Story of  CIVIL ENGINEER 7000 INR per month  to 4 Lakh salary within 4 year

Story of CIVIL ENGINEER 7000 INR per month to 4 Lakh salary within 4 year

9 years ago…. I left my University without a job offer…. All my IT friends got placed in leading companies and MNC s .

I remember watching their posts in Facebook saying “Got placed in *&%. Package 4.25 per annum. Thanks to %&#….”.

I too wanted to Post something like that. But I was jobless.

Time went by and I realized that I was not Jobless. I was just a Civil Engineer and thats how our Life is. I remember walking into companies in Kochi with my Resume and getting shooed away saying “We dont hire freshers”. But finally, I ended up with a job as a Site Engineer.

My first salary was Rs.7000/month. In other words, the labours in my site had a better package than me.

But I knew …. One day my day will come. So here it is… After 9 years of hardwork, working in 6 different companies and 4 different cities, I finally made it.

I got placed in Hurst Pierce & Malcolm, London as a Senior Structural Engineer with a good package.

I am not posting this to show off my current position.

I am just posting to tell all those graduate civil engineers out there to Hang On and Just keep trying…. The society might advice you to change your path,

financial stress will weaken your legs, family pressure with increase your burden…. But keep walking…. Believe me… One day…

One day you will succeed. Its my word.

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