The Bid Process Coordinator (BPC) for the aforesaid Transmission Project is M/s REC Transmission Projects Company Limited (the BPC) and the bidding for the project is underway in which POWERGRID is a participant.


Pursuant to completion of tariff bidding, in case POWERGRID is declared as the successful Bidder, then POWERGRID shall acquire one hundred percent (100%) equity shares of “Project Specific Transmission Company (to be incorporated by the BPC)” (hereinafter referred to as the “SPV”/“Project SPV Company”) alongwith all its related assets and liabilities, which will be responsible as TSP to establish transmission system for 400kV Udupi (UPCL) – Kasargode D/c line associated with “Kasargode Project”on Build, Own, Operate and Maintain (BOOM) basis.

  • POWERGRID, therefore, invites bids from eligible bidders for the Packages mentioned below for the Project on Domestic Competitive Bidding basis under secured e-procurement procedure.


Transmission Line  Package Particulars of works
TL01 Transmission Line Package TL01 for establishment of:


Mangalore (Udupi PCL) – Kasargode 400kV (Quad) D/c line


The qualified, lowest evaluated Bidderhaving requisite capacity and capability to perform the contract for the aforesaid Package as per the provisions of the Bidding Documents shall be pre-selected, for thescope of work contained in the Bidding Documents,for associating with POWERGRID for the purpose of tariff bidding by POWERGRID in the RfP process of the BPC for the subject Project under TBCB route and, in case POWERGRID becomes successful Bidder, the successful Bidder for aforesaid mentioned Package will be awarded the Contract for execution of scope of work contained in the Bidding Documents


  • This Specification covers the following scope of works:


  • Detailed survey including route alignment, profiling, tower spotting, optimization of tower locations, soil resistivity measurement & geotechnical investigation (including special foundation locations viz. pile/well foundation locations, whenever applicable & covered under Bid Price schedules);
  • Check survey;
  • Design & Proto type testing, Fabrication and supply of all type of transmission line towers, Fabrication and supply of River crossing towers (wherever applicable). The above shall also include fasteners, step bolts, hangers, D-shackles etc.;
  • Supply of all types of tower accessories like phase plate, circuit plate (where ever applicable), number plate, danger plate, anti-climbing device, Bird guard (where ever applicable);
  • Supply of
  1. a) ACSR Conductor, Insulators, Earth wire, Hardware Fittings & Accessories for ACSR Conductor & Earth wire.
  2. b) OPGW and associated fittings & accessories
  • Design of foundations for different soil conditions for different type of towers, classification of foundations for different type of towers and casting of foundation for tower footings as per approved drawing; Casting of pile foundations based on Employer supplied drawings (wherever applicable); Casting of normal Foundation for special River Crossing Towers based on Employer supplied drawings (wherever, applicable),
  • Supply & Installation of Tower Earthing.
  • For transmission lines, to promote mechanization and safe working conditions, use of crane is being promoted. Erection of towers, tack welding of bolts and nuts including supply and application of zinc rich paint, fixing of insulator strings, stringing of conductors and earth wires/OPGW along with all necessary line accessories by using crane(wherever feasible). However, where usage of crane is not possible, erection of towers has to be carried out by conventional method i.e. using Gin pole, Derrick, Centre mast etc. through usage of Power Operated Winch Machines. No tractor shall be allowed for tower erection;
  • Destringing & dismantling of existing 765/400/220/132/66kV Transmission line. (whenever applicable & covered under BPS)
  • Stringing of Power line crossing section under Live Line Condition (where ever applicable & covered under BPS);
  • Painting of towers & supply and erection of span markers, obstruction lights (wherever applicable) for aviation requirements (as required)
  • Testing and commissioning of the erected transmission lines and
  • Other items not specifically mentioned in this Specification and / or BPS but are required for the successful commissioning of the transmission line, unless specifically excluded in the Specification.


For few locations, towers and foundations as per Employer’s design/ drawings have been envisaged. Also during execution, other types of towers/ structures viz Gantry, single circuit towers (if required in D/C Line), Horizontal Towers (if required in S/C line), Multi circuit towers etc and their foundations may be required. Fabrication and installation of these towers/ foundations shall be carried out by the contractor as per Employer supplied design/ drawings.


The Contractor may also use already tested tower designs meeting specification requirements.


Design of pile foundation will be done by the Employer and drawings shall be issued to the Contractor for casting.


The above scope of work is indicative and the detailed scope of work is given in the Technical Specification (Volume-II) of the Bidding Documents.


5.0            The completion period for subject package shall be the period as specified in ITB Sub-Clause 24.1(c).

Interested bidders have to necessarily register themselves on the portal https://www.tcil-india-electronictender.comthrough M/s Telecommunications Consultants India Limited, New Delhito participate in the bidding under this invitation for bids. It shall be the sole responsibility of the interested bidders to get themselves registered at the aforesaid portal for whichthey are required to contact M/s Telecommunications Consultants India Limited, New Delhi at following address to complete the registration formalities:


M/s. Telecommunications Consultants India Limited,

6th Floor, TCIL Bhawan, Greater Kailash – 1,

New Delhi – 110 048

Contact Person: ETS Support Team

Contact No. :   011 26202699 (Multiline)

Mobile: 98683 93717/98683 93792/98683 93775



The said registration shall be free of cost.

Soft Copy Part of the Bids must be uploaded under Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding Procedure on the portal at or before 1100 hours on 19/12/2018.The e-Procurement system would not allow any late submission of bids through the portal after due date & time as specified.


Hard Copy Part of the Bids must be submitted under Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding Procedure at the address given in BDS at or before 1100 hours on 21/12/2018.In case Hard copy part of the bid is not received by the Employer till the deadline for submission of the same prescribed by the Employer, but the bidder has uploaded the soft copy part of the bid, the soft copy part of the first envelope bid uploaded on the portal shall be opened if the bidder has submitted passphrase in line with provisions of Bidding Documents at ITB 17.2 otherwise its bid shall be sent unopened to ‘Archive’. Such bids will be rejected during preliminary examination. However, in case of MSEs who are exempted from submission of Bid Security in line with ITB 13.1, non-submission of hard copy part shall not lead to outright rejection of the bid, but the documents required to be submitted in the hard copy part shall be sought through clarifications as brought out at ITB 21.1.


The First Envelope Bids (Techno Commercial part) shall be opened privately and thereafter pursuant to evaluation of First Envelope Bids, the Second Envelope Bids (Price part) of Techno-Commercially responsive and qualified bidders having requisite Capacity & Capability to execute the contract in the event of award, will also be opened privately, as per the provisions of the Bidding Documents.


All bids must be accompanied by a bid security ofRs. 2,00,00,000/-(Rupees Two Crores only).


Bid security, Integrity Pact and Safety Pact must be submitted in physical form at the address given at para 15.0 below at or before 1100 hrs. (IST) on 21/12/2018.POWERGRID shall not be responsible for any postal delay in respect of submission of hard copy part of the bids.


12.1          While submitting/uploading the bids, the system through portal asks to key in the pass-phrase for encryption of the documents. The pass-phrase is required by POWERGRID for opening the bids (Separate for both First Envelopes as well as Second Envelopes). The same may be submitted on the portal as per the provisions existing for submission of the pass-phrase and as per the details given in BDS.


13.0          The Integrity Pact Program (IPP) of POWERGRID will be applicable for the Package(s). Under the Integrity Pact Program (IPP), a panel of Independent External Monitors (IEMs) comprising Sh. Arun Chaudhary, Sh. M. Raman and Sh.  Rajiv has been appointed by CVC. In case POWERGRID emerges to be successful bidder in tariff bidding and in the event of award, as applicable, correspondence, if any, to the panel of IEMs be addressed to the following:


Independent External Monitor 

C/o Office of the CVO,

Power Grid Corporation of India   Limited,

‘Saudamini’, 8th Floor,

Plot No. – 2, Sector – 29,

Gurgaon – 122001, Haryana


14.0                 POWERGRID reserves the right to cancel/withdraw this invitation for bids without assigning any reason and shall bear no liability whatsoever consequent upon such a decision.


15.0          All correspondence with regard to the above shall be to the following address.


(By Post/In Person)

DGM (CS)/Dy. Manager (CS-G7)/Astt. Manager (CS-G7),

3rd Floor, CS Deptt., Power Grid Corporation of India Limited,

`Saudamini’, Plot No.-2, Sector-29,

Gurgaon (Haryana) – 122001.

Phone Nos.: +91 (124) 282 2387/282 2382/282 2340

Mobile Nos.: +91 9873918533/ 9599683585 / 9599814193

Fax No.: +91 (124) 2571831.

Email Address:


For more information on POWERGRID, visit our site at:

For more information on the portal, site

Eligible Bidders
2.1 This Invitation for Bids, issued by the Employer is open to all firms including company(ies), Government owned Enterprises registered and incorporated in India as per Companies Act, 1956, barring Government Department as well as foreign bidders/MNCs not registered and incorporated in India and those bidders with whom business is banned by the Employer.
2.2 A Bidder shall not have a conflict of interest. All Bidders found to have a conflict of interest shall be disqualified. A Bidder may be considered to have a conflict of interest with one or more parties in this bidding process, if:
(a) they have a controlling partner in common; or
(b) they receive or have received any direct or indirect subsidy from any of them; or
(c) they have the same legal representative for purposes of this bid; or
(d) they have a relationship with each other, directly or through common third parties, that puts them in a position to have access to information about or influence on the bid of another Bidder, or influence the decisions of the Employer regarding this bidding process; or
(e) a Bidder submits more than one bid in this bidding process, either individually [including bid submitted as a agent/authorised representative on behalf of one or more manufacturer(s) or through Licensee – Licensor route, wherever permitted as per the provision of Qualification Requirement for the Bidders in Annexure – A (BDS)] or as a partner in a joint venture, except for
Section – II: Instruction to Bidders Page 2
Vol.-I/S&I/ITB-DCB-TCIL/SSTE/Rev 5 – June 2018
alternative offers permitted under ITB Clause 9.3. This will result in the disqualification of all such bids. However, this does not limit the participation of a Bidder as a subcontractor in another bid, or of a firm as a subcontractor in more than one bid; or
(f) a Bidder or any of its affiliates participated as a consultant in the preparation of the design or technical specifications of the Plant and Installation Services that are the subject of the bid; or
(g) A Bidder or any of its affiliates has been hired (or is proposed to be hired) by the Employer as Project Manager for the contract.
2.3 The Bidder, directly or indirectly shall not be a dependent agency of the Employer.
2.4 In case a prequalification process has been conducted prior to the bidding process, this bidding is open only to prequalified Bidders.
3. Eligible Plant, Equipment, and Services
3.1 For the purposes of these Bidding Documents, the words “facilities,” “plant and equipment,” “installation services,” etc., shall be construed in accordance with the respective definitions given to them in the General Conditions of Contract.
3.2 All plant and equipment to be supplied and installed and services carried out under the contract shall have their origin in any country barring those countries against whom sanction for conducting business is imposed by Government of India and barring those firms with whom business is banned by the Employer.
3.3 For purposes of this clause, “origin” means the place where the plant and equipment or component parts thereof are mined, grown, or produced. Plant and equipment are produced when, through manufacturing, processing or substantial and major assembling of components, a commercially recognized product results that is substantially different in basic characteristics or in purpose or utility from its components.
3.4 The origin of the plant, equipment, and services is distinct from the nationality of the Bidder.
4. Cost of Bidding
4.1 The Bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of its bid including post-bid discussions, technical and
Section – II: Instruction to Bidders Page 3
Vol.-I/S&I/ITB-DCB-TCIL/SSTE/Rev 5 – June 2018
other presentations etc., and the Employer will in no case be responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding process.
4.2 The bidder has to ensure his registration with M/s Telecommunications Consultants India Limited, New Delhi on their portal The said registration shall be free of cost.
B. The Bidding Documents
5. Content of Bidding Documents
5.1 The facilities required, bidding procedures, contract terms and technical requirements are prescribed in the Bidding Documents. The Bidding Documents comprise of the following and shall include amendments, if any, thereto:
VOLUME – I: Conditions of Contract
Section I Invitation for Bids (IFB)
Section II Instructions to Bidders (ITB)
Section III Bid Data Sheet (BDS)
Section IV General Conditions of Contract (GCC)
Section V Special Conditions of Contract (SCC)
Section VI Sample Forms and Procedures (FP)
1. Bid Form & Price Schedule
1.1 Bid Form
1.2 Price Schedule
2. Bid Security Form
3. Form of Notification by the Employer to the Bank
4. Form of „Notification of Award of Contract‟
4(a) Form of „Notification of Award of Contract‟ for Supply of Plant and equipment
4(b) Form of „Notification of Award of Contract‟ for Installation of Plant and equipment
5. Form of Contract Agreement
5.1 Appendix-1: Terms and Procedures of Payment
5.2 Appendix-2: Price Adjustment
5.3 Appendix-3: Insurance Requirements
5.4 Appendix-4: Time Schedule
5.5 Appendix-5: List of Approved Subcontractors
5.6 Appendix-6: Scope of Works and Supply by the Employer
5.7 Appendix-7: List of Document for Approval or Review

Documents Comprising the Bid
I. Hard Copy Part
Hard copy part of the bid shall comprise of following documents to be submitted in sealed envelope, as part of First Envelope
(i) DD towards Bidding Document fee of the amount as specified in the in accordance with clause 5.4 of ITB or documentary evidence in support of exemption of Bidding Document fee as per ITB 5.5
(ii) Bid Security (in Original) or documentary evidence in support of exemption of Bid Security, in separate envelope in accordance with clause 13 of ITB, Section-II
(iii) Integrity Pact (in Original) in accordance with clause 9.3 (o) of ITB, Section-II in separate envelope
(iv) Power of Attorney as per Clause 9.3 (b).
(v) In case of Bid from Joint Venture, the Joint Venture Agreement & Power of Attorney of Joint Venture Agreement, both in original
(vi) Safety Pact (in Original) in accordance with clause 9.3 (s) of ITB, Section-II in separate envelope
(vii) Bidders shall also submit Joint Deed of Undertaking by the collaborator along with the bidder/manufacturer, duly signed and stamped on each page in original, if applicable as per Annexure- A (BDS); and
(viii) Any other document further specified in the BDS duly signed and stamped on each page.
Bidder shall note that no document is required to be submitted as part of Second envelope in Hard Copy.

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