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Well for engineering Consultants private limited, there is a lot of vacancies in Gulf War in rings cultural things private limited. So we will discuss one by one. What are the various vacancies but before we go to the video, I will introduce myself. This is my YouTube channel technical view myself attention that I have my place here of experience in transmission line project.

I work in tartary KCl and T. And now I have started this YouTube channel to support our engineers and freshers and experienced Engineers to switch their job. So let’s discuss please subscribe to my channels and press the while I can button so you will get the latest notifications and there is one more things to know that I have websites technical video dot and in which

I post a regular sir latest Java updates related to a civil engineer electrical engineer constructions projects. So be updated on the technical view Dot iin and regular which are technically robot is

Research so let’s start so there is a multiple vacancies first. We will discuss. What is the girl for engineering Consulting private limited to the gulf are enjoying looking for young Dynamic and experience the professional for following positions on Highway projects.

So this job is mainly for Highway projects. So let’s discuss the positions is a project manager. be we take civil can apply with having a Iraq experience, so this experience is mainly for Highway projects. So there is one more vacant.

A second vacancy is for Highway structures manager senior engineer and engineers and qualification. believe we we take civil can apply with 15 years of experience working experience in I’m a structures completions of earthwork DVM, BC and measure structures respectively for you. There is one more vacancies for account manager for this cncs having experienced six to seven year can apply be able to independently handle account Banking and Order.

Then a planning country contract building manager senior engineer Engineers is required be btec diploma civil can apply up to 15 years of experience working experience in Highway projects would be knowledge of planning tool program SP and Calgon and again, there is a vacancies for Quality manager senior engineer engineer baby take 15 years of experience can apply working knowledge in Highway projects should have knowledge of Judah various codes and tester pertaining to highways business.

MBA civil graduates experience to 15 years of experience to lead management of all the fingers of business opportunity while infrastructures transports business will be in order to secure profitable projects. So seventh vacancies for plant and equipment manager senior engineer and engineer be we take diploma mechanical up to 15 years of experience can apply for the job working experience in Highway projects operation and maintenance of plant and Machinery of the road project surveyor senior surveyor and managers can apply for the job diplomacy will ITI survey having 15 year of experience working experience in Highway project exposure of survey work technical work like digital mapping Total

Station had and software’s for – supervisor also required that is for graduate. Only graduate can apply and experiences 15-year working experience in construction industry preference will be given to the to the conjugate.

I won’t cncs and HR manager senior officer an officer is required graduate pz Adam.

Milo Google it’s nice. 693 91

for you call center.


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