Idaho murders arrest: New details on suspect & investigation

breaking news in this grizzly murder case four college students in Moscow, Idaho on November 13th stabbed to death in their beds the crime that has horrified and mystified the nation law enforcement sources. Tell ABC News a 28 year old man. Brian cover is now under arrest in connection with the killings.

This comes more than six weeks. Now after investigators say University of Idaho roommates, Kaylee Gonzales, Madison, Mogan Zana Coronado as well as Coronado’s boyfriend Ethan Chapin, we’re stabbed to death in the girls off campus house with me now for more videos. She’s been covering this for us and former Chief the San Bernardino Police Department Jared one.

first starting with you police is set to hold a news conference. I guess this afternoon so we’ll carry that live when it happens 4 pm.

What more do we know
spoke with Moscow PD they Remain the lead on this investigation at this point. They have not confirmed this arrest but our law enforcement sources are telling us in fact this 28 year old Brian Coburg was Coburg was arrested in Pennsylvania sort of near Allentown and that he’s already appeared before a judge

this morning who ordered him to be extradited back here two Idaho to face criminal charges in these heinous murders that happened nearly seven weeks ago as you mentioned, of course that this town has been on edge this entire time and this is a day that many people have been waiting for including the Gonzales family. We already spoke with Steve Gonzales the father of Kaley who says they don’t know him at this point. This man means nothing to them, but they are looking into him and they are happy that this day has finally arrived.

obviously and Jared I want to go to you on that often or you know, one one thinks and assumes that the longer that trail goes cold the harder it will be to arrest the suspect but earlier today this man a Byron coburger appeared before judge who then ordered his extradition to Idaho. So that means that they have presented a case that this is the the suspect in this case. What do you make of this development six weeks after those killings?

Well, it will be interesting to see what break they ultimately got in this case six seven weeks after a murder to finally making arrests in and of itself is not necessarily in common. But in this case, it’s been a mystery the entire case up to this point has been our mystery and there’s been very little information that has come out of the authority is obviously they didn’t just settle on Mr. Coburger a day or two ago.

They’ve had to have known about him at least long enough to confirm that he was in fact the suspect in to get a warrant in place and to do that to do that that takes a little bit of time so they’ve always been sitting on this information for at least a few days, but it’s good to see at least the family might get some resolution out of his arrest it is and obviously that Community came in which has been terrorized to understandably here. Is this horrific crime. This is Slaughter of young people in their beds and no no leads. It seemed to the community that that person could still have

So I Moscow Idaho has been on edge for weeks, you know with the mood like after this arrest. You know there really was a tremendous concern Terry that this person could have still been in this community and this is a city where the police chief told me himself, you know, they typically respond to things like noise complaints.

This is a safe college town where people want to send their kids to go to school. So to have to function under this fear and the unknown has been really hard. There’s also, you know been a lot of questions thrown at authorities about their level of secrecy in this investigation. They have been withholding if you will a lot of information,

but they said time and time again, it is pertinent to this investigation. We don’t want to mess anything up. We want to make sure that we can you know dot all of our eyes and cross all of our teens and bring a case that will get closed to the prosecutor so that this person will face Justice and it seems that if this is the case today that finally their secrecy their hard work has paid off they’ve also long said that they have FBI agents working across this country.

That we can’t see they’re doing things that aren’t privy to the public and all of that perhaps coming to fruition today. Absolutely, and they did. It’s not fair to say they stumbled out of the gate, but this was an overwhelming crime scene for a police department, which hadn’t had murder in years.

I understand six weeks now after the killings clearly that men cooperating with with Pennsylvania authorities and and had assistance from federal authorities as as well. Can you talk a little bit about you know, you have something that is as mystifying and terrifying is this is what kind of process all the police officers go through the police departments go through the investigators go through when when they’re stumped as they were at the beginning.

well, you’ve got to follow the evidence and you’ve got a you’ve got to trust the process when these things happen every homicide detective every Department that does these things there is a way to do these investigations and sometimes it can be long and methodical you’ve got to Chase down every lead. You’ve got to interview everybody. You’ve got to put the pieces together. Like it’s a puzzle.

You’ve got to look for forensic evidence. There’s just a long process and we don’t really know what they dealt with to get to this point. It’s entirely possible that something forensically LED them to the suspect in this case and it’s entirely possible. They just got a tip a few days ago. It will be very interesting to hear what happened at the press conference this afternoon.

it sure will and Cana the area of Pennsylvania where the authorities say. They arrested the suspect. That’s all Bright’s Bill, Pennsylvania. It’s remoted. Pennsylvania is a huge State and it’s somewhere in the in the Poconos. They get some just looking at the map. It’s a maybe an hour and a half south of Wilkes bar. Maybe just an hour or so. So was there any education before today that they were looking out of state that sorry? Yeah, that is hard to say,

you know because they did say that they were looking out of state. They did say they were chasing down every lead and they we all knew that they had more than 20 FBI agents searching in areas that were not Moscow and not Idaho. So I think it just goes to say that in fact, they weren’t leaving. no stone unturned. I mean they receive thousands of tips and just yesterday the police chief said they were still getting tips from people across this country.

So to find this potential suspect in Pennsylvania really goes to show that tips were pouring in from all across this country. And again, you have to keep in mind that this Idaho State Crime Lab was processing evidence for weeks now, they had a ton of evidence to go through that. They’re still getting some of it back and just today the Hazmat teams will start their initial cleanup of that house.

Oh, so Jared now comes the hard part in some ways. I mean that’s that’s you know, probably not true. It was incredibly difficult to get to this point, but what I mean by that is they’ve got to now make a case against this person if in fact he is the person they will accuse of these killings. Beyond a reasonable doubt we’re jury How does that go?

How do you investigate histhat? Yeah, that’s exactly what the concern is going to be at. this point. is this this case has had so much attention. It has been such a high profile case and there has been so much pressure on that department and on the investigators that they have to get it right and if it turns out that they’ve made an arrest and they don’t have enough cost to hold them or they don’t have enough probable cause or not for the case to get a guilty verdict. It’s really going to be very very frustrating for the community for the families.

And of course, you know, just the pressure from the Department is is immense we talked about the cross state thing. This is where the FBI is such a force multiplier. It’s unlikely that Moscow police have contacts all over the country to be able to chase down leads, but the FBI has got offices all over the country and they were Partners in this investigation. And that’s where the FBI comes in in such tremendous value.

So easy for them to call from the Idaho office to an office in Pennsylvania who’s going to know the local authorities to be able to track down leads into exactly what’s got to be done. such a benefit in the way that that’s done across this country. Yeah. It’s a great point and I want to go to Canada on just the sense in that Community now you’ve talked about it already, but I know that you know this community having having been there what they’ve been through and what this day might mean to them. So we’ve

this community live in fear, we’ve watched this community more and now hopefully we get to watch this community stand by as justice as served. And I think that that is what a lot of people want. They want Justice for these four very popular innocent college students. They have been waiting for this day. Everyone here will together be waiting for this day.

I also think that a lot of people are still wondering and I hope we find out today this press conference what they meant by targeted attack. They said right from the get-go from the beginning. This was a targeted and isolated attack and they haven’t let us know why and I’m curious to see if it’s that part of this attack that led them to this suspect. That was this targeted aspect and what exactly it was.

And two specifically was targeted. I think those questions could possibly be answered today. Absolutely, and they know you’ll be there for that press conference Candlewood with Jared. burgwan.

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