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Please Subscribe my channel share it friends today, which is very important and I will explain with your top 50 civil engineering interview questions. So please watch for video. So let’s start

question first case when we go for pile foundation. So our cities we end up boil foundation in the bearing capacity of soil is less than 24. Kilo Newton per square meter.

So this question is important for civil engineers question to you is how it will relate weight of Steel. Also, we have formula d square divided by 1/6 to where D is the diameter of Steel bars. So in this way you can calculate easily

question 3 is what is unit weight of or CC and BCC. so you know where it is 25 Euro Newtons per cubic meter for RCC and 24 for PC Christian. Third is what is unit weight of Steel,. So integrated steel is seven 850 kg per cubic meter.

bitching for is

what is slope of staircase? So stores lobe of staircases from 25 degree to 40 degree. It is between these two values according to escort

question 5. What do you mean bicycle occation segregation is separation of seem insane from aggregate. This is caused due to improper water to cement ratio and when concrete is poured from more than 1.5 meters of height, so

This is rather than concrete

question six is what is the temperature at which different ingredients of samadhi spawned? So that is 1400 degree Centigrade which

7 is what is volume of semen big 50 kg. So that is zero point zero 347 cubic meter or 1 Point 2 3 cubic fit.

Cristiano D is what is this count of the Delight in compass? So for the ride is 22nd and for Compass it is 30 min. It’s

So the right is more accurate. Sketch

9 is what is the risk our for slave being column and footing for slave is 20 M M4 M 25 M for column for TMM and for footing 50m,

which machine is used for compressive strength test. So that is universal testing machine or we simply say UTM is used for this test for compression test. Which 11 is how many days you can

semen from the official date,. So the spread for seventy three months. You should check it while you’re working with side. It’s very important for civil engineers.

What is the ratio of M23 and M25 mix of concrete so for M20, it’s one ratio 1 Point 5 into 3 & 4 Mt. 5 is 1 ratio 1 is to 2 so that is twenty five is thirteen is what is full form of DPR. So that is detailed project report for the nearest. Very important should know about the ejection port forwarding is what is full form of 1 bhk so one bedroom one Hall in one kitchen. So this is the abbreviation for the drum Hall and kitchen.

Essentially 15 is what is minimum grade of concrete used for see structures so minimum grade we should use this M20 whose strength is 20 Newton per square millimeter.

What is standard size of who can dangle so standard size of hook is 10 into D where D is diameter of steel bar and degrees angle is 135 degrees wife or dismiss provided for the day. types of phase so Foundation is provided in order to safely distribute structural load for the soil types are deep and shallow Foundation. These are the two main types for foundation.

Which will Dean is what our concrete is. So one is slump test. First of all another is compressive strength test. In other is water permeability, test and water absorption.

Strength of bricks so for the first class it is 105 kg per centimeter Square for second class breaks 70 kg per square centimeter and firebricks one 25 kg per cm square initial and final setting time of cement. So initial setting time is 30 minutes 400 BC or in police emergency. third for final setting time.

It’s stain our 400for we see what are the various curing methods? So spraying wait covering of surface founding during chemical steam curing and sprinkling are the most common methods for curing concrete’s how you will Define bleeding. So buildings the type of segregation in which water comes out the surface of concrete. It is a problem common problem in concrete.

Mr. 23 is in continuer beam. Where is – another operation Zone sedation zone is in the top and compressions on is in the bottom for continuer beam. That is opposite of normal beam. what is function of Stirrups in beams. So its function is simple resist Shear force.

Is this the main function of steer of Cindy? Christian 25 is standard height of each floor. So standard hides is 3 meter for each floor in buildings. So it should