L&T Construction Power Transmission & Distribution recruitment for Power Transmission & Distribution (PT&D) and Floating Solar Photovoltaic Plants

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We can light up a metropolis and, at the same time, brighten a child’s future in a remote part of the country, for we are Larsen & Toubro, India’s leading technology, engineering, manufacturing, and construction conglomerate. For decades, we have been making the things that make India proud, and our Power Transmission & Distribution (PT&D) business vertical that resides within L&T Construction is seeking you to join us to power the world together.

PT&D is a leading EPC player providing end-to-end solutions to construct Substations and Transmission Lines up to 1,200 KV, underground cable systems, distribution infrastructure both at medium and low voltage levels, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Ground-Mounted/

Floating Solar Photovoltaic Plants, and related Digital Solutions. We are already present across SAARC, the Middle East, Africa, ASEAN, and CIS regions.

As we are growing, we seek talent both in India and overseas for a wide range of positions. If you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, an innovative mindset, and an everything-is-possible attitude, then the sky is the limit. With us, you can work on challenging projects, frontier technologies and the latest in the rapidly evolving worlds of digitalization and automation.

We invite you to join our growth journey.


Design and Engineering

Chief Engineering Manager-TL

(Civil/Mechanical)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-001

Engineering graduate with 15-20 years’ experience in Structural Design, detailling of Transmission Towers, and Tower Testing

with good exposure to managing multiple projects in multiple geographical regions, including coordinating with multiple disciplines.

Project Engineering Managers

(Electrical)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-002

Engineering graduate with 12-15 years’ experience in leading a team of engineers in designing and constructing

Substations/Solar Power Plants/Power Distribution Systems with a focus on cost & quality and inter-disciplinary coordination

Project Engineering Managers (Civil)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-003

Engineering graduate with over 12 years of design and detailed engineering experience in Tower design, Foundation

design, Tower profiling of transmission Line projects Lead Design Engineers (Electrical)-JOB ID: PT&0/2022/DE-004

Engineering graduate with 8-12 years’ experience in primary and secondary design engineering and detailing activities of EHV Substations/Power Distribution/Utility Scale Solar PV BESS, and Wind

Lead Design Engineers (Civil/Structural)-JOB ID: PTAO/2022/DE-005

12 years’ experience in architecture and cull design of Substations, Buildings, Foundation al Steel Supports, Solar Power Plants Roads, Drainage Systems, Site Preparation Work, Compound Walk and

Geotechnical requirements

Primary Design Engineers (Electrical)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-006

Engineering graduate with 3-10 years’ experience in reviewing and executing primary design engineering activities covering

layouts and cablinglearthinglighting system design for AISIGIS Substation projects with good knowledge in layout engineering.

Secondary Design Engineers (Electrical)-JOB ID: PTAD/2022/DE-007

Engineering graduate with 3-10 years’ experience in reviewing and executing secondary design Substation/Power Distribution projects with good knowledge in protection and automation systems in substations and thorough with protection applications

engineering activities for Digital Solutions

Ideation Leader-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/05-001

Engineering graduate or equivalent degree with Masters in Power Systems andler Doctorate in Blectrical Engineering Over 15 years’ experience in ideating and incubating new technology businesses, defining and implementing engaging programs with an exposure to collaborating with respective ministries and government bodies.

Contract Manager (Tender Planning & Bid Management)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/05-002

Engineering graduate or equivalent degree with 10-15 years’ experience in managing contracts and tenders,especially for Digital Solutions relating to the Power Transmission and Distribution domain, with experience in handling DMSIADMS/OMS/EMS projects

Senior Program Manager-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/05-003

Engineering graduate or equivalent degree with 12-15 years’ experience in the Utilities domain managing multiple

large programs, projects and their deliverables, customer support and services

Emerging Technology Expert-JOB ID: PT&0/2022/05-004

Engineering graduate with 12 years’ experience in technologies like NET, JavaScript, Web Development API Development

(REST API, Cloud platform, AVMI, and emerging technologies like Blockchain in the Business Trading domain.

Cyber Security Architect (ICS/MOT)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/05-005

Engineering graduate or equivalent degree with over 10 years’ experience working with OEM clients with expertise

In OITOT Cyber security, ICS platforms.

Technology Evangelist-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DS-006

Engineering graduate or equivalent degree in Sales and Marketing with over 10 years’ experience in Technology Marketing and/or Sales in the power system domain with expertise in conducting Digital Solutions market assessments customer surveys, and incubating ideas

Engineering Equipment Lead (BESS)-JOB ID: PT&0/2022/05-007

Engineering graduate in the Electrical Mechanical discipline with 5-15 years experience in BESS and designs for AC/DC

coupled energy storage systems. Exposure to developing and managing technology roadmaps for microgrid applications with integration of grid powerbolar power wind poweDG set/storage

Control Room Engineer (ADMS/DMS/SCADA Control Centre)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DS-008

Engineering graduate with 5 years’ experience in delivering technical solutions in the areas of Control Room SCADA EMS, DMS, AMDS, HML, and Substation Automation Solutions (RTU, EDS), preferably with exposure to protocols like Modbus, EC101/104, IEC61850, DNP 3.0, Cyber security, FAT and SAT

System Solution Engineer/Solution Application Engineer-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/D5-009

Engineering graduate with 3-8 years’ experience in designing and developing complex engineering solutions for the Energy & Unlities domains. Preferably with expertise in DMS/OMS/GIS, Meter Data Management System (MOMS)/AMI, HES Asset Management System (AMS) Renewable & Green Energy, Microgrid, BESS, Powergrid, Hybrid EMS, and Electrical Vehicle Management System (EVMS)

Vendor Design Engineer-EHV Equipment (Electrical)- JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-008

Engineering graduate with 3-10 years’ experience in reviewing the drawings of manufacturers, interfacing with the

client and the project team for inter-department checks covering electrical layout design and civil foundation design

Solar DC Design Engineers (Electrical)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-009

Engineering graduate with 3-10 years’ experience in reviewing and executing engineering activities like Estimate Generation,

Overall Plant Layout, DC SLD, Solar Module Selection, Inverter Suing, SMB, Earthing Layouts, and Cable Sizing Calculations of

Solar PV Power Plants/Power Distribution projects.

Design Engineer-Transmission Lines (Electrical)-JOB ID:PT&D/2022/DE-010

Engineering graduate with 3-7 years’ experience in designing & detailing of Transmission Towers (types) and foundations

with an exposure to reviewing and executing engineering activities for complete design of Transmission Line Towers, Civil

Foundations, and Associated Structures.

BESS Expert (Electrical)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-011

Engineering graduate with over 10 years’ experience with knowledge in the design of hybrid renewable energy systems like PV Wind Energy Systems and Battery Storage including BMS control systems. Should be exposed to engineering activities Solar F covering the full cycle of work from pre-bid engineering to support during commissioning and warranty periods

Power System Analysis Expert-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-012

Engineering graduate with over 15 years’ experience in electrical power system studies covering static and dynamic analysis insulation co-ordination studies in large electrical networks for utilities, renewable power plants and integration of renewable power plants (GW capacity) into utility god at EHV levels. Knowledge of power system analysis for large industrial plants would

be an advantage

Draftsman (Electrical/Civil/Structural)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-013

Diploma or T in CivivElectrical/Mechanical with drafting and detailing experience in AIS and GiS Substations/Power Distribution projects/PV Solar Plants/Transmission Towers detailing with hands-on experience in AUTOCAD software for one year.

Solar Operations

Proposal Coordinator-JOB ID: PTB0/2022/5OLAR-001

Engineering graduate with 4-6 years’ experience in tendering for Solar Projects and Battery Energy Storage Systems (RESS), conducting detailed study of tender documents and specifications and preparation of techno-commercial offers for clients

Project Control Manager-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/5OLAR-002

Engineering graduate with 5-8 years’ experience in planning and executing Solar Projects, tracking and monitoring the

progress of projects to ensure project delivery within the budgeted cost and time.

Product Manager (Mechanical)-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/5OLAR-003

Engineering graduate with at least 10 years’ experience in the fabrication of MMS structures and handling techno-commercial aspects with exposure to material specifications, engineering, inspections, quality, and logistics.

Operations & Support

Planning Engineer-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/OPS-001

Engineering graduate with 5-10 years’ experience in planning activities with good exposure to Primavera software. Responsible for planning and monitoring of construction activities at site, preparation of bill of quantities constant monitoring of invoicing, and costing.

QA/QC Engineer (Civil/Electrical)-JOB ID: PT&0/2022/OPS-002

Engineering graduate with 5-8 years’ experience predominantly in Quality Assurance Quality Control in the EPC industry, in

performing QC inspections as per approved drawings inspections, and best plans

EHS Engineer-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/OPS-003

Engineering graduate or equivalent degree with 3-10 years’ experience in managing Safety in the

construction/manufacturing industry with a strong exposure to monitor, assess, and implement EHS systems including prevention of personal injury and damage to company property at sites.

Testing and Commissioning Engineer-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/OPS-004

Engineering graduate with 7-10 years’ experierice in testing and commissioning of electrical equipment related to the PT&D

Industry and complete testing within the stipulated man-days, and responsible to maintain testing equipment in a healthy


Site Accountant-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/OPS-005

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with 2-6 years’ experience in financial reporting, systems, and controls to ensure complete, accurate and timely reporting with an expostare to working in the construction industry.

Stores Officer-JOB ID: PT&D/2022/OPS-006

Bachelor’s degree with 3-6 years’ experience in managing the timely receipt of material/items at stores/stock yard, ensuring proper storage, issuance, and delivery systems at the construction site along with maintaining inventory

Hr contact of lnt ecc

Send us your updated resume to before June 2nd, 2022, mentioning the respective Job ID in the subject line (e.g. JOB ID: PT&D/2022/DE-001).

Selected candidates should be willing to work anywhere in India or overseas. Designation, salary, and benefits will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

If you possess rich experience in the PT&D space but do not find any of the above positions relevant to you, and are still keen to join us, do send us your credentials mentioning the Job ID: PT&D/2022/GEN-001.

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