Is it right decision to persue BE/BTECH in 2021 ?

It will be fine, but there are some conditions for that as well:

1 .. If you feel that you are capable of doing engineering then only do engineering?

Now here qualification does not mean that if you are 12 pass then you can do engineering, you ask yourself if you are qualified.

2..Do not do engineering for false pride?

What happens – the boy is not good at reading, the guardian will ask for engineering to increase his honor or to equalize what the neighborhood boy is doing. So whatever the condition is, do not do engineering. You will be ruined
  1. Instead of direct admission in a private college, take admission through entrance, if the performance in entrance is good then do not take otherwise.
  2. There will be a lot of calls on your mobile that you can get admission in our college. In this kind of private college, you will just waste your money, time and life by taking an Edmison.
  3. Choosing a good college: –

  4. Few studies are right in a college, it depends on you how much you do self study, the college which has good placement, the top ranked boys go to you too. Try to take an Edmison in it, because the atmosphere there is good for competition
  5. Now even after admission in top college, if you do not study well then you will remain unemployed. By the way, you can take admission in any college, but you will not study with hard work, otherwise you will know how much competition is there in the field of engineering. By the way competition is in every field. Now decide your life, your,,,,,,, You make a decision after thinking carefully, you are also sensible.
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