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O Transcribe Tutorial: How to Use FREE Transcription Software and Voice to Text to Transcribe Audio

O Transcribe
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 In this article I will teach you about ” O Transcribe O Transcribe Tutorial: How to Use FREE Transcription Software and Voice to Text to Transcribe Audio”. If you are one of my subscribers, you’ll know that a lot of my videos focus on working as a transcriptionist from home. People can become a transcriptionist or transcriber for one of the many different companies that hire worldwide applicants. Other people are freelance transcriptionist for clients they have found on Fiverr or Upwork, or some other freelance website. Regardless of where you get your transcription jobs from.

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transcribing can be quite tedious and very tiring, especially if you are not a great typist. Additionally, it can be really difficult to listen to an audio or video file and have to constantly stop the file and open up your desired text editor to type out what the video or file is saying. That is why I am going to teach you a method to make transcribing much faster and more streamlined using completely free transcription software and tools. The first thing you will need is to have an audio or video file downloaded on your computer that you want to transcribe.

 You could also have the link to a YouTube video that you want to transcribe as well. If you don’t have the file downloaded, or you need to download it from whatever transcription platform you are working for, make sure to watch my video on how to download audio files from any website. I’ll put the link to this video in the description below.

I also have another tutorial on how to reduce background noise and improve audio quality which may interest you as well. I’d also like to provide you with a gentle reminder that not all transcription platforms approve of downloading audio or video files, so you must use this method at your own discretion. In this tutorial, we’re going to go through four steps to transcribing using free transcription software and tools.

In the first part of this O Transcribe article, I’ll teach you how to use O Transcribe , which is a free web app to help you transcribe faster without having to switch from your audio player and text editor.

 You don’t need to sign up to use this software. It is quick and easy and you only have to open it up in your browser to get started. This app will help you transcribe files for clients easily transcribe YouTube videos, and it is also available in multiple languages.

The second part of this O Transcribe article is optional but will help you save time typing especially if you aren’t a great typist, or if you are just tired of typing all day long. I’ll teach you how to use oTranscribe along with a free built in voice and voice typing extension to transcribe faster and save your hands from carpal tunnel. This extension is also available in multiple languages if you are transcribing in a language other than English.

In the third step, we’ll run our transcript through my favorite free grammar and punctuation checker to edit and proofread our transcript to ensure it is free from punctuation and grammatical errors. And finally, I’ll teach you a very important step on how to remove all formatting in a free text editor so that your transcript can be copied and pasted into the transcription platform of your choice.

This is an extremely important step to avoid any formatting issues if you are transcribing for any particular platform, and not as a freelance transcriptionist for a client, so let’s get started. Okay, so what you’re going to do is go to au transcribe.com.

 And you can see here that oTranscribe is a free web app to take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews. Here, you can select English and choose whatever language you plan on transcribing in I’m going to keep it as English. And all you have to do is click Start transcribing. So here you have two different options, you can choose an audio or video file that you want to work on and transcribe or you can choose a YouTube video, if you want to transcribe a video that you have the link to on YouTube.

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I also want to show you if you click on this gear icon, it will get you into your settings. So as you’re transcribing these are the different keyboard shortcuts to play and pause the video to skip backwards to skip forwards. If you want to change one of these you can, for example, I could click the plus icon. It says listening for new shortcut.

So if I press space, you can see here that now this space icon would also be playing pause, and I could erase the escape if I didn’t want to use that, for example. To restore all of these settings back to default, just click Restore default keyboard shortcuts. Okay, so I’m going to choose an audio file to transcribe. Just click on the file and click Open You can see here that at the top, it has uploaded the file. For me.

 Now this is all private and secure, so no one will be able to access this file that you have uploaded, it’s just for your personal use. You can see here that the file I have uploaded is 40 seconds long. And all you have to do to press play. As you can see, here, the shortcuts, Escape is play. So I’m going to go ahead, press escape. Now, in order to get that to work, you’ll have to click on the document here. Okay, and now we can click escape to start playing the file. Hi, Jill, Happy 60th birthday.

 I heard that you are a big fan of mine… So again, you can press Escape to pause the file. Now if you want to go back f1 is to go back here, or f2 to go forward. Again, if you wanted to change any of the keyboard shortcuts, you can go again to the gear icon over here. And you can see the different keyboard shortcuts that they have.

If you are transcribing a lot for certain platforms, you will probably find that there are certain keyboard shortcuts that you like to use that you’re used to using.

So I would recommend to continue using those so it’s easier for you. You could also just click to go back as well on the bar here. And we can adjust the speed which is great. So if you wanted it to go really slow, I could drag this all the way down. And again, press Escape to play the file. Okay. And again, you could drag this up to speed it up as well. Or just click f4 and f3.

There’s some also pretty cool things you could do. You could bold certain text, make it italicized. You could also click Ctrl plus j or click this icon here to add a timestamp. And that will mean that at this point, we’ve just finished this here.

And we’re on to the next sheet that support but it’s not about me today, it’s about you. And I heard that you’re having. So once you finish transcribing this entire file, you can export it and go ahead and click Export. And you can download the transcript either as .md, .txt., .otr, or you can also send it to Google Drive,

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 I recommend just downloading the transcript as a plain text will make it easier to edit later on. Now, of course I’ve included the timestamp, I personally would not include the timestamp so you could erase that as well.

And then once you’ve done that, you can go ahead and save it. Okay. Now I want to teach you how you can do it with a YouTube video and how to use the voice and voice typing extension to make this easier, so you don’t have to type it out manually.

So let’s just click on this button here these arrow icons to do another file, we’re going to click on or YouTube video. and here we can enter the YouTube video URL. So I have this video here from my youtube channel that let’s say I want to make subtitles on or to transcribe, I can click on Share, and that here will give me the link.

I’ll click copy and go back to oTranscribe, paste the YouTube video URL and then just click enter. Okay, so now all you have to do again is just click escape to start the video.

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Hi, everyone, welcome to sparkle. And again, these keyboard shortcuts work as well for the YouTube video, which is great. Now let’s say I do not want to do this. I don’t want to type it out because I hate typing or I’m a very slow typer what we can do is install this awesome extension and it will be much quicker.

Go to the Chrome Web Store and type in voice and voice typing. All you’re going to do is click Add to Chrome. Then you’re going to click Add extension. Again this is a free extension.

It says voice and voice typing has been added to Chrome use this extension by clicking on this icon or pressing CTRL plus shift plus nine. We’re going to make sure to allow microphone access so that this will be able to hear our microphone we’re going to click that select your dictation language, English.


Now I’m going to make sure to pin my extension so I’m in Chrome right now I’m going to click on this extensions icon. Scroll down to voice and voice typing and click this pin extension button.

 And that way it’s right here ready for us to use when we click it okay so once you install voice and voice typing extension, you’ll have to close chrome and reopen it in order to get it working. So all we’re going to do is press Escape to start playing the video.

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Then I’ll press escape again to pause it. And then I’m simply going to speak to repeat what I’ve heard in the video or in the file in order for it to automatically transcribe here. Okay, so I’m going to go ahead and do that for you. Hi, everyone, welcome to sparkle English.

 My name is Jennifer Marie. My name is Jennifer Marie, and I’m a professional. North American voiceover artist, video creator and freelancer. Okay, so I’ve just done this. And I’ve just turned off this little icon here.


So we would stop typing or transcribing everything I was saying. And you can see it’s obviously not perfect. There’s no punctuation, or anything. But if I did, I could have put period or comma. My name is Jennifer period. You can see here I just said my name is Jennifer period, and it included a period.

So you could say comma, period, if you want, I decided not to, because I’m going to do that in the next step when we’re editing this. So what you can do is go through this again, while you’re listening here and make sure everything’s okay.

Obviously, there’s a few things that they didn’t get, they said here, clicking on the red button below this video that should be below.

O Transcribe
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 And here, I said for over seven years, and they put four out of seven. So we’re gonna put for over seven years. Okay, but what we’re going to do now is take this and you can either export it, or you can highlight it, and right click Copy, or press Ctrl plus C on your keyboard. And now we’re going to jump into our next step, which is opening up grammerly, which is a free grammar and punctuation checker.

There is of course, a premium version, but it’s quite expensive. So I only recommend you do that if you are transcribing a lot and making very good money.

 If not, the free version is fine. I will put a link in the description below for you to access that as well. So once we are in Grammarly, all we have to do is press Ctrl plus V to paste what we just transcribed.

And we’re going to go ahead and go through this. And you can see here that this is telling us to insert punctuation, telling us to insert a comma. And of course here when you’re using this, you’re not going to be changing things like this for conciseness, you’re just going to be paying attention to the red alerts.

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So as you can see, it has done a pretty good job, there’s a few things I’d need to go over. For example, here I’m a professional North American voiceover artist, video creator and freelancer, I’d have to put a comma here, because this is a list.

And overall, it’s done a pretty good job of helping me with where I would need to put commas or capitalization errors or periods or whatever else. So now we need to do step four. And step four is how to remove all formatting in a free text editor. So your transcript can be copied and pasted into the transcription platform of your choice.

So this might sound a little complicated. So let me explain. If you’re pasting from a website or an external text processing platform, you first have to paste into your browser search or address bar to strip the formatting.

Or you can copy and paste into notepad and then copy paste from there into your selected transcription platform. Note that some transcription platforms prefer you not to do this primarily due to platform formatting issues. Therefore, it is essential that you strip formatting before copying and pasting.

 I know this sounds complicated, so let me explain what this means. Let’s say for example, that I was going to copy this right here into a an email. Okay, so I’ve just written here this is an example of formatting issues you can have when copying and pasting into a transcription platform editor. This is what the text would normally look like when you’re typing in Gmail.

This is what would happen if we copy and paste it without removing formatting first. So if we just took the text from my PowerPoint presentation and right clicked and chose paste you can see here The formatting is completely different.

And this same thing happens when you’re copying and pasting into a transcription platform. And that’s why these transcription platforms do not want you to copy and paste, because it ends up doing this and ruining the, the formatting. So it’s not all the same. So it’s mixed, and it’s not the same, the same size, the same style.

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So you can’t do this, you have to strip the formatting. So let’s say for example, this same text that I just copied I pasted into my address bar, and then I pressed Ctrl, a, to select it, and then Ctrl C or right click Copy. Now, if I go Ctrl V, or right click paste, you can see that it has been stripped. This now matches the original formatting.

Now that can be a little complicated to put it all in the address bar, especially if it is you know, a 3000 word text. So what we would do is open up Notepad. Now, every Windows computer has Notepad, it’s a very simple, easy format.

O Transcribe
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 So let’s say I copied this here. And I go into this text editor, and I click Ctrl plus V. Now, again, I’m going to copy it again from here. And when you paste it into Trent, into your transcription platform, or wherever you’re pasting it, Ctrl plus V,

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you can see that it has now stripped the formatting. So it seems a little strange, but it’s actually really easy. All you have to do is copy it from here, for example. So right click Copy, or Ctrl plus C.

 And then when you go into your text editor Ctrl plus V or right click paste, and then again, right click Copy. And then from here, you would right click Paste it more Ctrl V to paste it into your transcription platform. (keep reading and tell me once how was the O Transcribe article) And that will take out all of the formatting so it’s not going to mess up and that is why transcription platforms do not want you to copy and paste because it can mess up their formatting. Okay,

so that is a very important thing I want to mention and tell you if you are planning on using a method like this, or even if you just use something like Grammarly or another punctuation and grammar checker, you have to copy and paste it into either the address bar or into a text editor like notepad in order to strip the formatting so that this doesn’t happen.

 I hope that that makes sense to you. I know it’s a little complicated. And say you are working on a computer and you don’t have notepad notepad for example, then you can download notepad plus plus for free and it will do the same thing. All you have to do is go to notepad plus dot org downloads and download the latest version. So again, this might seem like a bit of a complicated process, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually really simple. Step one use o -Transcribe, to transcribe our files on the go without saving to switch editors.

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use the voice and voice extension which is optional f you’re tired or you don’t eel like typing. Step three, edit your file in grammarly. And step four, remove all the formatting by copying and pasting it into text editor and then copying and pasting it from he text editor into your transcription platform or into Microsoft Word or whatever document you are doing to be using to be ending it to your client.

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