CEIGALL INDIA LTD IS HIRING for construction and maintenance of Roads, Highways, Flyovers and Bridges



Ceigall India Limited is a highway construction project development company providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services across India Our strength primarily is in construction and maintenance of Roads, Highways, Flyovers and Bridges wherever integral to the projects undertaken. Ceigall India Limited is an integrated road PC company with an experience in design and construction of various roads & highway projects across 9 States in India. Legacy over 6 decades and have carved out a niche in the

industry for our qualitative works

No of Designation Requ



Oversee and direct construction/beautification projects from conception to completion Review

the project in-depth to schedule deliverables and estimate costs

Oversee all onsite and offsite constructions to monitor compliance with safety regulations

Coordinate with direct construction workers and subcontractors

Select tools, materials and equipment and track inventory Meet contractual conditions of


Bar & Tech in Civit Engineering

Review the work progress on daily basis

Prepare internal and external reports pertaining to job status Plan ahead to prevent problems and

Mn 15


resolve any emerging ones Negotiate terms of agreements, draft contracts and obtain permits and licences Analyze, manage

and mitigate risks

Ensure quality construction standards and the use of proper construction techniques Experience in




Material engineer

Well versed with construction of flexible & Rigid pavement for various classes of roads Involved

in day to day quality control, of borrow areas.

Setting up field laboratory, quality control preparation of Quality Assurance Plan, Test formats,

certification of testing of materials Preparation of maintenance schedules.

& or &Tech in Civil Must has experience in detailed inspection and test plan preparation, Design of Job Mix formulas Engineering

UMF) for bituminous and concrete works Monitoring activities related to both field and testing of road construction materials and borrow

area solls. Ensure compliance with Technical Specification, Monitoring of quarrying and aggregate

production facilities Batching/Mixing Plants entire process control, inspecting & calibration of

plants & testing equipments etc. Well conversant with specifications and relevant codes

Min S Yours



Min Years


Preparation of working drawing from GAD.

Material reconciliation, survey data prepare Area calculation by using software. Kent marking

turnout setup from Eps drawing using by rvni GAD

orech in Layout & quantity calculation as per gfc drawing Survey

Elevation and Co-ordinate check on every foundation of structures. Supervision or preparation of all data, charts plots, maps, Curve of Track records and document

related to survey. Verify the accuracy of survey data including measurement and calculation.

conducted at project site

Handling Sub-Contractor Billing for Earthwork Section, Vendor Finalization

Preparation and Handling Rate Analysis and Cost optimization Preparation of Monthly Progress Report, Weekly Progress Report, Dally Progress Report, Client

Bills for Payment Milestone

or Tach in Bulk Material Reconciliations, Quantity Calculation of Project Engineering or

Keeping a track of Contract Management and Design Section

Calculating Optimal resource & work plan

Preparation of PRW/Hiring and Miscellaneous bills Preparing Work Plan, Baseline Plan, Action Plan and Monitoring RA Bills, Material Requisition in ERP Preparation of Variation and other Claims

aling & Hanning Enginee



Min Years


Contracts Specialist

Contract Management, Drafting of techno commercial orders/agreement to make involve all legal scope, risk assessment & company interests,, Document (CAD), Contractual Letter drafting for BE or Tech in Civi Client Correspondences, Monitoring Scope of Work as Preparation of Contract Appreciation per Contract, BOQ preparation and Rate analysis, Co-ordination, Claims Extra & Deviated items, Reconciliation, Escalation, Interpretation & legal implication of contracts, Extension of time and DAB etc.


Min 2

Perks & Benefits will depend upon candidate & experince as per industry standards

Interested candidate can share their resume at hr@ceigall.com

Visit us at http://www.cagall.com

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