Retired Pope Benedict XVI dies at 95

announced the death of Pope Benedict the 16th at the age of 95 his health had been worsening in recent weeks Benedict served as head of the Roman Catholic Church for eight years until 2013 when he became a first pope in 600 years to announce his retirement. He was German by birth and was known for his conservative theological Outlet. sS and Mateo Bruni said in a statement with sorrow. I inform you that the pope Emeritus Benedict the 16th passed away today at 9:34 at his residence in the Vatican.

Ruskin says Pope Benedict’s body will lie in state from Monday infant pieces Basilica. Here’s our religion editor Ali muckball. cerebral by character Benedict Was a prolific author and more at home with scholarship and pastoral work. He led the world’s Catholics for eight years and then abruptly resigned the first pope to do. So in 600 years. Just to Branson girl was born in southern Germany. He was just six when the Nazi swept into Power his parents were hostile to the regime and though their son entered Junior seminary in 1939. He was forced to join the Italy youth just two years later.

in his brother George Will ordained on the same day in 1951. George became a parish priest Joseph chose a quite different kind of ministry first a doctorate appointments of prestigious universities and then the Vatican Cardinal by his early 50s and healing Pope John Paul the second made him head of the Sacred congregation for the doctrine of Faith formerly the Roman Inquisition. There he upheld traditional catholic teaching on abortion contraception and homosexuality. He even spoke against rock music and the Harry Potter books.

engine falls died in April 2005. He was one of the church’s longest serving Cardinals and presided at the funeral his homily based on Jesus’s instruction. Follow me proved prophetic. for ballots white smoke from the Sistine Chapel announced Cardinal ratzinger’s election. oldest pope for 275 years

This pink Benedict the 16th. He sought to revangelize the West Was an attempt to roll back the advance of secularism in Europe and North America, but in it lay an acknowledgment of the church’s declining influence in its traditional heartlands. But he also sparked controversy in 2006 and during the lecture. He came in Germany. He quoted criticism of Islam by a 14th century Christian leader and appeared to link the religion with Jihad and holy war there were violent protests in several Muslim countries the apologized and made a point of setting up the first Catholic Muslim forum.

the same chastened by the experience and on visits like this one to Britain Benedict exuded pastoral world. and warned against marginalization of religion. I cannot advise my concern. It’s increased imaginary decision of age particularly of Christianity. So just taking place in some quarters even a Nations which plays a great emphasis and tolerance but back in Rome the church was beginning to confront the scandal of sexual abuse by priests around the world.

He was forced to deny that he played any role in covering up abuse that the cases continued to mount. He later acknowledged it made mistakes in handling the matter. Alexander impervigny virus Myers in February 2013. He shot the world announcing he would resign at the end of the month citing age and failing health. the election of his successor Pope Francis represented a break with much of what Benedict had stood for the challenge was to find a leader who could close the widening gap between a doctrinally conservative Vatican the church worldwide.

notice of the system Benedict between his success of the challenges that so fatigue him. the scandal of child sexual abuse and diminishing congregations in the West Pope Benedict upheld the Creeds of the church and taught them with conviction. He died as he lived thinking and writing about how to defend an advance those Creeds in an increasingly secular world.

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