linked victim of massive data breach


Social media Network LinkedIn is the latest victim of a massive data breach data of 500 million user profiles has been allegedly leaked by cybercriminals the sale of the data was first reported by Cyber News According to which and archive including user IDs names email addresses phone numbers genders professional titles and links to other social media profiles were being auctioned off on the forum for a four figure.

Or some from what we understand a doctor of some kind someone with malicious intent has offered for sale about 500 million records. It looks like from LinkedIn and those records / Lincoln statement are all based on information. That was publicly available on the LinkedIn site. Now, why does this matter? Well, it means our once and actually reach and lengthen what happened is someone maliciously created the

led to scrape all of that public data put it all together patched it up and a selling it because even when the data is public when it’s packaged it has a lot of value LinkedIn has over six hundred seventy five million members, which means that around three quarters or six users information may be included in the database. However, the company has said that the details orders private member’s is safe as a strap data of continue as the data includes. only information from the public members or LinkedIn

The news comes just days after a separate incident in which data streams from more than 500 million Facebook users in 2019, including four numbers birthdays emails and other information was posted publicly on our website used by hackers while these kinds of data are less sensitive than credit card details or social security numbers information, like phone numbers can still be exploited for robocalls scams.

Monster Comet is entering in Solar system and can be watch from earth.

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Skywatch Media news for June the twenty eighth twenty Twenty-One a comet so big that it may actually be a minor planet is presently encroaching on our planetary system from the region of the Oort cloud and it is forecast to make its closest approach in the year 2031 from just outside the orbit of Saturn. the comet referred to as see 2014 un 271 is the largest Comet ever discovered current estimates Place its nucleus somewhere between 62 and 230 miles in diameter. The suspect is size would put his nucleus at two to three times bigger than the record-breaking comet Hale-Bopp, which was discovered in July of 1995.

monster Comet was discovered by whom ?

by Pennsylvania astronomers Bernard and Nelly and Bernstein from years of data gathered by the dark energy survey which observes objects moving across the sky during the years between 2014 and 2018. They found that this Comet was yielding the orbit in a minor planet electronic circuit. Mmm. if the object is eventually determined to be larger than the estimated size of 62 230 miles and will become the largest Oort cloud object ever discovered. Keep in mind that in the year 1729 a comet named Sarah Babbitt was considered to be the largest or Cloud object ever seen with estimates of about 100 kilometers or roughly 60 miles in diameter.

Monster Comet is entering in Solar system and can be watch from earth.

holy book design and from strange taste example post from our website and the karma was a naked-eye discovery on August the 1st of 1729 credited to a Jesuit priest and mathematician father Nicholas sir about it first appeared as a faint nebulous star in the constellation Aquarius with a magnitude brightness of plus 5. at the time of its Discovery the comet which was great in size was very much overlooked by astronomers since the comet did not possess a significant brightness or a distinct tail during his passage for this reason the comet would forever be known as The Unlucky Comet of the millennium.

the newest comment Discovery would put it on a similar scale with the Comets are back and when undoubtedly place it in a dwarf planet territory the comet will continue its inward movement over the next decade until sometime in the year 2030 one when it enters into the orbit of Saturn. estimates of his orbit upon entering the solar system variable it but they look something like this.

The current trajectory places a comet at around 20 astronomical units from the sun which indicates that it has already passed the orbit of Neptune, which is at twenty nine point seven eight you from the Sun during this approach the comet will develop the characteristics of a coma and tail of Dusty material a comet will also become as bright as Pluto’s Moon Charon.

with an estimated brightness of near magnitude +17 before then exiting the solar system. the discovery of comet un 271 has been nothing short of amazing considering is 600,000 year journey through deep space the comet has an extremely elongated orbit stretching from the orbit of Saturn all the way to a distance of nearly a light year. at the far reaches of its orbit it hardly feels the effects of the Sun’s gravity and could easily be pulled out of the solar system by Galactic forces. And so it’s inbound journey is Quite a feat one that only a large Celestial body could accomplish

Why asteroid day is celebrated? This Is Why Asteroid Day Is So Famous!

Here is the bottom line as to what we can ascertain thus far astronomers have discovered a giant object that is headed towards the inner regions of our solar system that may be the largest or Cloud object ever observed by scientists. It’s possible that the object may be a dwarf planet traveling in an elongated orbit. That is comet-like in origin and that it will possess a tail of dust debris. It is expected to become brighter in the sky as it.

times closer in the next 10 years, so stay tuned folks. This story has legs and it’s about to get a lot more interesting. on June 24th the Earth bore witness to an incredible sight a strawberry supermoon the final supermoon for the year 2021 the spectacle capped off a recent surge of Sky watching events, including a lunar eclipse and a ring of fire solar eclipse a super Moon occurs when it is at his closest distance to Earth and this year we were treated to four of them.

Here are some captivating images of the less supermoon of 2021.

Then aligns with the East and West streets and it only happens for times during the year. Now take a look at these mementos clouds that overwhelm the sky above Warsaw Poland on June the 24th these phenomenal formations are comprised primarily of ice and the pouch like extensions can extend for hundreds of miles in any direction. They can remain visible in the sky for up to 15 minutes and they are usually followed by extreme thunderstorms.

And then there was this apocalyptic footage from Fort Walton Beach, Florida taken on June the 21st in the video a thick layer of ominous clouds is seen stretching for Miles along the white sandy beach. These clouds are known as asperatus where wave-like structures form on the underside of the cloud which resembles a rough sea. these cloud formations are also linked to severe storm conditions.

The sky is constantly changing from moments of striking Beauty two times when it is Bleak and void of life, but regardless of the scene that is created. It will almost always have an effect on your day. Stay safe everyone. Thanks for watching and always keep looking to the sky.

Why asteroid day is celebrated? This Is Why Asteroid Day Is So Famous!

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Brief history of asteroid day .

on June 30th International asteroid day. They will have everyone looking toward the skies. The holiday was founded after the 2014 release of the film 51 degrees north, which explores what would happen if an asteroid were to strike London the film’s creative team wanted to raise more awareness about the threat of asteroids to Earth and how we can help protect ourselves to make that happen. They formed a foundation and in 2015. They celebrated the world’s first.

Why asteroid day is celebrated? Brief history of asteroid day .

National asteroid day there are over 1 million asteroids in space that could potentially strike the Earth but modern scientists have only discovered about 1% of them.

hello everyone. It’s been a few years since the first asteroid day was celebrated worldwide and in this video we’re going to be looking at asteroid a the objectives of asteroid and a celebration and the events that people can participate on the event of asteroid day.

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So what exactly is asteroid day asteroid a as observed annually on 30 June is the United Nations sanctioned a of public awareness of the risks of asteroid impacts. Our mission is to educate the public about the risks and opportunities of asteroids year round by hosting events providing educational resources and regular Communications to our Global audience.

the ends on multiple digital platforms How did it all start asteroid day was co-founded by astrophysicists and famous musician. Dr. Brian May of the rock group Queen Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty schweickart filmmaker Rick Richards rictus and b612 Foundation president, Danica Remy to educate the public about the importance of asteroids.

their role in the formation of our solar system the impact in space resources and the importance of defending our planet from future impacts asteroid day is observed annually on 30th of June to Mark the date of Earth’s largest asteroid impact in recorded history the Siberia tunguska event.

100x declaration to initially launched the asteroid a education programs in 2014 members of the asteroid Community drafted and released a petition to gather public support for asteroid education and called on governments to accelerate the funding of asteroid Discovery programs today this petition also known as the 100x.

Has been signed by hundreds of prominent individuals around the world including leaders in science technology and business and more than 125 astronauts. 30th of June un sanctioned asteroid day in 2016 with the leadership of the association of Space Explorers or ASC the United Nations declared 30th of June as the international asteroid day in order to observe each year at the international level the

three of the tunguska impact over Siberia in the Russian Federation on the 30th of June 1908 and to raise public awareness about the asteroid impact hazard. the asteroid Foundation the asteroid day website and activities became an official program of the asteroid Foundation after it was established in 2017 asteroid foundations mission is to promote worldwide awareness of the opportunities and challenges surrounding asteroids and the emerging space economy in addition.

running the asteroid a programs above the foundation managers local programs including the asteroid day Gala and Technical briefings in Luxembourg as well as undertaking other year-round programs of another year round program of activities to learn more about the asteroid foundation and the work that they do please was it asteroid Foundation? Hin Dot o– r– g–

now the events that are organized on asteroid a are independent asteroid Day events are held around the world annually on or around 30th, June these events are largely independently organized by museums space agencies universities clubs and enthusiastic Educators around the world for people of all ages.

mostly free of charge events range from lectures to short story contests to live concerts and broader community events learn more about housing asteroid Day events by logging on to asteroid So what is special about asteroid a 2021 well 2021 asteroid a live begins on the 30th of June at 6 p.m. Or 1800 CET this year. We celebrate the 25th launch anniversary of NASA’s near Shoemaker spacecraft and the 2021 launch of three new ass.

wait missions NASA’s Lucy Mia Scout and dart the world’s first mission to test an asteroid deflection technique the 2021 asteroid a live program will include interviews with key personnel from the missions of yesterday and tomorrow, it will explore how technologies have changed what scientific surprises. We’re waiting on the asteroids how the goals of the missions have evolved and what the future has in store for asteroid research and planetary defense if you want to tune into asteroid a life it will air on the 30th of June. Why asteroid day TV, which can be watched on asteroid days website Twitch TV and YouTube to learn more visit a

greatit and while you’re checking out asteroid day and other events, don’t forget to check out our Channel praying Bloods. Adios. We Are YouTube channel that focuses on providing quality educational content and awareness videos if you want to learn more about us, please visit / C / brain Blitz audios,. So until the next video, take care stay safe. Bye. Bye for now.