Should management change jobs if management wants to take a jibe at a high-performing person?

Should management change jobs if management wants to take a jibe at a high-performing person?

It depends on how much confidence that person has in himself. I’ll tell you my reality.

I too was once working as a senior coordinator in a branch of an MNC. I had four people Tim. It often happened that someone would take a holiday, seeing this, our director (Madam) put a girl in our team to assist. I taught him all the work, hardly a few days passed, I had to take two days off. The reason was that at that time my wife was often ill.

I was relaxed from the office thinking that my work would be handled by the new staff. When I went back to the office, all my team members were crazy. When the talk happened, it came to know that the new staff went to madam as soon as I went on leave and said madam, I do not understand any work there, you make me your assistant (with full butter).

Note: Madam was a complete sycophant.

Madam, obeying him, made her assistant and gave the work, keep an eye on everyone and take account of the work thrice a day.

What happened as a result, the one who came as our assistant became our boss.

In the office, all kinds of talk used to happen on internal mail and in all, madam was CCed so that when she was not in the office all the reports would be received.

Hardly 5-7 days would have passed, at five o’clock in the evening that girl asked for a progress report of a project through mail, which I had already given at twelve o’clock.

Madam was not in the office. I replied to him on the mail itself, I have given it at 12 o’clock.

Got his answer, give it again.

My anger on seventh heaven. I wrote to him on the mail “Kindly define your designation”.

He didn’t define that but madam’s call came.

Madam: You don’t know its designation?

Not me.

Madam: She is my assistant,

Me: Till yesterday she was my assistant.

Madam: Leave that tomorrow. His order is my order. You have to obey everything about him.

Me: He is not capable of obeying his words. The person who ordered me should be more capable than me. He did not have the capacity to learn two things in ten days, and I have heard many more.

Madam: How are you speaking? Write a mail of sorry.

Me: The arrow once gone cannot be returned.

Madam’s phone got disconnected. After a while the HR manager came. If they had received the order, then write an email of sorry or take a leave of five days. I took leave.

On the fifth day you got a call from HR, you have been fired. I said “Good bye”

Today it has been nine years, after that I did not have a job, started my own small business and am happy.

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