Pier by pier, girder by girder, how Gujarat leg of India’s first bullet train is gathering momentum

Pier by pier, girder by girder, how Gujarat leg of India’s first bullet train is gathering momentum

Five years after the foundation stone was laid of the ambitious 508-km Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project, work on the 348-km Gujarat stretch of the project has gathered speed, with teams of engineers and workers working 24×7 in shifts to make up for time lost due to land acquisition issues and the pandemic. ThePrint visited five of the state’s project sites a fortnight ago to see what is happening on the ground.

In September 2017 just two months before the Gujarat Assembly pose kindness to Narendra Modi and his then Japanese counterpart Shinzo Army laid the foundation storm of the ambitious 58 kilometer Mumbai and otherwad bullet train project over five years later as a western state gears up for another Assembly Election the 348 kilometer Gujarat stretch on the project has gathered speed.

the teams of Engineers and workers working around the clock in shifts to make up for time lost mainly on account of land acquisition issues and the pandemic the rupees 1.08. Lakh. Karu project is based on the same technology as shinkansen the Japanese bullet train, but modified to soup Indian conditions. The queen will run at 320 kilometer per hour and cover the 58 kilometer distance.

by The major portion of the corridor 348 kilometer Falls in Gujarat 156 kilometer Falls in Maharashtra and four kilometer in dadra and nagar haveli the print visited the bullet train project sites at sabarmati, Anand Surat and navsari in October to see the work happening on the ground our first stop for sabarmati. Where a multimodal transport Hub is being developed since the bullet train on the Mumbai Corridor The multimodal Hub being develop will connect the high speed reality railway station the metro station and the bus system.

I’m standing at a sabarmati multimodal hub which is part of the high-speed rail Corridor project, which is being built by India. This will be India’s first bullet train project linking Ahmedabad to Mumbai this sabarmati. Multimodal Hub is a Nerf center of the bullet train project. It will connect the high speed rail corridori stations, which you can see on my left side passengers traveling on the bullet train project can use this to connect to the real life high speed railway station that is being developed will be the origin point of the bullet train projects.

If they are rest stoppages currently work is underway on three foot over Bridges, which will connect the hub for the metro brts and railway station where the completion of the sabarmati terminal station will take time work on the Hub is nearing finalization about 90% of work is over project officials at the site said that it will be ready by February 2023. The multi model has been designed located 1.5 lakh foot Falls Daily from sabarmati. We went one of the casting yards of the high speed rail Corridor the basic Foundation structure of the high speed pointers our cost here close for six thousand workers are working around the clock in shifts on the island section.

in the clock and shifts on the online section. We are standing here with Mr. Pradeep. Ayaker Chief project manager of the national high speed real Corridor project at Anand casting yard. Welcome to the printer. Thank you. So, can you tell us what’s happening here? And what is the status of the work at this site in C6 package? This is 87 kilometers long and in this state we’ve already completed around 17 kilometers of foundation 45 kilometers of piles already constructed in this section the construction of foundation and subscribe the

the girders the girders are being constructed in costing yards. So we are standing near Anand casting years will be constructing almost 734 girders. So we already started the work how much stretch would it cover these? 734 brothers would cover 29 kilometers of stretch and we have already constructed almost 60 girders here and already launched almost 30 years here. So working in progress and all these works are being carried out with so many machines and trees there and you can see behind us launching entries there. So this is the most important missionary as far as launching of garden is concerned. Just sometime you can see this gap of peers as you said.

like highly sophisticated equipment. So all these are Indian made only all these machineries are Indian made and they are performing at par with any any International machine currently as we speak how many workers are working at the Anand casting area in Anand casting yards almost 1500. They were almost 6,000 workers are working. They are working around the clock internships. We have already commissioned all the missionaries and you already started our work, although it is initiation initial phase and learning curvies there, but now construction is going on well, and we will complete this work within time in this world Civil side civil construction site. What’s the most complex part is foundation and subscribe only so it is not much work is done here,. But the most important part is casting to cast quality conception. that is first

Launching entry is the most critical part. It is in critical phase and these launching entry. The front legs are putting their legs on the one Pier. So these phases the most important phase launching of garden by launching entry among the more complex construction underway on the French currency are the best. Her mother Mahi and samarthy the print visited once a site is sooner where a bridge for the bullet train point is coming up on topiable. Yes, darling.

easier at Surat you can see behind me. We’re going on on the topic River where a bridge is being built away, which the bullet train will run the Gujarat stretch of the bullet train project covers 348 kilometers and on the entire Street Fair River comes Papi Mahi narmada, and sabarmati bridges are being built over. Here bridge will be the longest in the Gujarat stage is length is approximately 1.2 kilometers on the table the bridge that is being built is 720 meters building a bridge on a river is a complex process due to the presence of weather sedimentary rock with clean ears in between but engineers and workers working these challenges and are going ahead Full Steam great the bridge over which the bullet train will run.

Surat a diamond-shaped railway station is also coming up and not to the city’s moniker as India’s Diamond City. The station is coming up on a 43,500 square meter land work is speaking place here with 35% were completed so far. There will be eight stations on the Gujarat stage and vapi bilimura maruch vadodara stages of constructions bullet station. Not far from completion from Surat machines. Mostly indigenous are at work at the casting yard take the straddle carrier for instance manufactured at project contractor Lawson and two Bros kanchipuram plant in Chennai. They come with 80 huge tires 20 axles and can lift a load of approximately 1100 metrics. They are being used to shift the girders from one location.

One of those then there is a bridge country which lifts the girder from the ground and places it on top of the girdle transporter. the machine performs the most important task of Shifting girder from the bridge country to the launching the entry the launching entry then lives a girder from girder transporter and launches it over the peers. It’s only after all the girders are placed on the pier and tested that work on laying the tracks can start so far hundred kilometer of pure work has been completed on the Gujarat stretch of the bullet train Corridor about 9.3 kilometer also been completed while it might still be some time before the entire 5008 kilometers switches commission the trial run of the first phase of 50 kilometers stretch between Surat and believer enough. Sorry in Gujarat has been set for August 2026.

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