Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of late Elvis Presley, has died, her mother confirmed in a statement. She was 54-years-old.

Marine Presley and daughter and only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley once married to Michael Jackson. The Nicholas Cage has died. She was just 54 years old. She’d been hospitalized for cardiac arrest. She didn’t entertainment reporter. Chloe Melissa joins us now with what we are learning. So what do we know? Anderson Just moments ago a representative for Priscilla Presley and the Presley family released this statement to CNN. Priscilla Presley in the Presley family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Lisa Marie their profoundly grateful for the support love and prayers of everyone and ask for privacy during this very difficult time Anderson like you said earlier this morning CNN confirmed the EMTs responded to Lisa Marie’s residents in Calabasas, California, and that it was a possible Cardiac Arrest just a few hours ago Priscilla Presley taking to Instagram asking for prayers. Thanking everyone for the outpouring of support with tons of comments being flooded by fans and just a matter of minutes and celebrities. I was at the Golden Globes earlier this week in La I saw a Priscilla. I saw Lisa Marie. She definitely did not look like her usual self. I didn’t have a chance to speak to her, but I passed by her table. It was a really big night because Austin Butler who portrayed her father’s Elvis

He won a Golden Globe and it was a very touching moment. I mean even the audience is out the viewers at home saw her as she was staring at Austin as he gave this moving speech next to her mother and we knew you know, just how close Priscilla and Lisa Marie were and it’s been a really rough couple of years Anderson because at least I lost her son to suicide in 2020 and she opened up about that loss in a very emotional essay this past summer about dealing with grief and how hard it’s been for her since the loss of her son Benjamin, but you know, our thoughts go out to Priscilla the entire family into Lisa Marie’s children for what can be such an unimaginably difficult night for them. Chloe appreciate that joining us now by phone I’ve seen this Stephanie Elam who is recently with Lisa Marie Presley. Also at the Golden Globes and she’ll turn her host of Entertainment Tonight who interviewed, please remember Presley at the Golden Globes Michelle how

Seem to you. What did you talk about?

Anderson, I mean I just heard Chloe say that she did not seem like her glowing self. She was subdued we did notice that when speaking to her at the Golden Globe, but she was very happy to be there supporting the film supporting the Elvis film also supporting Austin Butler. She was a big fan of his portrayal of her father. So she was happy to be there with him her mother was there as well together. But again, she did seem a bit some dude. She did not seeing personally, but she was

telling us that she was very happy to be there that night and it was just a couple days after her father’s birthday. And so she reflected on that being having it meaning having it be such a special night to celebrate her father that and I’ve been just have celebrations birthday a couple days before. Yeah, Stephanie Elam is also with us Stephanie. You were at the Golden Globes as well. Yes, and I was on the carpet and I did see recurring walk just right in front of us and I have to agree with Chloe and with Michelle. She looked aloe scene sort of curled into herself a little bit. She was walking several feet of her mother and he was moving a little differently than what I’ve seen previously Marie out. I would agree that she seems very happy this movie was going down. The carpet was very very good.

Hundred percent and then also just this entertain her mom that they’re making their way down the perk and it almost applied that she was just trying to get through the carpet and be done. You know, there’s sometimes you see each other they want to stop and talk another time. They’re just trying to get through it. That’s the energy she was giving as she was making her way down the carpet Anderson and initial. I mean you have probably seen her and many events talk to her before. she herself had her own music career. She she had I think three records that that she put out. She was the only child of Elvis Presley. She was the executor of the Presley estate as far as I understand there was certainly a lot of I mean, this is somebody who was born into this very famous family and lived a life in the public eye in a for better for worse over the course of her whole life.

Right. I mean she did kind of live out her life in an eccentric way in front of us married to Michael Jackson before married to Nicholas Cage and you know, she does have a daughter as well Riley her son did commits suicide we heard or what had death by Suicide. I have a couple years ago, so she was dealing with grief. His family knows about grief and knows about what it what it is to live that out publicly. She did love music. She did love, you know, she loved her father. She was behind this film 100% She was behind the portrayal of her father 100% She was actually on our platform with Austin Butler on Golden Globes night, and he

really spoke so lovingly about how they all stuck together through this process of making this film and how they all need on each other and relied on each other and cared so much about each other. He continues to speak about the fact that he couldn’t have gotten through it without the support of Lisa Marie and her mother Priscilla, you know and portraying and portraying their father, but just like Chloe and and Stephanie were both saying Anderson. She did not see 100% strength in the show. It’s really a big burden for an only child like her with the Presley estate to be the the person responsible for continuing the legacy of you know, the remarkable Legacy of available Elvis Presley and I think this film was very so important to her because it is really introducing Elvis Presley to whole new generations of people around the world who may not you know, who didn’t grow up with him. We’re alive even when he was alive and so the weight of that the responsibility of that it’s clearly it’s probably why she wanted to be there even if she wasn’t feeling particularly great the Golden Globes.

Absolutely, and she was determined to continue to celebrate her father’s Legacy and to like you said introduce him to more audiences and it’s interesting. I just had a conversation about that also with bad lurman on Sunday how they went and were celebrating on Elvis’s birthday showing this film to fans and how they had such a cross section of people there celebrating Elvis and it’s filled and celebrating his legacy. It was you know from young to old and it was really he said very special for them to see because they do feel like this film then, you know opened him up to a whole new audience. I remember at the premiere of this film speaking to Lisa Marie about it a few months ago talking to her about this to be right.

eating job for training her father because it was her life’s mission to continue, you know his legacy of good work and good. Music. Yeah. Let me shall Turner Stephanie Elam. I appreciate both

alive and now from Fox we have some breaking news that were just following out of Los Angeles out of California as Lisa Marie Presley the singer and the only child of Elvis has died at 54 after a hospitalization. That’s according to her mother Priscilla Presley certainly an icon there the only child between Priscilla Presley and Elvis passed away today after an incident from earlier on we’re going to continue to follow the story here on live now from Fox and she said it is with a heavy heart that I must share the devastating news that my beautiful daughter Lisa. Marie Presley has left us. That’s what Priscilla Presley said in a statement Thursday evening. She was the most passionate strong and loving woman. I have ever known the announcement came just hours after Priscilla Presley and confirmed that Lisa. Marie Presley was rushed to the hospital earlier on Thursday, and this is certainly big news in the entertainment world and Beyond and we’re gonna be joined Now by my colleague here at live now from five to Andrew craft. Thank you.

much for joining us here and kind of just break down the events of today because it was just news that we’re learning today and I obviously the devastating news tonight that she passed away. Yeah. Andy’s today like you said, we got the news earlier this afternoon that she had been rushed to the hospital suffering from some type of cardiac arrest. We’re also learning more from the Associated Press and according to them Los Angeles County paramedics. Were dispatched to her home at Calabasas in California around 10:30 in the morning following a reportable woman in full Cardiac Arrest. That’s according to a spokesperson for the County’s Fire Department property records. Do indicate pressing was a resident at that address paramedics arrived around six minutes later and then a subsequent statement from the LA County Sheriff’s Department said paramedics perform CPR and quote determine the patient.

that signs of life before taking her to a hospital in nearby West Hills immediately and remember that’s what we got from the statement in her mother at the time that there was still a pulse of life. And unfortunately, we’re just learning the news if you’re just joining us here on live now that Lisa Marie Presley did tonight at the age of 54 the only child between the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley and his wife Lisa Marie’s mother Priscilla Presley and Andy. remember we were just reporting on the Golden Globes Tuesday night.

And both Lisa Marie and her mother Priscilla were in the crowd Wishing on some of the actors and actresses and directors of the film about their father and husband Elvis starring Austin Butler Austin Butler won the Golden Globe for that just two nights ago is directed by Bob’s lurman this incredible kind of tribute biopic to you know, the legendary father and and husband of Elvis and so they were both there in Los Angeles that night celebrating some of these Golden Globes wins about this and now two days later you’re seeing this horrible horrible news, and so we’re gonna be recounting some of the remembrances some of the tributes that are no doubt going to be pouring in. This is a very very sad story like you just said she was in the spotlight since she was born and raised by Elvis the king of rock and obviously being in the spotlight growing up is certainly very difficult and she was also just on the red carpet just within the

asked a couple days or so. So certainly a heartbreaking moment for them and obviously like you said tributes going to be coming out from Los Angeles potentially Graceland where the king as has that home. So we’re gonna continue on I want to put up the statement one more time just from Lisa Marie Presley as she has passed away at 54. And again, I want to say it is with a heavy heart that I must share the devastating news that my beautiful daughter Lisa. Marie has left us. She was the most passionate strong and loving woman. I had ever known we ask for the Privacy. There’s we trying to deal with this profound loss. Thank you for the love and prayers at this time. There will be no further comment.

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