how to increase Youtube subscriber

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how to increase YouTube subscriber


every new you tuber wants to grow his channel like rocket speed .

but 1000 subscriber  collection is big task and very challenging .

so here i will give you some working technique that will definitely work

i will tell two type of technique

1 fair technique

2 unfair technique

lets get start with

                                            fair technique 

all these are very hard working and time consuming but for a long time it will be very effective .


I will strongly recommend you to use Ubersuggest by NEIL PATEL

this is very effective . you can search your keyword that is ranking in google .

for more tool click here

Google Ad word :

Just by small invest you can gain more view and subscriber depend upon how is your video content .

Facebook paid promotion .

you have to make some page on Facebook and post regularly . this is one of the best social media i prefer to grow channel . you can boost you post by taking paid promotion result is very satisfactory .


                                         PPP farmula

This is one type of analysis and research on you tube channel based on practice experience to know more click here  


lets come to

Unfair Technique

why unfair because these technique don’t follow YOUTUBE community Guide lines but you can get subscriber easily .



There are N number of Group in Facebook where you can gain subscriber .

the bad side of this tech is you have no guarantee of permanent subscriber   .

you may loose your subscriber but its 100 % working  so you can go for this .


 Buying Subscriber & views .

This is last and effective technique . but due to you tube spam filter there is always loss of subscriber because Youtube never allow Third party purchase  .

Result -i would like to share my experience result of these technique is 70-80% working .

for example if you are getting 100 subscriber you may loose  20 or may 30 subscriber .

these are following Third Party purchasing website .


 Sub pals 

its having both free plan as well as purchasing plan . but free plan is not much effective to get premium plan that is 90% working

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allows you to gain YouTube subscribers and likes for your channel. Excellent paid options for effortless growth are also available.

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this offers an innovative network that allows you to receive 10 new and free YouTube subscribers every 12 hours! The service is free and includes some very affordable paid options for those who want even more daily subscribers.

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Feed all your youtube channels ( Automatically get 5-10 subscribers for each channel on adding )


boost media

Digital marketing outfit with expertise in web technologies and marketing knowledge.



YTMonster is an exchange platform, that can help grow your YouTube channel.



Get free YouTube subscribers.

Buy YouTube views, likes, comments.


Monetization EASY

When someone open youtube channel and he/she is disappointed by challenge of 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours then Monetization EASY stand on back of this Youtuber.


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