TATA PROJETS Ltd VS LnT ECC. which One is best to work?

I just made this post to help those who want to make career in these company.

I have worked in both companies so i think i am able to answer the question.

I have worked in transmission line projects as a engineer level to manager level .

I will answer this question on the basis of transmission line projects works .

So i made comparative summery to ans .

So below are the points by which you will get your ans


Procedure of recruitment in Lnt ECC is very professional . There is a technical as well as HR team to examine the candidature to qualify for job and interview Ian really though to get job .

But in TATA PROJECT its not very tough if your CV is selected then 99% chance to be selected.

i will rate 5 to Lnt ECC and 4 to TATA PEOJECTS .


LNT ECC -salary offered on the basis of cadare for which you got offer letter. There is a range of salary for every cadare beyond this range for a particular cadare they will not offer .but in market the salary is obviously good .

Tataprojects – salary offered by this company is also good and you can freely bargning for salary .

Its also having salary range but you may bargin .

So i will give 4 star to both .

Work cultural

In lnt work culture is very hard priority is always given to work no Sunday no Monday

But in tata you have some relexation because its depend on you to work on Sunday or not .

Power at work .

You have enough power to manage your site according to you but in under ethics and policies.

Tata has also policy and ethics but depends on your upper level management .you are like puppet and you always have to do yes sir ,ji sir then only you can survive.


Zero tolerance policy is allowed on safety .

Tolerance limit is 90 % depends on safety officer .

Fund for project management .

There is no problem for funds but to take approval is big deal .vender payment is also good.salary is always on time .

The same is here funds always available.

Facilities and other benefits

Tata have much more facilities then lnt .

Training & development of employees.

Lnt has a good culture to train their employees to best result .

as compared to Lnt TATA provide less training and development.


There is well managed software and tools to plan projects in both company .but planning has more career growth in lnt then tata .

Dealing with Client.

Lnt has zero tolerance policy to deal with clients .lnt is always creat pressure to complete their task .

thats why lnt employees is always respected in client eyes .

But in tata client is always right does not matter client is wrong or right.


Most of the contract awarded to lnt is due to thier quality service no compromise .

In case tata depends upon clients requirement.


In the end i will recommend you join LNT .

i may be wrong but that’s my personal experience.

This articles may be different for different people.

Thanks you guys to read this for article pls comment below to raise your query .

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