Even after losing lakhs of rupees in the stock market, why some people are not able to learn the pattern of the stock market?

The pattern is not a fixed course that one should take its degree and become successful here.

I am doing right and those who are buying expensive shares of 1100/- 2000/- 3000/- are wrong, those who think like this also remain in loss.

The truth is that I myself could not identify such a pattern completely, the pattern has been made by computer programmers which will run on a pattern and suppose that someday there is a world wide crash in the middle of the market day and Nifty 16% If it falls suddenly, how will this pattern react, at that time it will signal to sell or buy?

I am surprised by the thinking of 90% of the people who stay invested in the stock market for 3 to 5 years and take losses, then by calling the work of share market gambling or dangerous, they share the advice to others not to invest here.

Before investing in the stock market, if you decide on some point or stage, then it is fine.

By investing in the stock market today, there will be a lot of profit in six months, a year, those with such thinking should invest elsewhere.

Start by assuming the stock market is more uncertain than trades.

It is wrong to invest at the behest of someone. It is always good to invest monthly quarterly and for a very long 10/15 years or a lifetime .

The stock market is like a jagged wheel of a cycle, the tooth that is up in the wheel today will definitely come down and the bottom one up. If the recession has come, it is not forever, it has to go and then the cycle of bullishness is inevitable. It has to be said that choosing the right time to invest is an important point. As there was a recession from the third week of March 2020, in such a situation, it is advisable to invest more. But now as the market Nifty has crossed seventeen thousand, I cannot give investment advice at this time.

Don’t be worried by investing your own money in the shares, but consider it an honors subject with your own interest. Be aware of the changing environment and what is going to happen next, for example, crude oil is expensive at this time and the total margin net profit of companies making products from plastic based raw materials is sure to be low and if crude oil naphtha comes down to $ 55–60 then these companies Huge profit is possible, like in Kovid 19, the shares of all medical, hospital, medicine have increased a lot, for example, at the time of oxygen shortage, Everest Kanto company which also manufactures oxygen cylinders, its share on 15/02/2021 was Rs71/- only two Sold for Rs155/- in the month 26/04/2021. The basic mantra is that the stock investor should keep the eyes open in all the ten directions and if the general knowledge is like KBC, then it will be icing on the gold.

Whether to stay invested in a stock for many years or to exit, you can learn this only by continuous effort, for this it is necessary to keep a constant eye on the company’s board of directors, balance sheet and the company’s further plans, then you deserve it. It will be that how the stock of such company is going to go ahead. Example I had shares of Kwality Ltd Rs 150/- price, just look at the name and took the shares and understood with my mind that this famous ice cream company will be of Kwality Walls, but this other company which was only small cap company making milk and ghee , due to lack of proper study I had to sell after 4 years only for Rs3/- Similarly I have not exited the share of ISMT.(2014 buy )Rs45/- but for Rs 7/- and thrice the buy average price Deducted and yes remembered that at that time I had bought this share due to tremendous recommendation on TV, another share THE UGAR SUGER this was also the same recommendation 4-5 years ago it was Rs 27/- even today it is standing there just paying dividend Have started and there was some profit from the sale buy back in the last days, there is no loss in both of them, but I am mentioning this because both almost come in the category of penny stock and you should take careful steps on the credibility of TV recommendation. Penny stock makes only 1 out of 100 earning.

The pattern is also that the big companies whose shares we do not buy as expensive and the same stock appears at one and a half times the price after one year. So don’t make mistake on mistake by buying cheap penny stock always 60% of investment in Nifty In the listed shares, in the end, I will say that if the pattern and fundamentals change, then in the stock market

Therefore, this hobby gives pleasure like horse riding, but it is also risky and expensive, a little carelessness can give a big injury. Thanks.Dated 01.September.2021

Additional:- 04Sept. 2021, if you keep your eyes and mind open on your subject and study while sitting in the classroom front seat, then you will always be in advantage, even if you are not playing matches and still practice net, then you will be able to bat well anytime, Example I saw the news 2 months ago from my common sense instinct and realized that Zen Tech company is going to sell drone radar equipment to the defense department I bought 130 shares at Rs89/- price, later this share came down to 81/- we remained calm and 6 The day before this share was sold at Rs.105/-, bought back at Rs.100.50 on the same day and sold 30 shares at Rs.153.80 on 03/09/2021 and kept the rest of the shares close by. Now you tell me which pattern was used in it. Here neither fundamental work nor pattern, only and continuously research work on your subject, you give 2,3,4 or 5 hours of your time watching anything on TV,mobile but a student spend his time on his research This is also a pattern. You enter the name of any share on YouTube, you will definitely get videos of its new and old experts.

You will get to learn as much as you indulge, no one or two books or any computerized graph can give complete education of stock market except continuous effort. Thanks again with the hope that you will like the article and if you like it, then you have to upvote, this increases our enthusiasm. Date 04,September,2021

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