How did andrew tate get arrested? Why did andrew tate get arrested?

How did andrew tate get arrested? Why did andrew tate get arrested? When did this all begin will begin with a tweet? This article is entirely Twitter drama. This is me categorizing Twitter drama. Why I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m losing control of my life, man. I don’t know what’s going on, but Andrew tate but is this man? end up arrested from a tweet well in the cringiest series of cringy tweets you’ll ever see in your life and I assure you you will cringe I will try to you know, make it as interesting as I can but this is so stupid and cringy and you take on

December 27th, 3:58 am made this tweet. Hello Greta thunberg. Yes, Andrew Tate and Greta thunberg. evidently and your tape made this a thing. I have 33 cars. He talks about blah blah blah the emissions from his cause please provide your email address so I can send a complete list of my car collection the respective enormous admissions. Andrew date is a climate denier or something. He doesn’t believe that climate change is real and he evidently thinks it’s a big Alpha move to talk about how much carbon emissions his 33 cars have

personally, this doesn’t seem like a very Alpha move to me. But this is the move he went with and this is how this drama all begins. So let’s categorize this all. then at 406 PM so it was at that eight minutes later. He posts this video which I will show you to entirety it is why? Crazy shouldn’t be up here someone else. I did this video. It’s just my dreams. It’s greatest Beach Boys with like Andrew cars.

You will come to us young people. measure the point of this is he goes on like this. I think he thought this was cool. To do this. How dare you I’m confused. right now Happy and then smoking and then he gets an airplane.

Is a joke that he causes lots of carbon emissions money. So let me go to my pocket amongst all the money over. 20 seconds left smokes and this is evidently he’s

That’s it. That’s

Wrong, which are going to later. He thinks this is proving greater wrong. Actually think that this is him proving greater wrong. Okay, but Greta makes it reply to him and this is where it gets interesting. She says yes, please do enlighten me email me at small dick energy andt now once again to my knowledge I have looked over this entire thing. This is her only replied. This is her only reply to Andrew Tate. She has never replied anywhere else Andrew. However is replied A Lot how much in fact a lot. Oh,

Made this tweet. at 5 AM December 28th Andrew Tate then retweeted this 6:20. 632 AM December 28th. So an hour and a half after a good reply educate replied or should they retweeted common cobra tight win? I? this is just his tweet. And then he’s just he’s just retreating someone calling it a w which okay, fine, whatever and seven eleven am so we can see this is six six. He starts tweeting retweet so seven. He’s been tweeting retreating for an hour. Now again, he says agreed Greta Thurman is more of a man than Cobra tape.

which I don’t really understand because is he being transphobic you see saying that she’s not a woman. Is he saying that he’s not a man? I don’t know. I don’t always going with this one. I think he’s trying to insult her, but maybe he just isn’t a man anymore. I don’t know. At 12:36 PM so he’s now been tweeting and retweeting for six hours the good at their burger response is one of the most Spotlight tweets. I’ve seen in my life. No one likes that little depopulation twerp. So she is buying likes. The issue is Andrew Tate has a million and a half a million and a half less followers on Twitter than Greta. So just naturally follows that her tweet would get more likes that just seems natural to me unless of course Andrew Tate is suggesting along with this Jackson Hinkle idiot here that the Deep State through their vast powers of manipulation have infiltrated Elon musk’s Twitter and are using their advanced intelligence system to like tweets to ratio and routine.

think that deep state is conspired to ratio and singles and one PM. So this is what is a seven hours seven hours. Yes, seven hours of tweeting retreating educatees organically popular world over the anti-human malthusian climate free credit. Then Burgers universally despised. The global is progressively can’t cope so that employed their troll Farms after paid me to constricted.

That’s what they did. That’s what they control the world. They raced some people Twitter. and you take a rich oh my God, how is this good? 9,000 likes. I was just got 30 33,000. People are sending me like yes. Yes unreasonable that the Deep state would ratio agitate. That is that’s the most reasonable explanation for all of this that I can think of.

And 2 pm. So that’s six to six and then two so for eight hours now, he’s been tweeting and retweeting people acting like this is the greatest insult of all time and pretending not to notice that she completely fumbled it by saying that that is her own email address. I don’t think she was actually being serious. I don’t think she was legitimately telling people that small dick energy would get a was her actually email address. guys I suspect that might have been a lie. I think the joke here is that she’s saying that Andrew Tate is small dick energy and that he should get a life. I I don’t believe that emailing small dick energy. I get a will get you Greta Thornburg. I don’t I don’t I don’t think

That is there actually email edges here fellas. At 2:56 PM so we are now up to almost. Jesus almost nine hours. Are you serious? No freaking way. Yes, almost nine hours. Of him tweeting in retweeting here strangers amazing theme. There’s a teenager out there who believes your government should tax you into poverty to stop the Sun for being hot. So okay, the issue here is no actually no Andrew Tate see the sun doesn’t need to be.

Not hot the sun can be whatever temperature it wants. It’s just the issues greenhouse gases get admitted right and then they keep the heat in like a car or like a plastic wrap around you, you know, anything like that like a shirt right anything like that. It’s not it’s not how hot the sun is. It’s at the heat would normally come into the planet then leave but with all these greenhouse gases around us the heat can leave. So what you wants is for us to deal with the greenhouse gases that are trapping heat in the planet cooking us soon to be cooking us to death.

We should probably be dealing with that. There’s a whole bunch of issues here. It’s not about the sun being hot. I know that this man does not very smart, but the sun will continue to be hot and you take I assure you. at 312 PM so now with a full nine hours of him. tweeting he says to entertainment need to stop playing you just f*** already. He says she ain’t ready. I don’t know what he’s suggesting with this tweet. I don’t know what he’s saying with this tweet. I don’t know what he’s talking about at all with this tweet the students very confusing to me and I don’t know exactly what’s going on with this one.

Don’t don’t pay attention to Michaela here. She has a whole issue of transphobia. She’s not a good person. She says isn’t she a minor not she Greta’s 19 now. She’s not a minor. Time does continue to move on. I don’t know if Andrew Tate knows she’s not a minor. I don’t know. I don’t know what any of this means. I’m not gonna speculate that would be mean he then and I show you I will make you watch this entire video for cringe worthy cringe. He then oh boy here.

3:26 PM posts this video. Let me know so things are confirming via your email address that you have a small penis Greta thunberg. So once again, I don’t believe the small dick energy. I get a I don’t believe she was suggesting that with her actual email address. I believe she was just making a joke and insulting you and your Tate. Curious world does not curious entertain literally everybody else got the joke. Only you evidently and a few your moronic followers don’t seem to be able to get this joke.

And I do agree. You should get a life. Which once again does he literally not understand the joke here because she’s she’s just insulting him. It’s not deep. It’s it’s not philosophical. She’s literally just insulting him. But he posted a two minute video Let’s watch. greenhouse gases with the greenhouse gases right? Like he does he does say he doesn’t look a little wink here. Is he acting stupid or is he actually that’s stupid? I don’t know. He does. He says the word greenhouse gases. We understand the actual.

Concept Greg I’m assuming right and once again, I’m not sure why releasing greenhouse gases. Assuming he actually knows what they are. What? What is the alpha play here? What is the Chad play here? You’re releasing greenhouse gases? Yes, I agree How does this make you Chad? we’ll see a stranger things do online controversy all the time, and he knows that so I’m not really sure what his angels on this one.

but now

was informing I don’t know by the way, I’m gonna pause this here. I don’t know what he’s doing with this. rental So he says it ready says his credit. Do you see that for me Gretel? Is he like trying to show off his pegs or something? I don’t know what’s going on here. I don’t understand it. He has nothing in his hand. Look look. He’s nothing in his hand. Look. He’s nothing in his hand. doing this

and congrata that my very extensive car collection with internal combustion engines which run on dead dinosaurs. and enormous emission profile It it and purify by telling me her own email address. It is what it is.

I’m actually mad at Grandma. Please bring me pizza and make sure that these boxes are not recycled. Is that a big dick flight don’t recycle. Year, I hate the environment. And floating, I don’t truly. I can’t grasp this man. I maybe I’m just none the target body into the art that I don’t.

So I’m actually into these pizza boxes pay attention to these pizza boxes of the Matrix. She thinks she’s doing good. Someone has sat her down. And convinced her to try and convince you to beg your government to tax you into poverty to stop the Sun from being. But he didn’t say greenhouse gases earlier someone he understands the concept right, but now he wants his son to stop being hot. I I’m gonna be honest. I don’t think he actually really understands.

I think he’s just trying to insult people but Maybe he really is this dumb. Maybe he’s not this dumb. It’s it’s really up in the air if he’s really stupid as he seems. He didn’t I went through the previous video. I assure you never called her out. I went through every single tweet. I promise you. He never called her out on greenhouse gases. The only thing I can think of is he legitimately believes this video?

The only thing and there was he legitimately thinks this video called her out and like proved or wrong. I don’t know. The global Matrix got this ball. I remember I don’t know. but let’s go do this once again, and you just get ratio done Twitter. to ratio it was just

But the global Matrix got this boss is ready to write retweet and all this block commenting to try and pretend to hurt telling me that she has a small dick in her own memories. everything you just said is like the stupidest s*** I’ve ever heard of my life. It’s like three of the stupid s**** I’ve ever heard combining to one giga sentence of Terror and torment on my human soul. Welcome to the new episode of the country.

Alone, but now I know at least. that Greta the little hate those things. bitter sitting somewhere without in the cold we’ll have shivering. Use my Tweets. We’re just gonna make my Twitter account far more fun into a turn. if it is your dream the work at the man company as a software developer,. All you need to do is resistor for this free mask did you add her?

and because you’re a big account when you add her she gets like a notification she might actually have gotten a notification on her phone because he’s he’s big enough right? Like Twitter gives me notifications all the time. I turn them off, but they get anyway, I think what happened is she actually I think he actually annoyed her so much by giving her a notification. Because there’s a counter so big and ending her. I think she made this reply. What happened? Afterll, of course, there was one more tweet that he retweeted at 3:36 PM. So we have a firm.

Sure was a 99 hours of him being buttered over this nine hours credit didn’t replace a single time. I just debate from Andrew team Free Press. He did good Free Press. Actually, he didn’t get free press. Do you want to know what happened? um, well on this Romanian website the news broke. raids Andrew and Tristan trade accused of abducting two girls in this updated 11:30 p.m. This is on Google translate my news.

They are being investigated for human trafficking and rape. That’s right. There are Villa was rated by the Romanian police. How did the Romanian police know that they were there in that Villa at that time? How did they know that they were in Romania? the Visa Romanian authorities need to prove that Andrew Tate was in the country so they reportedly used his social media posts his ridiculous video yesterday featured a pizza from a Romanian Pizza chain. Jerry’s Pizza confirming he was in the country. Not only good at Thunderbird destroyed your tape with her treat she made him. So angry he inadvertently tipped out Romanian Authority. So his presence in Romania with his lame comeback video.

Um, that’s it. That’s everything that happened. Andrew Tate posted one of the lamest tweets I’ve ever seen trying to do some Chad environment is lame thing. I don’t really know to be honest. I don’t really get it Greta did a comeback once probably because he annoyed her and Twitter gave her notification and then she made the reply to eat and then probably tried to block notifications from Twitter again. He molded for nine hours afterwards, then the next day got raided for human trafficking and rape that is this entire story. There’s nothing more to this. I don’t have anything more to add.

Any opinion? Well, I do have an opinion obviously do an opinion. I think this is stupid. I think this man is a goddamn moron. I do not understand any of this. that’s gonna be this video. Why because I compiled everything. This is in compile a very thing the cringe videos he posted the cringe of all of this is just and and now he’s in jail for rape. and human trafficking So, thank you everybody for watching. Have a great rest your day.

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