If a company suddenly fires one of its employees without any prior notice, what should that employee do?

If a company suddenly fires one of its employees without any prior notice, what should that employee do?

Salary is not even given to a worker after getting the work done and is fired from the job.  In such a situation, the first thing that comes to his mind is that I will go to Labor Court, I will not leave.  Today it is for you to know how to complain in Labor Court (Labour Court Me Shikayat Kaise Karen) , to know this step by step, read this post carefully till the last.

People of every family are dependent on job or business in some way or the other.  Everyone wants to do a job by reading and writing.  But there are very few people, who can get a suitable job.  Even if someone gets a job, then work is done arbitrarily by showing the fear of unemployment outside.

Today a Safai Karmcahri to Software Engineer has to be a victim of exploitation during work.  In this, many people are trying to speed up their career by ignoring it.  For this, they sometimes have to carry even a briefcase in flattery of the Boss.  Taking advantage of the compulsion, sometimes the boss gets the work done till his house.  In such a situation, the exploitation of the female worker is also not reduced.  Now even if people do not pay attention to it in the tune of raising their stomach and family, then it is another matter.

If we believe that this neglect of you not only gives birth to big crime tomorrow but also creates trouble for others.  Due to this, the courage of the wrongdoer gets strength and he starts making mistakes with double speed.  In the meantime, if the dam of one’s patience breaks and he stands against this exploitation.  First of all, he has to suffer the consequences by washing his hands from the job.

Well, this work is a lot of courage.  In such times, they should support their partner but they do not do so.  Rather, on the contrary, they not only make fun of you, but they bite you after seeing you.  In such a situation, you need a guide and someone who will show you the way to support you in your fight.

If you come under the Workman category under the ID Act and you have been fired, then you want to complain to the Labor Court for this.  There you cannot make a direct complaint, rather you have to first file a complaint in the Labor Commissioner’s office. 

If there is no agreement in the Labor Commissioner’s office in 45 days.  In such a situation, you can ask the labor commissioner to refer your matter to the labor court.

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