional?

So now we have a member we have the member has a particular size. Some loads are being applied on that particular number, which is calculated as per the standard course of the design codes of the particular country,.
But also you have to assume a size with a member so that you can find out the amount of loads and after that so not the amount of loads the amount of internal forces and after that you have to determine

whether the section whether the size of the particular structural member which we have provided is sufficient enough to resist those loads or not. So suppose we have provided a beam of size to 50 to 250 and we will test instructional design whether this is sufficient or not or whether we can give 250 to 300. So instructional design we decide that size of the particular member so that it is safe and it is also economically it’s not like that.

It is feeling that’s a particular member is spilling into 50 into have tea and we are providing 250 to 400 directly to make it safe. It’s not like that we have to make oh for the economical considerations. Also this briefly for the structural design. Now

what is textual detailing?

So now you have got the design but to execute in the site we need to trying so this is exactly what detailing is detailing is the drawing of all the particular.

members which you have designed suppose you have designed a column and you know that youth in that particular column you will need four parts of 16m as main reinforcement and you will need eight of them bars at a spacing of 150 M as the ties or the stirrups.

So how to use Tekla  to make a drawing of that so that it can be executable by the site engineer or the person or the supervisor who will execute the work so that part comes under detailing so detailing as you know with it’s done in our

AutoCAD, but in Tekla, we have a software package several software package to known as tekla structures in which we can do the detailing and also the three detailing also and next is project management you all know about project management project has different activities and to coordinate those activities properly so that we can complete the all the activities or all the the total project within that particular assign time.

This is known as project management and in the technology actors package this project management can be done and the structural analysis and structural design can be done using the Tecla structural designer package. So basically brief overview of that tequila has got three packages. Tecla family has got three valve software,. Basically Prime software. That is your Tecla structural designer tekla structures and your Teclakhelet. It’s ticklish textile designer you use used for structural analysis and design checklist structures is used for structural detailing and also for the

management and tekhelet, it’s is used for the manual or design or the some manual calculations of some members like slap using the European and the British courts or the US courts,. Okay, so these are the three software’s mainly the to software of Tecla is popular. That is the Tecla structural designer and the tekla structures. So now we will just go through some of the commonly asked questions related to this Tecla. Now first question is

what are the different software included in the Tekla family?

So the different software included in the Tekla family. are there are various software, but the main there are three software’s tekla structures particular structural designer and take electives. So ticklish structural designer is for structural analysis and design Tickler structure is for detailing so you all have an idea of you from the introduction.

So what is the difference between tekla structures and thekla structural designer? how to find the difference between Tekla, Tekla and tekla structural designer?

Is that tekla structures is for detailing and techno structural designer is used for design now, let us understand with the help of an example suppose.
You have a column in Tekla structural designer. You will know what will be the size of the column what will be the force which will act in the column and what how much reinforcement should be used in that particular column and in the tekla structures what?

what is structural detailing and the tekla AIDS is for the manual design of some members as per the course Indian codes is not included.

That again European courts and your us courts is included in the tickler texts, so these hope this answered your questions now, let’s find out the next question.

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do you can Make the particular size of the column in 3D insert their particular reinforcement in the 3D insert that particular longitudinal and maindrian longitudinal and the transverse reinforcement in the 3D in case of your steel structure you can make that particular connection, which you which you have mayor design manually in the tekla structures.

So this is the difference tekla structures for working Tech low Tech structures. We have to have a structural design. That is previous to know. What is the size you can calculate in the Tecla Texas. You just need to provide that and after you make the 3D model of that particular building in tekla structures using the design results. You can generate the drawing of any section any plan or any layout. Okay, so moving on to the next question, which is better than tekla structures and Tech lecture.

This question was asked in the comments section, and I had also made a video tekla structures, which is tekla structure designer and some people that commented tekla structures is better to collect eggs in designers better, but it’s not like that. It’s Dooku software’s are four totally different purposes to give you an idea Yuma all almost have here door heard of the world’s highest bridge.

That is the chain of bridge which is constructed in India, Jamaica feeld. So that particular over the industry was so that particular ocular Bridge the China Bridge so he was a chain of river that particular Bridge has been detailed using the tekla structures that detailing of that particular Bridge was done in tekla structures, but the design was done using the various code.

So ticklish textile designer, you know, it is a softer in which you can design only buildings. So this tekla structures in The Tickler, Texas the detailing was done like all the connections which are included in that particular Bridge all the

particular members those were detailed using tekla structures. So this is I hope this answers your questions. That is to a softer is useful to different purpose. Now. What is the use of Technology structure order which texture if it if it can’t do design so I have incredible structure because this is similar software in case of a detailing but the answer is the same.

It can’t do design design can be done here, but the detailing can be done suppose I know or as an engineer, you know that the particular arrangement of the volts and I’m going to the plates but the person which will execute at the site. You’ll need a need a proper design so that you can have an idea. What is the bolt size? What is the whole sighs? What is the thickness of the plate? What is the great of the steel which is which will be used. So for all this we need this detailing software like tekla structures.

ravage, Texas. Okay. Hope that answers the answers your question. And another question is also you know, this commonly asked if detailing we can do using water bed. So y will need this software like 3D deterring software like the tekla structures and dervish textures.

What is the use of making a 3D model?

So the answer to that question is also there you can do the detailing using AutoCAD, but if you want to move to the advanced level if you want to take it take detailing seriously as a profession, then you should definitely go for using this software because ultimately in larger projects it will save your time and also it will help you to gain more projects if you are working as an independent consultant also, okay can Bridges be designed using Tech Lon.

So again take Le has to software packages take large textile designer and take less taxes so you can detail Bridges using the tekla structures software for the did. You’re sorry.

Did you can do the detailing of the bridges using the Tecla sticks of softened butter?

Zane cannot be done using the checklist accent designer Okay,. So tekla structures can be used for the bridge detailing but Tecla structural designer cannot be used for the bridge design if you have software like mid has for this bridge design.

Which software should I learn firsthand? Why?

Okay, so I’m answering this question based on the assumption that you are want to learn structural design of a building which software you should I learn first. So first of all, if I talk among the tekla software not among others you can learn Tecla structural designer first.

will I get a job if I learn Tekla my dear friends?

No is the answer just by learning technology. You cannot get the job because you will be required to
sorry for starting negatively, but the the oral answer is no but it will increase your chances of getting a job. That is the one-word answer. No, but it will increase your chances of getting a job because I am very Frank here. I will not tell you anything, which is like not visible or not useful to you. So I am I’ll tell whatever whatever is correct as per the best of my knowledge. So how it increases your chances because it is one of the most advanced.
stress which is present in the industry right now,. Okay, so if you if you if you learn this software, it will increase your chances. So why did it doesn’t guarantee to get a job because learning Tekla isn’t enough you should be able to design a complete building using Tekla or with your software you are using for that you need to work on different projects so first whenever you are learning the Tekla make sure you work on everyone a particular project and execute and you know see that
whether it is Is executable or not and after that you can join somewhere as an intern and you can work on different projects and there you can also learn about the execution part or you can take training somewhere and you can learn about the design part so like that you can gain your experience just by, you know, just learning a software properly is not enough but it is the first step first of all you need to be thorough with the steps of this software.

Where can I learn Tekla ?

from so now it is an open platform. The Internet Is An Open platform can find various tutorials various paid courses various free courses where you can learn Tekla in civil Center. Also, you’ll find toward or 200 videos at the moment, which I am making this video over 200 videos very soon icing will reach the five hundred mark and the 1,000 Mark where you can learn the Tecla both the tekla structures and particular structural designer. There are other channels as well and there are other

as if you were to take my opinion because like you will get an idea about what are the sizes if I give you the particular size then you can do the detailing all the detail you need to do the detailing on only need to make that particular member in the tekla structures, but if you know that how to design the new lever better idea and after that also you can decide in which career option you want to go in detailing field or in design field in dfu if you want to if you go into detail design field, you will have to do a like more research you have

Constantly, you know they know about the codes, you know for changing codes and the loads calculations and all that part. You should be thorough and if you want to go in the detailing field, then you should be thorough with the software like whatever the design you are getting from.

The disease designer you can easily make the detailing using this detailing software like tekla structures. Okay. So first of all you first I recommend to learn both the detail detailing in the design first you go over the design and then go for the detailing so that there will be a connection between these two and I can also start by other design software as well like stad etabs or any other software now, this is the most commonly asked question

So for that you can you need to get trained, okay?

Training you should research as well where you can learn Tech love. So if you are just starting and if you don’t know whether we’re like we’re not sure that we will be able to learn dedicated to it or not.

Then you should start from YouTube all the free content from civil Center or any other sources where you are, which you can find and after that if you determine that you need you can go you can like you want to go in that particular career then you can learn from an experienced con.

resultant who is working in the field in civil Center also like we work on a particular project any provide training on the particular product or students so that they can get the experience of at least one project and they can learn the complete steps executable steps. No teacher will teach you their only Consultants who are doing that particular work practically in the field will teach you so if you’re sure that that you want to go in this particular field or you should definitely

before that go from either from civil Center or from any other, you know Institute where the Consultants will teach you not the teachers not like that the teachers who will know the software will teach you the Consultants who execute the work at the site. So make sure that they are teaching you and they make sure that you are going to get an egg for total executable project then you should learn get some paid training.

Can I install the full version of this software? So yes full version of the software can be installed because let’s face it.

This is a particular company and for the full version you have to pay for the software, but if you are student then you will get a 45 days free trial which you can use and if you still want the full version like for more for more than 45 days and there are many various methods. I need don’t need to tell that for any software you can use that but if you were to use any pirated version of any

Only the student you can use but when you’re working as a professional you should not use that pirated version. It is definitely not recommended, but for learning purpose as a student you can use that if required but it’s not recommended Okay, so that’s the case and what is the fee structure of civil Center of Technology course?

Okay, we have made various videos on this, you know the fee structure of the Civil center for the you know too full. Courses. It is a 15,000 for this particular currently in this particular time for the Tkcla structural designer Course and there are other courses also and you can continue contact using the dropper message in Whats App so that you can we have the course content and the particular fee structure also for the of the Civil Center because we you know our Consultants are engaged in this so that’s why we are taking this particular fee.

so the next question comes is why is the course fees high that I’ve told this 15,000 for the full course and there any rebates so many questions are simply ask that we that it is not affordable for the students that 15,000 is too high much Christ, whatever the charge of murder charges you are doing. So currently we have like recorded sessions also for the students who want to go for that the quantization the that particular code ceaseless and we have a pair or search for our course also super over we are charging like a car.

You are charging 2004 the per hour basis, so it’s for those who like were already throwing the software but want to get a particular martyring on a particular topic or come on. Duke has some doubts for that damn. Also we have this part of our course and also if you if it’s still not good enough you can go for the YouTube membership of rupees 23 per month only and for then that also you can request some videos A specialized videos you can get those videos if you are doing that. otherwise will tell you that to that the fee depends

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