Are you frustrated by loosing your YouTube subscriber ? 3 key point to avoid YouTube spamming .(YouTube losing subscribers 2018)


If you are new at YouTube and trying hard to get subscriber by any mean but due to YouTube spam you are loosing your subscriber . so i will share my experiences based  on my WEB Research and analysis .

I am always  researching on comment ,view and Likes means to say how much comments to view or like to view is good measure for beneficial and success of your video content . friends you have to maintain some Ratio called Matrix Ratio to save your channel being spammed . so i am going to tell you about 3 most important Ratio.


3 mandatory YouTube Ratio that will help

to grow your

Video and channel

Based on my web analysis i would like to tell you that every YouTube creator must go for a deep analysis and compare to maintain your view,comment and like ratio with total subscriber. if you are able to analysis for 1000 view  then you should be able to determine how well you could perform with 100000 view .you must give special attention to the following ratio for channel success:

  1. Comments to Views
  2. Likes to Views
  3. Views to Subscribers


Comment to View : For Highly Engagement maintain this Ratio.

if you want high result for comment vs view then you have to maintain comments:views= 0.5%. what does that mean ? for example if your video has got 1000 views  then according to ratio for good measure of success 5 comment must be there .i will show you calculation 

comment =x


then applying value :




so i think you understand very well . in the same way one of your video got 2000 views then for good measure of success there must be at least 10 comment .


Likes to Views:  Measurement of popularity of your video?

you have to maintain this Ratio for making your video more popular this is likes:views=4%, that is 4 likes for every 100 views , not able to maintain this ratio means your video is not performing well as you expected .every viewers specially your subscriber takes a time to like your content if they find it knowledgeable and helpful .so if your like count not above the ratio try different approach .

      Tips to be successful on YouTube 

“how to get 40 likes

for every 1000 views of your

contents  (click this )”

Views to Subscribers: Grow your channel by maintaining this ration.

do you know  how much subscriber views should come from 1000 subscriber to grow your channel ? here is he answer that must be according to ration views:subscribers=15% . i have done a lot research and find this ratio . so according to ratio if you have 1000 subscriber then there must be at-least 150 views per video.

so guys lets calculate your view ,comments and subscribes as i told above till now and see the changes .


if you find something new just share with me by writing in comment box .



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