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You are applying to become a safety officer with any company or organization whatsoever. Make sure you stay tuned because I will help you to succeed and to achieve that goal. This is what I will cover. I will give you a list of safety officer interview questions that I strongly recommend you prepare for I will give you brilliant top-scoring answers to tough safety officer interview questions.

I will also give you some really important tips on how you can stand out. out during your safety officer job interview, and I will then tell you how you can access further resources, including these slides and the answers to help you succeed and just very quickly. My name is Richard McMunn.

I am a former Fire officer and a safety officer who has many years experience in at the roll if you are on LinkedIn, please make sure you connect with me. I have put my LinkedIn Link in the description below the video. It’s always good to connect with like-minded professionals both against

Now the first safety officer interview question that I want you to prepare for his

tell me about yourself because this will be the first safety officer interview question that comes up during your interview now in your response talk about the different skills qualities and experience you have that will make you a confident and effective safety officer for their organization. Here’s a great example answer to assist You tell me about yourself. Here we go.

Thank you for inviting me to be interviewed for this safety officer position today now over the years I’ve built up extensive experience skills and knowledge that are a strong match for the job description.

I am passionate about safety meticulous in my planning and organizing on I always work quickly to build a culture within the organization where everybody from the top down puts safety above everything else important skills and qualities. I

It’s the will enable me to excel in the role include strong. communication and interpersonal skills, I always communicate consistently ensuring the safety messages and policies. I want to put across our understood. I will build strong relationships with the senior management team and managers within the organization to ensure the health and safety objectives are conveyed throughout the company. Finally my knowledge of health and safety law regulations and procedures are second to none and I will make sure I protect your organization and your employees from the hazards and risks.

That’s all present sir. That’s a really good rock Solid confident answer that sets you up with confidence for the rest of your safety officer interview, and you can even pause the video if you want to and take a note of the questions and answers as I work through them with you or if you wait till soon tell you when you can download my full set of safety officer interview questions and top-scoring answers including the ones covered during this tutorial here is the next question that I want you to prepare for.

Why do you want to work here?

Here as a safety officer. Now this question is guaranteed to come up during your safety officer interview. The interviewer wants to hear that you have researched their organization and that you have a valid and genuine reasons for wanting to work there. So here’s another great answer to help you.

Why do you want to work here as a safety officer?

I want to work for you because I genuinely believe you can only achieve your objectives as a safety officer if the organization you are working for. He serious about safety and it supports you in your work.

Been carried out lots of research into your company is clear. You take your responsibility seriously and you haven’t culture that puts safety above everything else. I am passionate about safety and doing things the right way is something I always look for in a company and seeking employment. I was successful my plan to stay working with your company for many years to come and I feel this is a place where I will be supporting end of my duties as another really good answer and to help you pass your safety officer interview now don’t go anywhere because I still have more questions and answers to give you but when you’re ready you want to click that link in the top right hand

Thank you for it to my website pass main to and you can download my full set of 21 safety officer interview questions and top-scoring artists including the ones covered within this presentation today. Here is the next question that I want you to prepare for.

What are the different steps of a risk assessment and make sure your knowledge the risk assessments and how to conduct one is up to scratch before you attend your safety officer interview.

Here’s another great example answer to help you what all the different steps of a risk assessment. Here we go. There are 5 steps to a risk assessment that I always follow Step 1. is to identify the hazards. I defined a hazard as the potential for something to cause horrible create an adverse Health effect on people within the workplace now to identify organizational hazards Authority Inspection would need to take place. For example, if electrical testing is not being carried out on electrical appliances. That is a hazard once the hazards had been identified.

I would move on to step two which is to decide who within the organization might be harmed and how step three is to then evaluate the risks and decide what precautions we need to take now the risk is a chance.

Will cause harm and in the case of a lack of organization electrical testing the risks all very high therefore the only way to reduce the risk and to eliminate the hazard is to either conduct periodic qualified electrical testing or to remove the appliance from use all together step for I would make sure my findings were reported accurately before implementing the outcomes of those findings and it would be important to act quickly and decisively on those findings eventual everyone within the organization was aware now finally the fifth step is to periodically review and update the risk assessment and as the thank you officer. That would be my responsibility.

That’s a really good answer because you are not just giving the five steps you are giving practical examples of how they would be implemented within their organization. So it’s a really good answer. They’ll put you ahead of the competition isn’t exactly officer interview question that I want you to prepare for.

What are the most important skills and qualities needed to be a safety officer?

now this safety officer interview question is assessing your understanding of the job description now if you cannot answer this question correctly, you will not pass the interview. Here’s another great answer to help you.

the most important skills and qualities needed to be a safety officer. Here we go a competent professional safety officer needs numerous skills and qualities and first and foremost, they need a thorough understanding of safety how it is managed in the workplace in the relevant laws and regulations that in composite a

safety officer must have stronger communication influencing and interpersonal skills and be able to explain the benefits of safety in a concise and clear manner to the workforce safety officers need strong of analytical and problem-solving skills respond quickly to

Problems as and when they occur the safety of us must be able to work with people at all levels from within the organization as well as being commercially aware safety officers must be it literate because the vast majority of the work they carry out will be recorded shared and disseminating online other essential skills and qualities needed by safety officers include having a good eye for detail confidence in their abilities taking responsibility for their continuous professional development and making sure they keep updated with developments and laws from within the health and safety sector a really good answer.

A shows you are the candidate. They should be choosing. What would you include in a safety policy if we asked you to create what is a difficult safety officer interview question to answer correctly consider their organization what they would lead to include in a safety policy of creating one from scratch. Here’s a really good in-depth van sir to help you. Are

We’re going to safety policy if we asked you to create one, here we go. There are many different things. You can including the safety policy is content with very much depends on the needs of the organization. I was working for however, my safety policy will always starts with a health and safety policy statement, which is essentially organizations statement of intent.

What are the aims and objectives of the policy and who is it for important statements that must be included but that includes details relating to the organization and management of safety. That is what focus on who was responsible for health and safety in the workplace. I would include details related to the and individual policies the organization had and how the risks within the organization we’re going to be managed. There are many individual sub policies.

I would consider including such as risk assessments first aid procedures how we will control substances that are hazardous to health manual handling procedures and policies relevant to drugs alcohol and smoking but also consider including testing and electrical appliances and installations the operation of Machinery visit to procedures maintenance procedures periodic testing and the training of staff and safety reporting procedures, and we will be important.

Have a culture within the organization we’re reporting was not only seen as best practice, but also encourage that you can use that as a basis for your own response to that common safety officer into the question is another one that I believe I enjoyed your singing of the interview. What are your strengths and weaknesses? So again, this question is pretty much guaranteed to come up during your interview structure your response so that you give them four or five strips and then just one weakness that he’s not a match for the job description. Here’s

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