Electrical Site Engineer Art of Living

Human ResourseNimrana, RajasthanJob detailsJob TypeFull-timeFull Job DescriptionElectrical site engineers direct and oversee electrical engineering projects at construction sites, resolving issues and ensuring that work is completed according to specifications. They balance project management and engineering tasks ranging from designing electrical plans to monitoring contractors. Electrical site engineers also ensure that plans and work are completed according to local and national electrical codes. Additionally, electrical site engineers conduct testing and maintenance on electrical systems, including final inspections prior to job completion.ResponsibilitiesElectrical site engineers duties can change from jobsite to jobsite, but based on postings we analyzed, this position has several core responsibilitiesDesign Electrical SystemsElectrical site engineers design electrical systems for commercial, residential, and industrial construction projects. These can include both high-voltage systems for delivering power and low-voltage applications including Ethernet and fiber-optic lines. Electrical site engineers work closely with designers to determine how to effectively incorporate electrical elements, determining specifications and preparing blueprints.Direct Electrical ContractorsElectrical site engineers directly oversee and manage teams of electrical contractors and subcontractors. They may direct daily activities, answer questions about power needs and electrical codes, and guide workers throughout the construction process. Many electrical site engineers also work on elements of construction projects themselves in collaboration with electricians and other contractors.Resolve Electrical IssuesElectrical site engineers resolve issues related to electric systems or devices that arise during the course of construction. Changes to a buildings design or practical concerns may result in existing electrical plans and blueprints no longer being viable, or specifications may change requiring a different power configuration, leading electrical site engineers to quickly revise plans and resolve issues to prevent delays.Develop Cost EstimatesEarly in the construction planning process, electrical site engineers help develop cost estimates for both material and labor. By analyzing blueprints and site specifications, they project the amount of wire, fixtures, and other materials the project will require. They also estimate manpower and timelines, giving project managers the information needed to consider contractor bids and ensure the project remains within budget.Manage Construction SchedulesElectrical site engineers also manage construction schedules related to electrical elements of job sites. They work closely with both planners and utility providers to determine when project milestones need to be completed to avoid delays and maintain profitability. Frequently, electrical site engineers determine these schedules in collaboration with subcontractors to ensure that electrical work is completed in tandem with other elements of the project.Conduct System TestingElectrical site engineers conduct tests of electrical systems throughout the construction process. They may test individual components or the whole system, including overseeing final inspections of the job. Electrical site engineers check contractors work to ensure adherence to local and national electrical codes, safe operation of all devices, and accurate power delivery.Job Type: Full-timeSchedule:Flexible shiftMorning shiftExperience:work: 1 year (Preferred)total work: 1 year (Preferred)Education:Bachelor’s (Preferred)

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