Understanding of Over head electrification hardware fitting & their application

steam engines and diesel engine diesel engine are still in use most of the places. We are electrification is under progress why we have y Railway moved from diesel or steam dude electrification of whole rail system. There are many reason but I have just mentioned three only first one is the contact line permit almost unlimited. it

politics and disposal of electrical driven people, which means when when when a railway train is moving using electric local in does not have a limitation of fuel because electrical supplies even at various sub station on their route., so it need not to carry any source of fuel along with the vehicle and seconded to allow real way to run the trains and the highest paid because there is a

addition in diesel and steam engine the speed can be attained up to 80 200 km/h, but in electrified area the train speed can reach up to 180 kilometers per hour. and also electrification is very economical as it has a highest efficiency among over three and one more Advantage. It has it is very good for environment as it goes very less pollution as compared to other modes of our and it as compared to diesel it goes one turd.

pollution if you see the data from the Greenway Now we’ll discuss the major component of Railway. Ohe first I would like to show you the general drawing of can deliver assembly. This is a general arrangement of electricity electrified continue our assembly which you must have seen during your travel or standing on the station. The vertical part is foremast also known as traction Master. It’s written and it has many components.

due to discuss almost every component in this video and I will brief you the purpose why it is so and thus the main component here, which always stay connected with

if You observe my cursor movement this will help you for understanding this contact wire and then there are other components we support this contact wire which has shown are part of and deliver State you back at you all this. These components have equal energization which it has in the contact wire because it’s all are electrically conductive. So if you touch any of the part of this cantilever, it has equal current during operation So to avoid this charge to be transferred to this structure, which is traction Mast hear insulators are provided.

at both locations both point of potential location. The upper part is connected with State you baseball stadium insulator and bottom part connected with black activist pole bracket insulator this all insulators and components. We will discuss in detail before that. I just want to list out the component list which are used in ohg, these are the major components. There are many more than 30 components, but I have mention only 12

Which are practically invisible in every location. The first from Bowden is catenary wire if you see in this image, the stop wire is called category wire and bottom is called Contact work on take two are always connected with the pantograph over local and this category wire is to support this contact Choir in bracket here. It is mentioned. It’s a cross section area of both wire.

This is 107 skill level and it’should 65 Square on full catenary wire. the other components are Foundation the foundation is made of concrete which for the Mast then we have masks which is either old or fabricated steel then we have bracket assembly the drawing I have shown is for single bracket assembly. There is a single cantilever assembly if it is more than one continue our assembly on a single Mast it is fault either.

Ooo X gets a big depending upon the number of Records you can goes as before bracket. Then we have stay arm bracket composite insulator post is selected. These are times of insulated. I’ll mention here they are total 5 types of insulation will discuss in detail. and then jumpers jumpers are wires which are used for maintaining the code in different section of over enterad to electrification.

Then weby of section insulator this is section insulator assembly is used in location where we have to isolate one section of electrified section from the other electrified section this we also discuss in detail then we have single pole double pole isolator. These are usually placed nearby section insulator to isolate one of the section with to the other then we have anchor and Guy noticeable Road Assembly this is part of supporting the structure. This will see and auto tensioning device. This is also known as a TD or regulating equipment also the main purpose of this device is to maintain the tension in

this secondary and contact I’m using so many terms getting reacquainted. Oh, I think you are as you are new to this. So I’ll just show you the major component list first, so then we’ll go in details. This picture is one of my project each projector side and it has almost every component in it. it and I mentioned here in detail. This is the vertical mask at the bottom of mass. There is a foundation which is not in the picture than this. GA must all the mass. There is a number plate which identify the mass number then out with connecting with the was there is a mass shooting must break it fitting assembly and on the other end of this shooting certainly we have insulators at the

Bingo table top is fail you so it is a stay insulator bottom is a bracket tube. It is a packet insulator and there are these two user connecting each other. There is a category suspension bracket and below that this Collective memory wire is connected to this bracket plan. now at the bottom there is a resistor which is connected with the bracket tube with the help of register. Um book and then we have NT will clamp to avoid movement of this state this bfp Stadium due to here and at the bottom of this Stadium we have contact wire, which is connecting with the folding paper sleeves you’ll climb

so that main component which always stay connected with the moving train. Is this fault acquire at the bottom and all other are fixed part, which support this contact wire and above connector wire is there is a catenary where we support this contact to our with the help of copper wires and various fittings,. So eyes. stay here for 20 seconds. So you can just have a look at the various components if you have some down you can drop me a message, which I will try to explain in the next videos or in the message itself. So before moving to the next point, I’m just waiting for 10 seconds, then we’ll do the different components detail.

Let’s go and this component. I have already told now we will discuss in detail one by one all the components. catenary and protect where the first two item of the list if you see these are the first two items.

Okay, these are the wires which you have a few usually see above your train if you’re driving through train. These are always maintaining attention and category why the purpose of pattern requires to support or debt wire? because the all the connection with them Loco is only with the contact while the purpose of it. In is to support it. I have one image which will work here if I eat this if you see this red one is a contact wire which stay connected with the pantograph and blue one is a are it is messy little messenger wire. You can call it catenary you are and if You observe there is a dotted line marked here this shows the center line of attack.

which is equal to Center Line of for Pandora if you enlarge this. to redo your phone this the center line or crack Axis or bandwidth is the same but this rigid line is shown as content wire axis. This usually installed in a zigzag Manner and this point is the mass point where it is fixed. So why this desire is provided actually this zigzag

Is called stagger because it’s staggering also contact wire. The purpose of Staggering is to avoid a single point code contact with the pan to which may cause erosion of pain to pantograph if you stay connected at a single coin to avoid this this wire usually kept in zigzag fashion and staggering length is around 200 M from center of the track. egg and it is goes up to 300. Mmm. Only called track. This is for straight track if there is a girl it can goes up to 300. Ml.

Keep it the same. No, I just explain you this scattering a wire. then cross sectional area is 65 scare m which consists of 19 wires. Finding strengths and in a single wire and cross section area of Total Eye total wise 65 scare em and dies approximate tempered by wagon.

the same blue coat acquired this cross sectional area is 107 scare. Em, it is a non-uniform circle. So there is approximate 12:00 and 2:00 a.m. Its shape is like this that bottom part is always connected with the pantograph the top part is connected with the catenary wire with the help of droppers. We’ll see in this image you can See here, here. It is proper word which connects the touring with the quartet what this is practically piece of contact and battery wire. This wire has been opened. Actually it was crappy is so I have taken a photo is all wires.

all the strands of wire is open now and this is a single piece of copper conductor, which is called current contact. Why? Now we’ll move to next topic. Next is our foundation and rational mast. which is foundation in which see the foundation is used for Mast which are supporting the overhead equipments. So for each Mast the type of foundation is decided based upon many factors, which can be the type of overhead equipment is the single bracket double bracket.

And then there is a soil capacity based upon the soil test. It is decided to service type of foundation to be used. There are so many times listed here. We will not discuss foundation in this video if required I will make a separate video for that and we’ll move to Mast Mast is the main vertical post which supports all over and equipments. It is a it can be lower section of fabricated there so many

absolute mask and it shown here this B series Mast normally used in regular p450. Weef 150 175 200 depending upon the width of the Mast and they are fabricated steel Master. also there R SJ type load still joints PFD type brought French beans. These all are used in his way and one main thing is which is common for all the Mast although is Chi Master are of nine point five meter. No or masked caring can deliver assembly out of this length? Which are buried in the foundation now we can move to the next component insulators the purpose of insulator.

Isn’t it is same which is for in other electricity electrical areas. It is to restrict the continuity. so it is used where there is a chances of current transfer from overhead equipment to the fixture. So in first to you have already seen in the cantilever collected stadium in salute and reckon insulator. And third one is mind and insulated 19-inch little used with any section is closing or any why this contact and continue wire is terminating somewhere. So we use this insulator before terminating it to the static structure to avoid flow of current form overhead electrification system to destruction. So this we will see in next. We’ll see that this type of insulator in

explain slate and then we have support insulator most insulator, which is used in the isolator. We are using in different sections then there is a section insulator. This is part of section assembly, which is used to isolate one section to the other. This will see in detail in the coming slides. Now we move to these are all five times of insulator if you see this is such an insulator like an insulator 910 insulator stay on insulator post insulator. The size is standardized as per our area. So

normally insulators or porcelain insulator used in Railway somewhere. It is found its new type of rubber insulator also there but mostly if supposedly insulators. Now next from one is jumper actually in jumper is a conductor or arrangement of conductor for electrical continuity note and attention. This we are used in poetry to maintain the continuity this if there is isolators, there we use we are using it to maintain the continuity through the isolator and there are so many types of jumpers used in poetry in depending upon the

purpose the instrument jumpers, which are used for maintaining a quality owner running veterinarian contact. We’re at a period or interval of 400 meters. There are some continuity jumper this depending upon the purpose. There are different names if you see these other jumper wires section shown here this this we are not going in detail here. So I’m moving to next component.

section insulator now, this is a very important device used in Railway where multiple sections are there and you have to isolate one session from the other section. So we have to install section insulators this helps to maintain different section without disturbing the moment of brilliance. So how how they are doing it you can see this drawing. This is a side view of section insulator. There is a sport Tommy’s content wire and top is threatened you I got any worries isolated through 9th an insulator and this contact wire. You can’t insert an insulator on the wild coast and all of his money. So this device is used where this insulator. Is that hi, Mom.

and this copper material is used as a contact wire for this. Then it is connecting with the contact. We’re at Boatwright when there is a isolation we want to isolate this section right side section from this then this there is a jumper Arrangement, which is passing through isolator switch week. We open that switch. So that current runs from from this end to this end will store and this section. We’ll beat them and saluted. So this I can’t explain here if you have doubt you can ask

Imean comments section. I will try to send some message or video. So this is also the top and side view of insulator. This is a proper assembly. I wish I told you before the contact wire is supported with the battery wire with the help of propers this at the boat and there is a clip used for territory and contact wire the shape of wanted to our is to accommodate this clip from do and in between there is a copper wire. This particular shape is given to allow the movement of category wire during

Position the contrary you are always remain horizontal with respect to railroad track. but this category wire will go up and down to maintain this horizontal crease of this contact wire. This is the normal normal isolator, which is used in electrical system. Also this mainly we use single tool isolator near the this device section insulator. So at the one end of this isolator, we connect this side and the other side we connect this side. So when isolator is

This is a solute is closed. There is in close position. So when it is closed the current will flow from both side from this to this side, but when this facility is open so current will flow will stop and one of the section can be isolated from the the function of facilities to make and break electrical continuity of an elementary section,. We’re loading and unloading of material are involved double whole isolated with earthing alert being used it is used written with reference to a loading unloading point of siding. We are usually the electrical engine comes for material and loading then after engine departs this session.

It will be the energized with the help of isolator there. We use double pole isolator in this view single pole in the season col moving road is called known as pole if there are W. That is known as double polarized filter. before moving to next item. Okay, firstly I’m played all the items, then we’ll go for the major terms used in which she so we’ll go to bond bone is electrical connection across join between adjacent range If You observe while moving on and track all the fish plant joints are joined with the help of history with that is coal burned in electrical. This is called

T-Bone crows phone impudent Bond structure bone structure Boehner are things script used to connect rail with the Mast this is the electron interaction between master and friends and all other bones are used on the rail to rail connection depending upon the track circuiting and over so this this is just like a are things to do. So this is simple component.

no, our next component is photo tensioning device. You must have seen such type of device along side of track, but it is usually found in the outskirts of station over in the siding.

Really seem like this where this counterweight is hanging. So this is called Auto tensioning device the purpose of this device to maintain the tension in contact and catenary wire. normally in which even maintain

1000 kg force in both federally and contact wire. This is the point that the root is used here 3321 pulley. this is the counterweight engaged so much load. We require ouround 60 65 kg of contrary to maintain attention of thousand kg each in contact and Qatari wire.

Why this is used to may be asking why the need of this actually the main purpose of this is to maintain the tension during varying temperature if there is a high temperature in theory., there’s contact and category wire ties to expand and when it expired their tension married,

Use so to maintain this discount rate is used and it goes down and maintain the required tension, but whenever at the night or in the winter season this temperature reduce it contracts then it will lift. It will be lifted up to maintain the same tension at all varying temperature. if you see it, it is mentioned normally in India. It’s a normal temperature 40 degree celsius at night. It’s temperature will drop this counterweight will move up as the choir contracts and as a wide expanse this counterweight will move down.

Floors are just marking is done based upon the ambient temperature and its position this process is known as a TD cutting or it literally cutting. Now we move to the some of the basic terms in which we use in witchy which are not very common what is

inconvenience it is axial distance between the category and contact wire if you see the our drawing this this is the contact white and this is gettin rewire. This axial distance is called a compliance. and we will I think this is a limitation on video length. So we try to complete this session in the next video in the park, too. And for now I’m stopping this video and you wait for my next video. We will continue from this point for explaining the various terms used in OLG the basic component we have covered. So hope you like it and

You stay connected we will post a new video very soon. Happy learning.