after a week of controversy Congressman elect George Santos fessing up to lying on the campaign Trail about parts of his resume

growing calls for his resignation as CNN is even the Ken reports many questions remain about That’s History. He’s owning up to right now.

An admission did I embellish my resume? Yes. I did end an apology and I’m sorry and it shouldn’t be done after a week of controversy Congressman elect George Santos fessing up to lying on the campaign Trail about parts of his resume SC seeks to minimize and defend the extent of his tall tales on everything from his education and work history to his philanthropic Pursuits and Jewish Heritage.

I apologize if anybody feels hurt or betrayed. I will gain everybody’s trust back by just delivering results for them and making sure they do not forget why they voted for me in the first place, which was to get stuff done Santos has boasted working for investment Banks City group and Goldman Sachs.

He now admits. He did not the congressman elect Queen. He received degrees from both NYU and Baruch College. He announces he did not but he maintains he’s not a criminal and still intense to serve in Congress.

I’m not resigning. Okay. I have to leave Congress guy. It’s going to be by a pink slip by the voters November of 2024 and then there are the questions. Here to persecution my grandfather fleeing Ukraine in 1920s to Belgium then fleeing Belgium to Brazil in 1940.

Those planes were contradicted by family trees compiled by genealogy websites. records on Jewish refugees and interviews with multiple genealogies Santos now saying he never claimed to be Jewish.

I always joke, I’m Catholic, but I’m also Jewish because and I’ve made that joke because growing up I grew up. fully aware that my grandparents were Jewish but CNN learning that Santos described himself as a proud American Jew in a document. He shared with prominent Jewish groups shabbat shalom to everybody.

Santos now drawing the iron of the Republican Jewish Coalition since they were deceived Santos will no longer be welcome at RJC events.

I’m not a fraud. I’m not a cartoon character. I’m not some Miss mythical creature that was invented. I’m no Russian puppet. and Phil while we’re not hearing from Republican leader Kevin McCarthy at least two Republican Congressman elect who will also represent Long Island have voice concern with Congressman elect. Nick Leota calling for an investigation by the house Ethics Committee and if necessary law enforcement, too.

Well Congressman elect Anthony D Esposito described Santos’s Fabrications as hurtful and imploring him to tell the truth film even again., thanks so much. We’re discuss now.

I’m not pausing for emphasis. I’m pausing because like the idea of him being a mythical creature is kind of what he created to some degree. Alex want to sort of you.

He admits a lot. But his defense and reasoning for not resigning is that he did not commit any crimes. Do you believe that is an argument that is sustainable over time.

Well, I mean as a legal matters or procedural matter in the house. Yeah, probably is sustainable that if he didn’t commit any crimes and he’s probably got a two year term ahead of him. Republicans are going to control the House Representatives. We’ve seen nothing from leadership over from his colleagues so far to suggest that they wouldn’t be willing to see him or that they would have Congress for being yes a fraud but if this starts to become illegal investigation, there are legitimate questions about his personal finances campaign finances, if this starts to look like a public Integrity issue then yeah, I think that could look substantially different but Phil, I think they’re really important context for this is this is a tough district for Republicans to hold that they took it this fall in a localized way and Long Island where if they nominated a cardboard cutout of their Republican you probably would have won that seat and boy do they wish they had nominated that cardboard cut out now.

Yeah, he talked about pink slip in 2024 be the only way he leaves wandering his way right into that. He’s an

Fraud Phil. He the Republican caucus should treat him like a pariah in the before times. They would have but they won’t now but this really needs to be said this isn’t surprising.

I mean in a party led by Donald Trump who in essence lies almost every time he opens his mouth. It’s not surprising that Republican candidates and Republican elected officials. I mean they’ve learned from him they’ve learned from him. Well, I think that’s to some degree. That’s the lesson to take away. Right? Don’t ever apologize don’t ever admit anything’s wrong and then just kind of keep pressing forward. Yeah. This is the Trump effect. It’s it’s that you can

Do pretty much anything and what Trump Donald Trump came in. Is he started as soon as he became president he was doing before became president, but then when he became president, he started doing all these things that weren’t against the law, but they were things that people didn’t do right so it started to be this kind of thing.

Well, it’s not illegal and it’s like yeah, but it’s it’s not really ethical or okay or acceptable behavior, and it was just like well, I’m just gonna keep doing it and who’s gonna hold me accountable and so I don’t know what to make of this guy. You know, where he has lied. I mean, even he calls them embellishments. I mean, that’s not what that word means, right? It’s like embellishment is like dressing it up a little these are just lies. They’re just flat out lies. What kind of person just makes up all these things also that are very easily verifiable, right? So, I mean he was going to get found out the difference between What’s Happening Here in Donald Trump. Is he acknowledged that these things were not true?

He’s just saying that he should still be allowed to take his seat in Congress and that he didn’t do anything that was currently wrong but going back to the point that you were making about what a difficulty it might be for Republicans to win the seat. Again, that is a sea that had been helped by democrats for roughly 10 years before Republicans flipped it in the last election. So if a special election, we’re to be held there is a substantial reason to believe that Democrats would take that feedback now that wouldn’t change whether Republicans control the House of Representatives or not, but certainly if you’re Kevin McCarthy and you’re looking

Situation you’re already facing difficulty with your majority. It’s not hard to see from that circumstance or political standpoint. Why hasn’t spoken out? Yeah. I just say that I don’t think he has said that he didn’t do these things because he said he hasn’t admitted that their lies. He’s calling them embellishments.

He says people embellish their resumes and so he’s portraying these things as embellishments and that’s not what they are. He didn’t exaggerate like I was a really good student or something at this space like pushing back like Trump taught them how to do and again remember the context the former president is still lying about the 2020 election most of the party still believes that lie this

Just not surprising. They can ask you what I’m struck by look a lot of this is kind of funny to some degree. More of it is completely absurd the comments and clear lies about his Heritage and his faith. I think have much longer range here particularly inside that caucus you have the RJC obviously coming out very strongly.

I want to read the Republican chair of New York’s Nassau County which encompasses part of Santa’s District released damning statement saying quote. I expected more than just a blanket apology the damage that his lives of cause to many people especially those who have been impacted by the Holocaust are profound interest tried to explain this by joking about being put Jewish.

I’m sorry, like it’s just not that’s not funny. No, it’s not. I mean candidly and I’m I say this as a Jewish person. It’s a little bit funny, right? Okay. I’m not Jewish. I’m Jewish like that’s I mean you can’t write this stuff right except apparently somebody

I think a lot of Republicans were sort of waiting and he said last week I’m gonna have more to say on this soon and I think a lot of Republicans expected it to be more than like, you know what you got me. I made it all up right that there would be some kind of sort of a tearing of the shirt to explain what on Earth happened here.,

But the reason look even explain this in her report the reason why you have these other Republicans online speaking out right now, is that what Republicans accomplish their in this election is not sustainable in a world where they start to be seen as this party that trivializes these lies about Jewish Heritage that are very

Up and down that stretch of New York State and if I were to point to one part of this story, you know part of the reason why he could hang on here, right is that there’s nothing in here that is a sort of red card offense in the in the vein of Ruin war or something like that. Right? Just totally indefensible.

How could you possibly let this person serve in public office yet? But if you’re the Republican party and you are trying to make even incremental gains with Jewish voters and voters who know Jewish voters in the suburbs around major cities like New York boy, is this tough stuff to talk, right?

There’s a huge difference as you were saying before between talking about your resume and saying something like that that is when it becomes a very serious problem for the Republican Party. Absolutely,

you know we have not heard from Kevin McCarthy yet about this. It’s not overly surprising. He’s also dealing with a four seat majority and can’t afford to lose people at this point in time. But Alex’s point of things are very good one. This is a majority that was made by New York right made by Republicans in the new maps that were able

Until after the fight to become speaker is over, but I agree with Alex. McCarthy ought to come out in the Republicans ought to come out and support a republican to run against him in two years.

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