Interview with OLA CEO bhavesh Agarwal for Megha e-scooter factory

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what you see is going to be the world’s largest Electrical scooter factory?
so just take us through the scale and scope this ambition because you’re not starting from zero to ten. You don’t want to start attending because through what’s playing on your mind the show skill and ambition that you have for all electric. Thank you for coming here to adopt. We are really appreciative of you coming here just to introduce your viewers to this scale of this Factory and the plant and the concept so we are building on a 500 acre land. and the world’s largest two-wheeler Factory when it’s fully complete next year. It will be at 10 million units a year plant in Phase 1 which will be complete in June this year it will be 2 million units a year and when it’s fully completed 10 million units a year we will have 15 percent of the world’s manufacturing capacity, but two wheelers in this one plot, so it’s a big project big Ambitions and everybody’s working day and night to make it happen. No sir. He is a very hot space No Doubt on that, but what is giving you the confidence?

and starboard at such capacity even Phase 1 is going to be 2 million for you. Yeah, you know the the fact that we have to convert all our Mobility to Electric is clear. The only way we can solve for climate change issues and our vehicle pollution issues is if always equals become electric and the only way that electric Revolution will happen is if you beletsky and that’s why we’re building this Mega Factory and the question on how we find demand. I think if we build the right products and the only electric products and our first product when we reveal it It will be a couple of generations ahead of anything else in the market. So electric products can be made best-in-class over their gasoline counterparts and the kind of products the kind of cost scale that you can build with the scale of manufacturing will enable Master adoption of electric and it’s absolutely necessary that we can we need to push electric very hard as an ecosystem. That’s why we are building at scale. We’re making a suppliers will let scale. We are building the Technologies ourselves in house for enabling these kind of products.

And we will be launching very aggressively in the market. Because it’s going to be worse. oughtn’t designed to paint job to you know, you took us through all the steps. So again take us through that doesn’t give you more control over the quality of the product in terms of and you also plan to kind of build out a D2 a direct-to-consumer channel to sell this finally. So maybe on my Ola app, I will see an option to also behind all our bike going forward to take us to the snap e&t because we want to build a scale and it’s absolutely necessary to build a scale for making this transformation to Electric happen right in the in the industry.

we are thinking with this plant is going to be a fully integrated plant, you know, we are controlling we’re building some key Technologies ourselves the battery pack the motor the vehicle computer the software is all designed and engineered and manufactured in-house then we have a large to supplier Parks here. We are looking to get a lot of our suppliers in the supplier part so that it can be a fully integrated facility. Where the the core components required for our two wheelers can be produced here in this in this facility and that helps us again bill that scale improve the cost economics for these kind of products and build faster and allow these can this product to reach consumers are much more efficient way and we’re running out of time. So just a couple of questions take us through what we can expect in June will be see an older bike, you know older scooter or the road any anything on pricing and will this potentially scale to four-wheelers will not also come here elsewhere. What are we staring at? What kind of a future we staring at for Cola we are

on electrifying Urban Mobility which we believe is the most important segments to Electrify for the move to sustainable Mobility, you know companies around the world are focusing a lot more on luxury Vehicles do large sedans our pickup trucks etc for for electrification. Our focus is electrifying two-wheelers three-wheelers four-wheelers, especially hatchback sedan xenos vehicles that we use in our everyday life. We want to let you fire them and make them sustainable and we’re starting with the two wheeler and gradually we will also get into some other seconds. You have competitors but a killer as well who have common investors. Let’s also Perpetual talk about Tesla coming here how you’re bracing for the competition. How is all that going to stand out? Does it give you service nights, you know to move like to move Mobility to sustainable future in one company can do it alone and the whole industry the whole ecosystem has to invest so multiple Automotive companies have to invest component makers have to invest the government has to create the right policies and

You know, this consumers have to change their behavior. So it’s a whole ecosystem approach. So when I you know, iconic companies like Tesla looks to enter in. Yeah, I think it’ll be a massive positive for the whole Indian ecosystem will catalyze the whole ecosystem bite from demand to suppliers to other Automotive companies, and I think it will be all the more better for companies like us and also for the consumers in the end. So that’s how we feel and we actually welcome all the global competition into India. in building an app in a sense you embody clicks and bricks and not just look so good. You know, I’m a software engineer. So I got a lot of satisfaction from digital business, which was my core which is which is what I’ve built so far, but even in this in the electric business in the Middle, there is a manufacturing business. It’s not about engineering and technology and whether it’s digital technology or energy technology or manufacturing technology, or

all the plant construction technology know all of these things are having a lot of Innovations and all eyes at each other Technology and Engineering Company. So we are working across the spectrum of Technologies to really make make Innovations and disruptions happen. We find a lot of patents. We have a lot of Engineers we have the best R&D team in the in the country for this project and for this business and we will continue to invest and double down on the ironi. Thank you very much.