Appraise private sector

The TATA Group has 750,000 employees. L&T (L&T) employs 3,38,000 people. Infosys (Infosys) has 2,60,000 employees. MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA (Mahindra & Mahindra) has 2,60,000 employees. Reliance Industries has 2,36,000 people. Wipro (Wipro) has 2,10,000 employees. HCL has 1,67,000 employees. HDFC Bank has 1,20,000 employees. ICICI Bank has 97,000 employees.
The TVS Group has 60,000 employees. These ten companies alone employ about 2.5 million Indians – with respectable salaries. These are just statistics that are on their direct payroll. Apart from these, off-rolls, associates, dealers, agents, companies of ancillary products related to their products. Packaging companies, transport sector were born with their support.
The list is very long. If there are 1 lakh direct employees of a company, then let us assume that there are at least four lakh such people whose stove is run by the same company. And I am talking about only 10 big companies. There are thousands of such private companies in the country which are creating lakhs of jobs.
These 25 lakh corporate jobs are more than half of the total central government jobs (48.34 lakh) created in the last 70 years in India.

This is also 5 times the total government jobs created in a big state like Karnataka in the last 70 years! Respect the private sector, don’t abuse them. Don’t make fun of those people because of their political agenda and likes and dislikes who are a big participant in the development of the country. Don’t shout cheers for the employers, but learn to respect them.
They are creating livelihood for lakhs of Indians. Don’t listen to failed socialist politicians ruining the economic potential of 3 generations in India.

If you want a bright future for the generations to come, India needs thousands of new corporations that create high paying jobs. Don’t ruin the future of your future generations because of your two penny political agenda. Have you ever looked in the mirror to see if your political hatred is more important than the future of your generations? Must think

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