Barbara Walters has died at the age of 93.

The programming to bring you some sad news legendary newswoman friend and colleague to so many here Barbara Walters has died at the age of 93. She died peacefully at her home earlier this evening. Here’s ABC’s Robin Roberts with a look at her extraordinary life. It was a reporter. Ready Bill Clinton and the chief of staff’s office and you lifted the back of your jacket and you showed the president of the United States.

Where did you get the news? career Get married to prove that you were not gay oh, I got married because I didn’t confront them the real problem my life that I was a drug addict. And I did you are unstable.

We read that you are mad. You know that those things have been drinking. Why do you think this is other leaders are disliked, but they’re not as controversial As You Are? Everybody we wanted to hear from there. Are those who would say? that you well, the maths the the mysterious Behavior. No, there’s no mysterious Behaviorm.

I would require his Fame. You crying this? in the new business of Television the screen was glass and so too was the ceiling Barbara broke through both and became the most important woman Pioneer in the history of TV news the fact that I ended up on television. She began working in television in the early 50s at a time when nearly half the homes in the country didn’t even own one.

counter start off camera at local stations in New York working her way up to a job as a writer on NBC’s today shift. I was a writer and the Today Show. They had to have one female writer. She did the teapouring As I call it. She did the fashion Church. She did the celebrities. What lit up the newsrooms of New York and eventually the television screens Across America was the torch for thousand watt ambition and her unmistakable Talent Barbara Walters prove that there was room on the small screen for more than just men Barbara is with me right now to give us a film report. Would you tell me was this a very trying experience?

I had to go and look at fashion shows and then I had to have lunch at maxims and drink champagne and then I had to smell all the perfume at New York. It was so trying that I took absolutely the very last plane I couldn’t get back here today at first most of the words. She was assigned to do was less than serious. We’re going to be talking about. It was a problem. I did several stories one was a day in the life of a Playboy bunny.

but her first on-air report on a national news event came on at historic day in November of 1963 the new medium of television and the new reporter coming of age during a nation’s heartbreak one group of young men kept a very special video These are the honor gods have been spotting the casket of President Kennedy. Soon she became a regular. Good morning. I’m Frankie and Barbara Walters is here. Thankfully. He went to the head of the network and said that I could not ask the hard news questions. They all had to be done by him and what they finally decided to do was that he could ask four questions and then I could come in and ask one if I could do the interview outside of the studio. It was mine. So I started to look for interviews outside of the studio today and you were different from the other kids tolerant of these days.

the foolishness about me the only mistake I ever did the only harm I ever did was sing Over the Rainbow. How would you like future Generations? to remember generalizenhower the certain fundamentals and that’s honestly integrity This morning. We won the death of our dear friend and our most respected colleague when Franklin he diednk up to today shows.

a co-host That’s a nice Legacy to have as the first woman co-host of a Morning Show. The other networks took note. So in 1976 ABC trailing in the ratings behind the other two networks sought to raise its profile by lowering away one of its competitors’ biggest star the last place Network game calling with an offer. She could not refuse it would change her life and The Business of TV news today program for 13 years signed a contract with ABC today.

about the salary of the most famous anchor of the day Walter Cronkite. the rumored nursing Year’s co-anchor the ABC Evening News among other network appearances Walters becomes the first woman to be an evening news anchor on network television and the highest paid journalists in those days. Nobody thought it was possible. I have a new colleague welcome Barbara. Thank you.

trash woman from another Network’s Morning Show making more money than the man who have been happy doing the job alone. Not exactly a recipe for Success. I’ve kept time on your story than mine tonight. We’re only four minutes. did not want a partner and he certainly didn’t want a woman. He wasn’t jok. ing The Reluctant partnership became

hero inded by Walters now you mean you’re making her fall in love with Harry Reasoner? No Harry just paid me to shoot just didn’t hear. I remember drinking the headline and one of the papers Boggle Waters failure at the same time. I was doing these specials which had been an afterthought countdown for 3 2 1 Special the specials saved my life because they took on a roll of their own people like them. It’s the biggest misconception about you.

I think the biggest misconception is that I’m a b**** maybe if people think that now why do they think that what if you I have standards I interviewed Fidel Castro and spent almost a week with him. Also. I spent a great deal of time in the Middle East and did the first and almost the only interview that the prime minister of Israel and I can Beggin did with President on wasidad of Egypt. They had never talked together before until this interviews and this is 2020.

It would be comfortable for the next 25 years. And she broke yet another record with the most watched television news interview of all time. Did you ever tell Bill Clinton that you’re in love with him? Yeah. He did. What did he say? He said that means a lot to me. Did he ever tell you that he was in love with you? No. There was no question that seemed she wouldn’t ask. Okay. You ever order anyone killed?

Are you sorry? You didn’t burn the tapes? Yes, I think so because they were private conversations subject to misinterpretation as we have all seen whether ex-presidents sitting presidents or future presidents. None escaped the top question. We begin the torture. relationship even your friendship

But if he killed any of the hostages to ident attack military we are on the verge of a recession. It’s in. BT do you feel any responsibility for this? I need sorry that you ever said read my lips. No new taxes Mr. President. How important is it for the president to be a role model, wasn’t it? Wasn’t if there were no weapons of mass destruction. Now, we know that that was wrong.

Specific Mr. President there some folks who say they use squandered your political Capital with the healthcare plan when you should have been focusing on jobs, how can you unify the country when you make these divisive States, but while Beth known for her interviews, she was also a Cornerstone of our ABC News division covering breaking news events for close to four decades. We would not under any circumstances think of doing this broadcast.

but the show she may have been most proud of was the pioneering daytime talk show The View that had not been a show with a group of people sitting together and talking to unscripted. It’s a great place to express yourself. Give up opinions. Show the kind of person you really are

have none of this condition for a while now and my doctors are not him decided that this is the best time to do the surgery and since the summer is coming up. I can take a nice vacation the surgery went off without a hitch, but that vacation was cut short with a VIP forcedure to return earlier than expected. daytime Michelle actually watch

So here has shown that women can be together and enjoy each other and have the kind of conversations that we may have in the morning with a girlfriend. We want to give our kudos. To Barbara Walters. This is the house that Barbara Walter. you know looking back perhaps Barbara Walters put it best. I have been blessed with a life. I never expected and helping the steps of the ladder over the years have been hundreds of people any news woman on TV walks in for middlebel footsteps.

And is without question in her debt because you really the reason why we’re all here. You’re the reason why I wanted to be in television and many of us pay tribute to her in person when she retired from the view in 2014, and we all proudly stand on your shoulders Barbara Walters as we honor you please welcome. exhale Blazer. I never said I’m gonna do this, you know for women, but I guess that’s what

Have to be done and as for the woman who followed me, I’m very supportive of a woman. I know what the women on the end Council and that kind of become a sort of unofficial advisor if they make it I get home. I want to be remembered in television, maybe yes. long and being remembered. I hope that by younger women I can help them inspire.

I guess. What an incredible Legacy it is such an extraordinary career in life. Hi, everyone George stephanoples here. Thanks for checking out the ABC

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