KEC International having a lots of recruitments because KEC International Limited got lots of water work order in business Transmission and distribution project Civil and infrastructure projects

KEC International Limited got below projects due to which there is a lot of recruitments in KEC International Limited

Work order value 1245 Cr.-

KEC International Limited awarded with 1245 c r project in last month April 2021 and is is a lot of projects in in Transmission and distribution Civil and infrastructure projects cable laying projects and some project awarded by railway a board

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KEC International Limited recruitment process

KEC International recruitment process for fresher engineer

KEC International recruit most of the student from NIT npt and some reputed engineering polish from the various state

recruitment done in following is step

Written test – which includes technical and verbal ability test

Personal interview and technical interview

in this interview they will ask some basic questions about your personality and what you have done in the past and they will try to judge your body language that you are fit for this job or not

KEC International recruitment for experienced persons-

How can we see International Limited select candidate for experience person

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Call after selecting CV on

KEC International Limited call candidate on the basis of their experience and Technical qualification after selecting their CV from and there job portal they call directly to you and tel the candidate we have some opening for you would you like to come to attend interview if location is very far then n.a. a arrange interview on Skype or some other online platform

most of the time KEC International Limited arrange walk in interview buy nearest place like ok if the project in Assam they will conduct walkin interview in capital Guwahati for their Assam projects

KEC International Limited interview process

KEC International recruitment officer gone through personal interview and technical interview personal interview is taken by head HR and technical interview is taken by some chief manager or manager level candidates

Personal interviews some question is like that

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Which project have you worked for

What you have done in the past project

how do you manage your client

What was your role in the last project

can you tell me e the name of your client like senior engineer engineer project manager GM

Question related to your past experience

I worked in transmission line projects so technical team has asked me following question

What is M10 and M20 RCC concrete

How would you rate analysis of 1 cubic metre concrete

what will be your approach for solving Row issues with the client

how would you Mange if something mis happen at the site related to quality and safety issues.

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now come to the point and we will discuss about various job opportunities in KEC International Limited

Job opportunities in KEC International Limited

Submit your cv online

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