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POSITIVE REVIEW FOR simplilearn data science masters program review

simplilearn data science masters program review
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simplilearn data science masters program review by Anand

The reason for selecting DATA Science course was pretty ovious as coming from a mathematics background (BE ECE PESIT 2014) and having completed my engineering degree, I always have a keen to pursue a course where I can use my mathematical skills including my 3 years of coding experience after working for MNCs as a programmer . Keeping All this thought In mind, I started looking for the simplest course during COVID 19 situation in March 2020 so on upgrade myself.

After browsing the month of research, speaking with multiple people from the info science domain, browsing the brochure of Upgrad, INSEAD, Simplilearn, INSOFE, and lots of more within the list and after self-analysis,I came to the purpose that Simplilearn is best when it involves Data Science course in partnership with Purdue University together with IBM.
So I spoke to them intimately and after the initial assessment, I enrolled for the course. Fees I too felt were far better compared to what other private organizations are charging as I got a far better affect a scholarship.
Classes wont to happen live every Saturday & Sunday online from 10 AM – 2 PM with 15min break in between from 12–12.15 PM from best faculty having decades of experience in their domain.

Also every 2 months, live online class from Purdue Professors wont to be there for two hours where the school are going to be choosing one topic and can deliver a lecture on an equivalent which adds value to the present course.
So the course started in March 2020 with Statistical Mathematics for a month whereby they’re going to be teaching you basic core concepts of statistics, sorts of error, various tests, probabilities, and lots of more. the school , Sonal Ghanshani was specialized with the reason of the concept having a decade of experience and she or he did explain each and each concept intimately with real-life examples.

MACHINE LEARNING रोबोटिक प्रोसेस ऑटोमेशन Robotics Process Automation

April-May 2020: After basic statistics, we delved into R Programming- Statistical Programming covering right from the fundamentals and going into detail same by Sonal mam and that we had a really good hold of it covering each and each corner of it.Post completion a really basic test to unlock the certificate.
June – July 2020: Then our Python Programming module got started after few months covering basics and it’s the foremost important language which is widely utilized in Data Science went for a month covering wide topics along side 2 projects and a test to unlock the certificate.

Aug 2020: Next started Machine Learning by Samriddhi Dutta mam who was specialized with the hold of the topic matter and explained each and each topic in great detail. The course went for about 1.5 months covering each and each area along side project submission in reference to the industry trends along side tests.

Sept 2020: Post that completion, the tongue Processing module started and it had been taught by Praveen Sir where we got an honest hold of the NLP process, the entire workflow, and a few cool projects where he guided us at every stage including the sort of questions asked in Interview and project associated with real-life trends within the industry.

Post-test completion and project submission we had a 2 weeks break for our next Tableau Session.
Oct-Nov 2020: The tableau module was started by Ramanathan Somasundaram Sir having decades of experience and being himself Tableau certified, I got an honest understanding of tableau used for visualizations and it had been completely new on behalf of me .
He explained each and each concept very clearly and with proper examples including how the industry uses it for designing dashboards. Post Completion we did 2 projects and got evaluated to unlock the certificate. i might definitely say that he’s specialized at explaining each and each aspect of Tableau and got an honest understanding of it.

Dec 2020: this is often where Data Science Capstone Project comes into the image where all the concepts one has learned thus far has got to be placed on use and three projects out of which minimum one has got to complete successfully within one month time inorder to be eligible for the certificate.

Service: thus far I didn’t face any problem, be it accessing my lectures, recorded videos, LMS, etc. If any problem persists, the Simplilearn Customer Support Team is true there to assist you out.

Advice: So If you’re looking to delve your future into the info Science course, i might surely recommend going with this course but completely counting on this would possibly not assist you as Data Science may be a vast domain and with continuous practice only you’ll gain knowledge and implement accordingly. The more you understand things, the higher you become day by day. Anyone with basic coding knowledge can learn it if you’ve got a passion to find out something new and implement it.

Satyam Singh reviewed simplilearn data science masters program

Since, i’m doing Data Science Certification from Simplilearn, so i feel i’m suitable to answer this question to the simplest of my knowledge.

Starting from the enrolment, the support from the Simplilearn team has been amazing. they supply you with the training Path which incorporates the step-wise course path which is to be followed. Since, Data Science has multiple languages so this part is mandatory here.

In the beginning i used to be a touch skeptical whether I should choose this course or not Since i’m from a management background, with no coding skills. But after completing my ‘Data Science with R’ course, i used to be really impressed by the course structure and therefore the Live classes helped me tons to cope up with the ‘R-Language’. Now, i’m quite confident with R and that i have even completed one project in R.

Kudos to Simplilearn team for giving me such an honest platform to reinforce my skills.

How good is simplilearn data science masters program review?

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Data Science is that the hottest job in today’s world . Doing the info science certification from simplilearn will add value not only to your resume but after browsing training you’ll get lot of data about data processing and data modelling in R and SAS tool .
I recommend simplilearn platform for all those people that are looking to grow in data science profile , that they will join the programmer , sharpen their skills , get real industrial exposure by performing on several projects and case study .


Simplilearn data science masters program reviewed by BHARAT KALWANI

Data Science masters program from Simplilearn which covers R, Python, SAS, Machine Learning and Tableau. R programming sessions were held by Nimisha Pandey. The sessions and contents were alright instructed and delivered. the school and training assistants are very helpful around the clock.

The course is neat for freshers who are new this field. the web classroom felt like live classroom session because the learning platform is extremely user friendly. The sessions are recorded and may be assessed/ downloaded for future reference. Overall an excellent experience with Simplilearn learning.

Simplilearn data science masters program review by Poornima M

Simplilearn’s Data Science program may be a waste of cash and therefore the worst online program.

In the name of IBM, the #Simplilearn is simply cheating the people with fake promises and worst teaching faculty.
I guess most of the people join Simplilearn by watching the IBM brand, and that i dont think IBM is in anyway involved here.

They do not have one fee structure of a specific course for everybody . all joined features a differnt amount charged for same course.
And the money is just not small.

Ok, we’ve joined investing the cash , next to our surprise what we get to understand is there’s no good faculty.
Every batch has 2-3 trainers changed and for unknown reasons. The continuity is broken.
The faculty are themselves not confident of what they teach. Students queries aren’t answered properly.

And after going to know all the issues , when asked for a refund, few people do get and few don’t.
Reason given is 7 days refund policy. Practically how would anyone judge supported the 7 days teachings. Everything is new us.

As said few people get the refund since they raised their voice against the items happening.
Rest are made to shut their mouth with unrealistic reasons.

simplilearn data science masters program review BY Gaurav Sharma, Data Science Enthusiast

FRAUD #FRAUD@Simplilearn

Simplilearn is that the worst online platform to find out data science and AI . Their Website is crammed with lies and rubbish projects. Please don’t accompany the names of their projects and assignment policy.
Reasons why you shouldn’t pick the simplilearn DS and A.I course:

  1. they’re going to not deliever the content as they need promised. the trainer will simply read down the slides ahead of you.
  2. there’ll be quite 100+ students during a class so tons of your time waste no chance of your query to be answered.
  3. Assignments(This may be a lie) they’re going to not eve
  4. n take a glance into your assignments they’re going to just unlock the certificate.
  5. As few of you recognize about r2_score in Data Science it’s used for to see goodness of fitting of your model together with your data to see whether or not they will provide me a far better solution or not i build a model with worst case and came up with 0.0028 guess what they literally pass my assignments. LOL
  6. they’re going to not provide the answer of the assignments .
  7. they’re not even having proper resources to show you they need few batches either they’re fully crowded or not suited together with your schedule.
  8. The course won’t offer you any thorough knowledge and therefore the maths behind any topic throughout the course. Basically you’ll remain noob far better content and simply explained you’ll get on youtube for free of charge .
  9. AI course content and instructor are the worst please don’t spend your precious money.
  10. you’ll get these rubbish mail after completing a module. Don’t expect anything after assignments.

FAQ related to simplilearn data science masters program review

What is the value of Simplilearn certification in India?

Simplilearn may be a training provider – not a certification body. Certification bodies provide certification services for his or her products or services. For example: Microsoft, Oracle, PMI etc.
On the opposite hand, we’ve Examination Provider like Prometric, EXIN, Peoplecert.
For any certification to be valuable, we’d like closely connected work between these 3 pieces.
Simplilearn as a training provider – gives you the foremost important thing you would like for your certification – Knowledge. As a training provider, Simplilearn’s training sessions are carefully drafted to satisfy current market trends and demands. Also, the trainers delivering the sessions undergo a rigorous interview and selection process. additionally , there’s a well established, 24/7 support staff available.
Therefore, from Training Provider perspective, Simplilearn leads the pack by light years. only one example to prove what I mean:
Training Feedback may be a fundamental mechanism for any training provider to understand the effectiveness of their training. Other mechanisms exist, but allow us to specialise in this.
As per Wikipedia “NPS has been widely adopted with quite two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies using the metric” (Net Promoter – Wikipedia).
Simplilearn uses NPS for every of its training. In these training’s, participants such as you and me are mandatorily asked to fill out the NPS Survey at the top of every session -(THIS is vital TO UNDERSTAND) – not at the top of session. for instance – if a session is 2 days, most training providers will collect feedback at the top of two days. But just in case of Simplilearn, it happens at the top of every day.
These NPS ratings average as per Wikipedia, anything above 50+ is superb . Simplilearn’s average NPS across all training’s is above 60 – consistently. This tells one fact: Participants trust Simplilearn Brand and become repeat customers.

Is the worth buying a course from Simplilearn? How are their placement services after the completion of the course?

No. It’s material are some things u get on YouTube channel also . All simplilearn instructors and students are requested repeatedly repeatedly to offer feedback on quora mouthshut and few other social sites… if u r seeing all good feedback..u r trapped. I even have a really bad experience from it’s Devops session. Please take care

Have you gotten a job after getting a certification from Simplilearn?

Well…No. Simplilearn prepares you to face the varied certificate exams in order that you’ll attain the Certificates which can causes you to eligible to use for jobs.

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