Brazil thousands of supporters of ousted former president bolsonaro storming the presidential and Congressional buildings

in Brazil thousands of supporters of ousted former president bolsonaro storming the presidential and Congressional buildings demanding. He be restored to power the scenes reminiscent of January 6th here in the US many of the protesters there wearing a national colors of yellow green and blue Riot police confronting demonstrators outside firing tear gas officials. Say extra police have been mobilized to try to bring order some protesters ran sacking offices others appearing to steal equipment and calling for the military to intervene and over turn the election bolsonaro lost the former president who has been called Latin America’s Trump is believed to be in Miami skipping the inauguration of his leftist rival Lula de Silva who defeated him in October’s election late today to Silva blame bolsonaro for the unrest President. Biden is now weighing in ABC’s Matt Rivers leads us off.

tonight democracy under attack in Brazil thousands of protesters violently storming the country’s presidential offices and Congress in the capital of Brazilia in an attack eerily reminiscent of what the Insurrection at the US capital look like just two years ago the protesters all supporters of former president shahir bolsonaro who is defeated in October presidential elections by current president Lulu to Silva inaugurated just one week ago rioters battling with police firing tear gas in the air as they vandalized government offices. All claiming bolsonaro didn’t really lose the election fortunately. The government was not in session bolsonaro himself spent years sowing doubt about Brazil’s election systems even saying the recent results where he lost couldn’t be trusted Brazil’s quartz and independent experts say that’s not true. And that was a parent when we traveled to Brazil to cover the race in October.

Canola supporters here say they’re not just voting for his policies, but for the future of Brazilian democracy wilsonaros Falls claims of fraud the driving force behind today’s violence protesters demanding to Silver leave office calling him an illegitimate president as they entered government offices for what some called an occupation president of silver saying tonight that he will immediately return to the capital and blaming bolsonado for inciting the violent attack with his claims of election frault. It all looks and sounds remarkably similar to the events of January 6 20 21 former president Trump is one of jair bolsonaro’s self-proclaimed political Idols bolsonaro join Trump in denying the US election results and seems to have followed Trump’s political Playbook to a tea just like Trump’s election lies contributed to the deadly attack on the US Capitol. We’re seeing violence play out again this time.

We know those images All Too Well match joins us now live Matt. We know President Biden just commented on today’s violence in Brazil. What does he say about all this? Yeah, Lindsay President Biden condemning the violence calling the assault quote outrageous. Meanwhile the American Embassy in Brazilian urging Americans to stay away from the area at this time. So you’re bolster himself yet to comment on the attack.

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