Bureau Veritas seeks highly potential and experienced individual to placed in the following Unit & Positions



Bureau Veritas seeks highly potential and experienced individual to placed in

the following Unit & Positions:

Engineering Coordinator marce in the l&pastustry an gect man

Operation readiness & assurance Lead

ant scate et latin

promience in pract technicatiewaance during once technica Must be fuentin En profcency Marcanan advanta Process Engineer Processed acesterettarak

Operation Engineer Mach Dee inrection

aree of expertise and profe acts &

that of a capitation Chan a

Construction Lead

Mun achat Derecte afte and professional

trunks and pract Hence in orect lachecalas during

Familiar with Cuda Stars would be an avantage Must be in Excy in Macarnis advantage

Katruction methods and tegen aby to

of boite salety prac

Process Safety Engineer neue Bechar Degree in chenecal process of process safety pective of experts and professional carication in Enginewing

Mechanical QA/QC

certification in Eng

perence pract technical ce Men oant garatmayan petrochetical and

Mun of years expens in engineering seat covaruction and in the and seemindustry Gantingent safety es concept ALARP pracip

Level LL Fire Rk Assessments & Fre Protection and

harus penence pract techscalreve asance during Me Engah proficiency in Mancanaan avantage

Mechanical Engineer

Muchtar Degras is mechanical etwa Degrasimachacalect of e certfication in Enpreing preferaty char

fically for ting as well as aument

Instrument QA/QC

Minimum Bachelor Degree in active art and Mimum and struction

ben oland paratimary and pachamical process and

maintenance ph

HSE Lead

● Bachel Degree in respecte area of pertine and aessonal cadification in E Eng

Have previous gerence in pract technical asurance during EPC

Must be Ency e Haars en avantage

Instrumentation Engineer Mimum Bach Degree intrumentatioll respective of ACTION

protonal engine of a recoge instone inst

NEBOSH atonal General Certificate in C

– Man of Satvly Cas Ergency Regis

procedure, rakaszment, se pection

Must have a csepening ega

sdruction in the land gas sastramadowbandustry Have presence in pract techncatance do Must be funt in Englishcrofoancy in Mincarn is an advantage

HSE Engineer

Bachelor Depe rectie of expertine a

retification in Engin .rar wv in scale

Preferabled NEBO atona Deal Certdicate in Construction Fem with manta Sately Case Energency Responsa

PIT Manager

Must have minimum 25 the land gas tury Prataratly thactaran prafenalang at nutitution ag Pac Management institute or equ

Project Services Lead

14 Bachelor Degree in respecter of GMSOR

Senior Project Engineer

Mal have minimum 15 years omnce annustry and Have preous experience in contacting technica

CLOSING DATE: 14 February 2022 (Monday)

CV and most recent photo can be sent via e-mail to general-brn@bureauveritas.com with e-mail subject Position Applied.

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