TATA POWER HIRING II Commercial Services- C&Mm (Cmg & Mmg) II BE/BTECH Electrical

Job Description

JDs’ of HOG Meter Management

  1. To ensure availability of BA teams for complete the available task at hand and also to ensure the optimum utilisation of the BA teams.
  2. To ensure compliance of the provisions of CSM, enforce discipline within the BA workforce as well as engineers, team leaders as per company’s guidelines/policies/ TCOC
  3. Arranging periodic meetings with BA owners, different stakeholders of MMG activities like stores, other departments and OEMs’.
  4. Looking after the trainings and R&R of the employees under his/her control and take part actively in Employee Engagement.
  5. Periodic review of the processes of MMG and takes up necessary amendments/revisions from time to time.
  6. To perform any other work allocated by Top Management based on Organizational requirements

Education Qualification/Experience:

  1. Degree in Electrical Engineering (B.E., B.Tech).
  2. Minimum 5 years’ experience in Meter Management in areas of; 
  3. Installation as well as supervision of meter installation of single Phase, 3-Phase, HT, 
  4. Meter data analysis, 
  5. meter testing of all types of meters
  6. handling of meter stock operations, 
  7. Electrical safety norms etc. 
  8. He should have also handled large teams, movement of men and material, meter reconciliation etc. 
  9. He should also have knowledge of regulations related to metering like CEA norms, Electricity Act 2003, OERC and other relevant regulations.

*Minimum 60 per cent marks throughout from 10th Standard onwards

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