What do HR people not like during an interview?

What doesn’t HR like during an interview? Let us understand this in a slightly different way: Small mistakes that can ruin your career.

I will also include the mistakes made by me in answering this question so that no one else repeats them.

Don’t lie about your qualifications.

If you misrepresent your qualifications in your CV or job interview and your employer comes to know about it later, then there can be a very difficult problem for you.

There is no use in getting a job under false pretenses, you are bound to get caught one day or the other. You will spend every day worrying that your employer may not catch your lies.

That’s why never give wrong information about qualification, it can ruin your career.

One more important thing, in the corporate sector, your background check is done, that’s why your lies are caught.

Using your cell phone during the interview.

According to most hiring managers, one of the fastest ways to lose a job and ruin a job interview is to answer a call or text in the middle of it.

Using your phone frequently during interviews sends the message that you don’t take the interview seriously and shows a lack of respect for your interviewer and his or her time.

Before starting the interview, switch off or silence your phone completely.

to look arrogant

It is a bad habit to appear overly arrogant or entitled. There’s a fine line between being able to discuss your professional achievements and boasting and bragging about everything you do.

Your personality should show confidence, not arrogance or pride.

Dressing inappropriately.

You can’t go to an interview in jeans and a t-shirt, no matter how big a caliph you are!

You understand that the hiring manager will see and examine you before examining your inner “store of knowledge”, but when you look like a roadster Majnu, no one will take you, even if you are Newton’s grandson.

Blaming others for your mistakes.

People often blame their old company, old boss and fellow employees by filling them during the interview. Believe me, this sends a very wrong message.

The hiring manager must have made up his mind not to take himself at the same time, the rest of the interview goes on like this.

Never blame others to hide your shortcomings.

Body language mistake.

Some people are not able to talk with their eyes in their eyes, they answer while looking here and there. Some have a habit of biting their nails, some keep moving their feet.

All these actions are very helpful in judging you and the person in front catches your “nervousness” immediately.

This reduces your chances of getting selected by less than half.

Do not keep hard copies of your documents.

I have seen so many people who come to interview with their faces raised and they do not even have a pen in their pocket. They do not even have photocopies of their documents.

It doesn’t work like this – you have not come to work in the tradesman’s shop.

Come late

The time of the interview is at 11 am and you are coming by 12 o’clock after eating and drinking comfortably.

Brother, what will you do for the job?

The hiring manager is not just sitting there to interview you alone, you should always arrive on time and if you are late then believe me, you have already done your damage before the start of your interview.

Arrive without doing homework

Saw the vacancy and walked away with his face raised. Did not see what is being asked, whether you fit into it or not, did not know about what the company does and sat down to give an interview.

Often people do not even know about the company. Even they do not know about the profile for which they are giving interview.