linked victim of massive data breach

Social media Network LinkedIn is the latest victim of a massive data breach data of 500 million user profiles has been allegedly leaked by cybercriminals the sale of the data was first reported by Cyber News According to which and archive including user IDs names email addresses phone numbers genders professional titles and links to other social media profiles were being auctioned off on the forum for a four figure.

Or some from what we understand a doctor of some kind someone with malicious intent has offered for sale about 500 million records. It looks like from LinkedIn and those records / Lincoln statement are all based on information. That was publicly available on the LinkedIn site. Now, why does this matter? Well, it means our once and actually reach and lengthen what happened is someone maliciously created the

led to scrape all of that public data put it all together patched it up and a selling it because even when the data is public when it’s packaged it has a lot of value LinkedIn has over six hundred seventy five million members, which means that around three quarters or six users information may be included in the database. However, the company has said that the details orders private member’s is safe as a strap data of continue as the data includes. only information from the public members or LinkedIn

The news comes just days after a separate incident in which data streams from more than 500 million Facebook users in 2019, including four numbers birthdays emails and other information was posted publicly on our website used by hackers while these kinds of data are less sensitive than credit card details or social security numbers information, like phone numbers can still be exploited for robocalls scams.

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