Junior Engineer – Electrical

EMMVEE Solar Systems-Bengaluru, Karnataka


1 Shift Reliever and Shift Handling (Junior Engineer) As & when required Priority Basis.
2. Continue the pending work of previous shift which is urgent. Shift Basis Priority Basis.
3. Supporting Team Members as & when required.
4. Daily checking the Utility Equipment’s and Updating the DG sets , HT yard, Power house, shop floor LT panels, UPS, Compressors, solar roof top Checklists Daily
5. Follow the PM schedule for monthly maintenance & Edit in the format sheet – HT Yard, Electrically operated gates, UPS, Batteries, DG sets, Lights, Air curtains, Automatic sliding glass door, Rapid doors, Material lifts, Passenger Lifts, Rolling shutters, Dock Levelers, AC, RO system, Water dispenser, Smoke detector, Fire Extinguishers, Air purifier Blower, Capacitor Banks, LT Panels, LDB, ELDB, RPDB, UDB, Earth Pits, Lightning arrestor, Sign boards, Canteen Air coolers etc. As per the Schedule to be Coordinated with Engineer & Manager.
6. Enter the work carried out on each & every utility equipment’s in Daily log book. Daily End of the shift
7. Attending the Breakdowns immediately to avoid stoppage of Production. As & when required

Company: Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Private Limited

Job Category: Junior Engineer – Electrical

Job Location: Bengaluru

Position: Junior Management

Experience: 2 to 3 Years

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