Top 6 useful websites that mechanical engineer must known

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Top 6 useful websites that mechanical engineer must known

six useful websites every mechanical engineer should use I’m a mechanical engineer myself and use most of the websites, which I’m about to show you guys before we go through the list some of the websites in this list will help you to learn new topics.

Some will help you to learn the industry standards some will help you with your designing and modeling skills and some will help you to keep updated with what’s happening in the engineering world with that being said, here’s the list of top six.
free websites for mechanical engineer
those in students people share their ideas projects and CAD model over here.

You can browse through countless can designs and download it for free. Plus you’ll find tutorials on various care surface like SolidWorks AutoCAD Fusion 360 inventor, Katia Creo and more website similar to grab cat is Trace Ford’s

  2. We have

Edx is one of the largest massive open online course platform. You’ll find courses on every topic you want to learn about electric car. has their business model and the engineering behind it or just want to learn a programming language to put it in your resume will find courses in almost every topic you can take any course for free and if you want to get a certification at the end of the course and will cost you some money other mooc platforms worth checking out a mighty online courses and Coursera
we have a  of the American Society of mechanical engineers is a great website to learn industry standard design course.
Principals will give you an example. You can learn standard design for short turbomachinery pumps piping system pressure vessels and basically all the Machinery which we have been using for years if I’m to give you a cause then you can check out the turbomachinery Dynamics design and operation blur about the woman scenery

4. We have

part of being a mechanical engineer is you can design things which we use in real life destructible offers easy to follow simple how-to guides to make cool projects. So if you like making things on your own and fixing things yourself, then you should definitely check them out some cool projects to name are making a snake game on a breadboard and building the writable. Segue

5. We have I

Imechanic has a community of Engineers who share their knowledge about various industry standards teach a particular software share their research paper and more you can learn from industry veterans researchers will spend their life in the industry and learn about our Good idea of topic and website at

6. is

interesting engineering is a community of like-minded engineer’s Russia a new idea any upcoming technology modern engineering breakthrough, whether it’s a device that can charge your mobile in seconds or it’s the latest model of Boeing there is launched moments ago interesting engineering will keep you updated with all the new things happening in the industry another similar website is the


apart from these there are many other great website for mechanical engineers, but I couldn’t cover every inch single video and see if we use the website and found it very useful then please mention it in the comments section below others might find it useful as well.

please let me know in the comment section to thank you for watching. See you in the