Bam Margera reveals he was ‘pronounced dead’ after suffering from pneumonia, COVID-19, and 5 seizures

bam Margera 43 sat down with his former coaster Stevo 48 on January 5th to chat about what he’s been up to during an episode of Steve-o’s Wild Ride. podcast During the interview bam  revealed the shocking news that he was basically pronounced dead on December 8th 2018.

10 years Basically, I was pronounced dead on December 8th, the 43 year old began. I did not know that I had gnarly covid and my body was shutting down. The TV personality added even more details about the health scares. He suffered last month. I went into four seizures each one lasting 10 to 20 minutes. On the fourth one. I bit my tongue so hard. It was nearly fallen off bam shared.

very good It got so swollen and puffy. It wouldn’t fit in my mouth. I was drinking the infected blood which gave me pneumonia as well. Bam told Steven that he ended up spending a total of eight days in the hospital due to the intense health issues. I went to the hospital and had my fifth seizure and then couldn’t breathe without a tube down my throat. I woke up five days later thinking I was there for just a couple hours. He went on.

So you spend day today’s in there. when they took that tube at I felt like I sucked on Darth Vader’s d. After hearing his panel recall his difficult days in the hospital Steve O shared that he was worried ban would lose his knife. For me seeing bands on Earth ventilator meaning you can’t breathe by yourself the podcast host began. You’re in leku intensive care unit in critical but stable condition.

Just thinking. Oh my God. This is it. Steve will then told bam. What is very first thought was to hearing the news of his hospitalization. What’s terrible is that my first legitimate thought was fam better not die. Dude. He’s going to ruin my tour. He joked. During the episode bam also revealed that he was locked out of his official instead Grandma account for some time because he was hacked.

Steven recalled the fact that Ben had to send content to someone else who had hold of the account. as a result bam went ahead and created a separate account. if I can’t have access to my Instagram, then I can’t follow my friends and see new skate tricks, or see what anyone’s up to band replied. So I just started a new one and hit follow follow follow on everybody. I used to be following.

could be but Stephen Rose to Fame in the early aortz when they appeared on the hit and TV series jackass. Later the duo appeared on several spin-offs of the show in addition to the jackass movies. most recently Jack has forever was the latest film to be released by the group in 2022.

three sat down with his old co-star Steve-O 48 on January 5th for an episode of Steve wildlow’s ride. to discuss his recent activities bam shockingly disclosed in the interview that on December 8th 2022. He was essentially pronounced dead after Contracting and gnarly case of covid-19. In essence I was declared dead on December 8th. The 43 year old said I was unaware that my body was shutting down because to nasty covid van revealed to Stevo that his severe health concerns ultimately required him to stay in the hospital for a total of eight days.

when I arrived at the hospital, I was having my seventh seizure and was unable to breathe without a tube down my throat. I thought I was just there for a few hours when I woke up five days later. He continued. I stayed there for eight days. I felt like I sucked on Darth Vader’s the asterisk asterisk asterisk when they removed that tube in the show bam also disclosed, but he had been hacked and was temporarily shut out of his official Instagram account. Steve-O noted that bam had to send content to a different individual who controlled the account.

bam consequently went ahead and opened a different account. then responded if I can access my Instagram, I can’t follow my buddies watch new skate tricks, or see what anyone is up to? so I just created a new account and pushed follow follow on everyone

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