ALAKHNANDA Is  the largest tributary to the ganga it’s part was a Himalayan task holding the feet decades but the election and the project remained on paper this many corporate companies and even the state government’s irrigation Department found this a difficult task to execute but determined dr. GVK Freddie. To come to challenge of building a hydropower plant across the river Alec Nanda and successfully commenced the project in the

sings the project started with the construction of a diversion tunnel and to cofferdams to divert the water flow and isolate the dam Area every Monsoon when these Coffer dams were washed out and the work got suspended for four months. It did not stop the construction process.

17 to 18 lakh cubic meters of excavation was done at the location of the dab every day four thousand five hundred cubic meters of concrete was used in building the base 6 lakh cubic meters of concrete and 13,000 tons of steel was used in the construction of the dam. The dam has been designed to be a diversion Dam as it is a run of the River project with a height of 2.

Didn’t 48 meters and age Spillway babies the dam can handle 26400 qmx of luck six intake tunnels sized 5 point 6 meter diameter each have been built up stream and to divert the water into two main head race tunnels of 9 point 8 meter diameter each through these head race tunnels the water travels more.

then a kilometer to reach the desilting baisama this 240 meters long desilting basement is designed in such a way that the turbulent flow of the water coming from these head race tunnels converts into the laminar flow through this silt particles of size is larger than 0.2 m m will be trapped the silt particles that gather at the bottom of the

Basin of rushed back into rebirth to underground tunnels making the water silt freely or three point two kilometer long power channel has been constructed to take the sail. free water from the desilting Basin to the for Barry and the for waiting for penstocks of diameter 5 point 6 meter and length of a hundred and fourteen meter were be Road. They can take the water to the turbines down below at the PowerHouse with a net head of sixty five point nine seven meters.

the PowerHouse the kinetic energy of the flowing water is converted into mechanical energy by rotating the turbine, which turns the generator thereby converting mechanical energy into electrical energy to power house with four units of eighty two point five.

Megawatt each has a capacity to produce 330 megawatt of power to synchronize and transmit the generated power to the grid and a switch yard has been constructed near the PowerHouse discard her enabled budget allows monitoring to be done remotely. and any kind of precaution can be taken for disaster Management in advance constructing a mega structure like this takes a lot of courage and commitment, Not Mere engineering expertise.

In 2013 heavy rains and the resultant floods reached the construction area with a huge deposit of silt destroying a great portion of work under progress.

Despite these setbacks and one of the worst floods in recent history the project was back on track and was successfully completed and commissioned in 2015 in the course of the project GVK as substantially contributed towards the rehabilitation of the display.

people instead of taking a strictly Commercial Legal approach GVK chose to act in a humanitarian way with great patience and empathy the two-hundred-year-old 30 Devi. Temple was relocated to a new concrete structure and the same place several roads and bridges were constructed providing convenience for an easy livelihood of the local people by adding 330.

Megawatt Hydro potential to the grid this project has transformed the lives of the local people of uttarakhand and the country as a whole. This is a bold achievement for GVK

while being another step towards meeting the country’s energy needs in an environment friendly manner GV K stands as an example of a responsible private Enterprise that refuses to sacrifice its values and environmental responsibilities in the face of extreme bonds. The company has quite literally moved mountains.

To bring light into the lives of the people. GVK Hydro Power Company Limited.

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