Job gone? 5 things you shouldn’t do

Job gone? 5 things you shouldn’t do

Difficulties like unemployment and job loss can come without any prior warning. But facing it in a positive way is the best way to overcome this difficulty.

David had a well-paid and comfortable job. But unfortunately, his company was reducing its size. Because of which he was fired, and he did not expect this at all. He had lost everything, he was sad and didn’t know what to do. But this is the time when you need to be extra careful and don’t take any hasty steps. Here are some things you should never do if you’ve lost your job.

  1. Don’t Take Personal Your company may not disclose the actual reason for laying off employees. There are many reasons behind reducing the size of a company or removing an employee. This decision is taken after much deliberation. In such a situation, it is important that you do not let negative thoughts dominate you. No matter how hard you have to try for it. Thinking negatively will not help you. On the contrary, it can also become the reason for your failure in a new job interview. Give yourself time to find a solution to the problem and then decide objectively how to deal with the situation.
  2. Don’t bother Losing a job often frightens us. Stay calm in this situation and think of suitable alternatives instead of getting stuck on the loss you have caused. It is especially important to think clearly and stay focused during this time. Remember, the options abound; You just have to choose the right option. So don’t let the loss of a job cloud your decision. Talk to your current company to give you more time to be fired. This will give you more time to get back on your feet. Make a list of potential contacts you can turn to and get help. In the meantime, apply for other jobs. Also, try to improve your ability in this free time.
  3. Don’t take a loan When you lose your job, the first thing that comes to your mind is, “What will happen to my EMI?” Failure to pay will only add to the difficulties as it can lead to more debt. Explore other repayment options and try to avoid getting into the debt trap. You can cut your expenses to pay off your debt or even negotiate with your lender for some concession. If we talk to you about your debt repayment difficulties, they might have a better way to help you.
  4. Don’t distance yourself from people Keeping distance from people after you’ve lost a job won’t make things any easier for you. It is better to engage in healthy and productive social interactions rather than avoid people. It is extremely important that you get out and explore new possibilities. Instead of sitting at home, doing some meaningful work gives you motivation to move forward. You can engage yourself in some productive activity to take your mind off your current situation.
  5. Don’t Spend Your Retirement Capital It is not advisable to spend your retirement savings after losing your job. After some time you will have to re-invest in retirement funds, but doing so may not give you the same returns as before. If you withdraw money from your retirement fund early, it can take you back a few years. Instead, try working with your emergency fund until you find a job.
  6. Don’t just wait for good offers In a time and age where employment opportunities are few and expenses are endless. You can’t wait until you find the right job. Take advantage of any good opportunities that come your way. Until you get a job according to your mind, do a part time job or you can also do freelance work. It will also help you financially till you find the right job.
  7. Take care of yourself Your stress level is highest after you lose your job. In such a situation, it is important that you do not forget to take care of yourself. You can take yoga, meditation or other similar classes to keep yourself calm and focused. It will help you to be stress free. It will also give you time to think about what your next step should be now. These courses can also be found online, so you can also do them at home as per your convenience.
  8. Maintain Relationships Take care that your exit from the old company should not come with any harsh experience. Instead of focusing on any inappropriate behavior, try to work with future thinking. Focus on the positive side, forgetting about the old company and employer’s slang. If you maintain a good rapport with everyone, it is possible that your employer will contact you again if an opportunity arises in the near future. finally Losing a job is not uncommon, but it is not impossible to make a comeback either. What really matters is how you deal with it and what can help you move forward. So, instead of blaming what went wrong, focus on what you need to do. Talk to your close ones and take advantage of the opportunities you get. Before you can understand it, you have stood up again.






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