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Keep your resume crisp and to the point. A recruiter looks at your resume for an average of 6 seconds, make sure to leave the best impression.


Don’t add your photo or details such as gender, age, and address in your resume. These details do not add any value.


Properly align and format text in your resume. A recruiter will have to spend more time reading poorly aligned text, leading to high chances of rejection.


Double-check your resume for any spelling mistakes. The recruiter may consider spelling mistakes as careless behavior or poor communication skills.


Do not use an unprofessional email address such as It shows a lack of professionalism by the candidate.


Be truthful in your resume. It is very easy to catch false or lies during the interview by asking basic questions.


Be honest with your years of experience. All information you share will be verified at the time of joining.


Avoid using too much corporate jargon in your CV. Sometimes keeping things simple will get your job done.


Name your CV properly while saving it. It is highly likely that the recruiter won’t even open your CV if you name it casually.


Don’t put irrelevant stats in your CV to impress employers. Use numbers and statics to highlight the impact of your work.


Using appropriate keywords increases your CV’s visibility. Many recruiters just type keywords on job portals to find CVs.


Working professionals should put their experience first, followed by education details. Recruiters want to know how good you’re at your work.

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