My story “how I started Construction firm “?

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whenever we think of that “starting a construction company or firm is like a big deal or a big challenge because we cant do that whenever this word we cant came into mind we withdraw our dream and we lack behind to take risk but never give up ,don’t listen to other listen to yourself whatever be the result just take risk what may be? you may be fail in  1st attempt or may be in 2nd also but one day will come in your next attempt definitely you will be succeed .

so let’s come to the topic ,

Today i will tell all about starting a construction business and small construction firm .in this article I will explain every thing what i have experienced in establishment a proprietorship construction  firm . first i will introduce myself I am a electronic engineer  having 10 year experience in power projects construction in indian big  MNC like KEC, L&T construction and Tata projects ltd.

Whatever experiences i gained thru working in these company that i will share with you and give all my best to support you .

I have worked mainly in construction company this came into mind that why cant be start a firm because there were a no of small construction firm working under me and earning a lot lot in a short period . i always thinking to start my own firm instead of doing job for other like a servant. literally in private construction company i was engineer but never felt like i am engineer i was just highly paid and highly educated labor manager hahahahahhahaha????

idea of starting firm has been turn into reality when my father (engineer in state government ) encouraged me to be a contractor or to take tender directly from government department then i also become more positive.

in my last job at Tata projects i have resigned due to some politics played with me  from that point i never thought to be part of private company . later i got a lot of interview call from Jindal,Relience and Sterlite but i have never respond them .

so  this was my story to start my own firm .after resigned society people behaving me like that i have done a big crime so i always ignore them and start working on my projects  .

It was a big decision for me or may be for every  engineer because being a contractor like a road chap people in society . i never bother about it .

while start up two things was in my mind

  1. money :- that was solved by my fathers and brothers .father have been retired so they got there pf and other compensation that was big enough for me to start .
  2. manpower :- i need a hand to support me various field like site work, accounting, client handling , that i got from my brother.

that was my story it is not finished yet next part will tell you to start construction firm

2.basic need for starting firm

3.document an paper work for tendering . first tender as new construction firm. profits and losses as a new construction firm with turnover.

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