If you do not follow these 7 tips on naukari.com you will not get any interview call

7 tricks and techniques that needs to be done on your naukari.com account

If you do not follow these 7 tips on naukari.com you will not get any interview call

now create account on nakari profile so that you will get more visibility or a complicated more visibility and in return you may expect some good number of interview calls to show you all these seven techniques. I will share my screen with you. I have created a demo account  I have entered and I will show you my account what the things that needs to be done.
So let’s get started. Okay. This is my laptop screen. and I have logged into my na three.com account. This is a demo account that I have created to show you what are the tips and tricks we can use here now. I assume you have already registered in no credit or comment you have an active account or active profile.

No now, let me show you. What are the 7 tips and tricks that we can use ?

the very

while registering in naukari.com. You may have definitely entered your phone number and your email ID also now when you enter your phone number you may have received a very fit OTP you you may have entered that OTP and that confirmed or very

That your phone number is correct in the same way you may also you also have entered your email ID and you may also have received a verification link make sure that you have clicked that verification link because that will confirm or that will verify that your e-mail ID is also correct.

So the first point the first trick is make sure your phone number the phone number to communicate with you and the email ID do send all the emails messages and all are both the things are verified. wild and confirmed by now create naukari.com

now if I say you are a fresher if you are official then you have to make sure the profile completeness or your nakri.com profile completeness reaches more than 90% hundred percent. we can assure because official candidate doesn’t have work experience and different skill set, but make sure

Us completing your profile more than 90% how you can do that. I will show you now now one more thing while registering in no career.com you may have definitely entered your details you uploaded your resume a right now you have to make sure what all is asked in that form. You have to enter all those things in this screen. You can see my profile completeness is 87 percent complete very few things. I have to upload more now, let me show show you how we can make this more than 90% I will click this update profile.

Anthony come here. you can see my details are listed here. I have entered myself as a fresher and these are the data store now on the left hand side you can see quick links attached resume resume in headlines key skills education. It skills project all these are mandatory things all these things when you enter or when you complete then only it will make sure it will make this 87% has a hundred percent.

You have to make sure this is reaching more than 90% scent or it is reaching hundred percent. Now this are all my details we will discuss on all these details in detail in a while, but let me show you how I can make this thing more than 90% on the right hand side. Can you see two pending actions?

How do you picture that is very professional I would say uploader passport size photograph that kind of profile picture. So I will upload something now. There are the profile picture that I’m uploading right now is only for reference purpose. only for reference purpose Okay, so I have uploaded my profile picture and can you see profile strength? It has become 92% now if I go back and if I refresh my screen

when I when I Mouse over on my now click on edit profile. I will come to the same screen now you can see here. It is showing 92 percent complete definitely my profile picture is under review Naukari.com team is reviewing my profile picture hose after reviewing after upload approving only it will start showing up here now 92% 92% is a good good number or good score for official candidate now in this very scheme, you can screen you can see here.

I have already uploaded a Word document. Definitely. This is a sample resume in not my details. So I have uploaded my word document as you may hear how you can upload this click this button and you can upload that document from your computer now then we have something called resume headlines.

for example if I want to type your Java you can select your skills skill set from here you can also select dotnet I mean to say whatever you have learned to whatever skills you have you can enter all those things here and click on Save Make sure none of these options you are leaving empty. You have to fill all these things one more thing when I talk when

And you have to enter all these things. Please enter your actual or correct information. Only do not fake or do not manipulate your details enter the correct information only so I have entered my key skills,. Please understand these key skills will only be used by HRS or recruiters to search for or two to find out the right candidates for their company after key Skills.

Education. Okay. I have ended my btech 12th and 10th these three qualifications here for a fresher candidate if you do not have postfix if you have not been post graduation or PhD, you can definitely leave this thing’s empty now after that we have employment details. I have entered some – random random or demo details here. So I have entered all the details that are asked by these options now the

the second point is you have to make sure your profile is hundred percent complete for an experienced candidate entering all these details.

I mean to say

we’ll follow that the and make sure your profile strength is to the maximum. That is the second tip that you have to follow in. No crater.com the third tip that you have to follow in nakri.com is profile a basin and your activity.

Please understand the HR recruiters will not have much time to to check each and every detail of your resume table only will have their own search. That form inside know naukari.com they will have some certified some special or specific screens from where they can search for candidates.

They can search for key skills and they they will be searching for people now. these HR sound or recruitment companies what they do is they will search for all the resumes that are that has been updated very recently or very the latest updated profile. So only they will be searching for so make sure you are updating your resume or you

updating your profile

any of any one of these options you have to update every day. How will you update this every day? I show you now open your nakri the come to this screen come to this screen my nakri edit profile and click on anything. Maybe you can click on key skills and delete any anything or add any one thing. I’m going to say something different you something add something you have to add or something.

You have to delete you can also see. See I have clicked this resume headline and I will put a full stop if I put a full Stop and Save also that also will be considered that my profile has been updated today profile last updated. Can you see today for a HR for a recruiter? It will show that this candidate has updated his resume a on November 21st 2020. So in that way our resume our or our profile will be shown on the top.

For hr when he started searching for digital marketers or SEO specialist kind of the when they will be searching for candidates because I have updated my profile on my account today.

They will be a possibility that my account will be shown on the top for the HR or for the recruiter. So what what HR & recruiter will do is they will click on the drop counts my account and there is there will be possibility. They calling me.

for the interview or for like anything for job interview or resume updated as many things they can start a communication in that way. So my recommendation will be update your profile every day. If not every day every alternate day at least a full stop you have to put or add or delete anything from your account.

But at the end click the save button or just update anything in your profile that will help you to get more visibility in front of HR recruiters now the fourth point is resume headline very important very very important because see, this is my North Korea count no free profile and here you can see resume headline when headshot headshot looks at your profile.

They will not come inside your account or come inside your profile and check all these details they can only see what is your resume headline. Make sure you are writing a very catchy resume headline with all the key skills that you possess if you have any experience you can also mention that

beatings if you have done some internship or any projects you have work done. You can mention both projects also in your resume a headline this resume a headline is the only thing that will grab the attention of the HR or the recruiter. So make sure the resume a headline is very catchy. Now you can see here I have written B Tech graduate Google Certified this demo profile is for a digital marketer.

So what I have entered here beta graduate Google Certified internship experience in branding sound understanding of Google ads social media arts capable of affiliate marketing. it’s so these are the key skills or skills that the digital marketing person will have or possess so I have entered all these things here. This will make sure this will help help to convince the HR or convince the recruiter to click on the profile and see the other details of this candidate.

So that is the reason resume headline is also very important. This is the fourth trip trick or technique that you have to very strongly you have to follow now the fifth Point fifty third tip or trick is ADD, correct keywords in your profile when I go back to the

Okay, so nakri screen you can see hit provide somebody. Okay when I click profile summary, this is how my profile summary looks like. So you also have to make sure find profile summary you are using lot of keywords keywords like digital marketer SEO. I mean to sit digital marketing SEO and all these things are related to this industry if you are a software engineer if you want to try as a software engineer in.net or Java you can use those kind of words in your profile summary.

So this profile summary will help to bring your profiles more work in the search results. Of HR or search results of the recruiter in the in that way you will get more visibility your profile will get more visibility the more visibility your profile gets the more chances you will get calls from the HR or the recruiter the sixth point the sixth tip or trick is be unavailable for calls after after updating your profile after every day updating your profile and making sure everything is up to date in your profile.

You also have to make sure the phone number that you have entered at the beginning or at the time of registration.

Phone number is available to take calls

all the time that it would not be like you have updated you’re updating your profile every day and you are in a village or in a in a in a place where signals are not correct phones like it is very difficult to reach you or it is very difficult to speak to you.

So you are in that kind of place so you have to make sure you are available to take calls all the time. You have to be attentive and make sure your phone is always charged and out of out of any kind me to say you have to make sure you’re available all the the time to take all this is a sixth point or six trick that I would recommend for all know career.com users and the last tip or last of trick I would say is replied to recruiters messages. What does this point mean?

I will show you now when I go back to minority profile when I Mouse over on the notification. Well, I can tell you see here Bell icon notification now here you can see job recommendations. See I have created this demo account today itself funny to see them when Mike this video is get will get published the same day. I created this per day.

profile and I already got 75 recommendations when I click on these recommendations I can see lot of jobs that nakhla.com has matched to the key skills or the profile keywords and it is showing me in my job recommendations so you can what you can do is you can open each and every job recommendation and you can check if those requirements are matching or those things are matching your requirement, then definitely you can apply for these jobs. Make sure you’re very actively spending some good time good time.

Good time or novel.com and applying to these kind of Groans, this is one thing in the notification icon. Now, you can also see where whichever company you apply whichever accompany you apply in the application status you will you will be able to see whether the HR has seen your profile whether the HR has downloaded your resume a whether the HR has replied to you and if he has sent to any message all those things you will be able to see in the application status.

Let me do once let me apply one job and I will show you how it is done. I click on these options and I click on this apply for jobs.

Get my job has been applied then I will click come here and application status in application status. You will be able to see okay application sent today, but if they are opened or if they are seen you will get that. Are that status you will be able to see it here with it. We would resume has been downloaded or not. All those things. You’ll be able to see here.

Now. Another thing is you can also see here one more option will be their recruiter messages once your application or seen or after 24 hours of applying to jobs and all those things. You will start seeing here another option called recruiter messages any recruiter if he has messaged you that please provide your phone number, please provide an updated resume in or can you sir?

Can you process share your Google certification copy or these kind of things if anybody wants more information about you they will directly message. You’re not naukari.com. It is very similar to how Facebook or Instagram messaging system works inside Facebook. We have a messenger right inside Instagram. We have a messenger right way we can message each other. So in the same way noblet outcome. Also we have the same messenger kind of option so you

So just we can reply we can check and we can obtain the we can update the depending on those messages as well. So this bill bill icon which gives us all the notification is also very important every day. You make sure you are chatting job recommendations. You’re applying to those jobs and you’re also not checking all these options what happened to the applications your what is the status of the applications and all those things.

This is the this is the seventh point and seven point I would also say when you see a recruiter has messaged you for some information make sure you are replying to that recruiter. also, it is not like somebody has asked somebody has shown interest in my profile.

They want my updated resume if I do not send them an updated resume that will give a bad remark on me next time they will after two months or after six months if that recruiter remembers my account or that recruiter will definitely ignore my profile or account because this kind of candidate is she or he never replies so they will they will ignore that will not give a good impression on your account your profile. So make sure you are replying. Yes. I’m interested in your profile in your company. No, I’m not interested in your company.

Looking for any job right now. So this kind of things you can definitely reply to the recruiters. It is the seventh trick that I would recommend. So all these things are we definitely make sure your profile is getting more visibility and at the same time because your profile gets more visibility you may get lot and lot of phone calls one meeting. I would say you can also search how many jobs are posted in your city. I mean to say, let me check here.

I will type here digital marketing executive. Okay, and I type it because I know from Hyderabad soil type in Hyderabad and search so you can see here. How many jobs has been posted and I will also I will also search in the last one month freshness.

Okay last 30 days so you can see here in the last 30 days 47 digital marketing executive jobs has been created posted in our key document Hyderabad and secunderabad so you can definitely check how many jobs has been posted in your city on that basis. You can understand. Okay,. There are jobs in jobs available in your

The or nodes, this is only about Nokari.com in different other other other portals like monster India indeed and other portals other other system or different jobs may be posted. So this is how naukari.com works. So that was all about nakri.com if you like the content of this appticiat us

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