Recruitment for SAFETY officer II high rise building project II middle East

85 / 100

looking for Safety Officer & Assistant Safety Officer for Delhi High Rise Building Project

Industry- Civil Construction Project – High Rise Building Project

Job Details:- Should have experience in high rise building, construction projects Must have good communication

skills NEBOSH/IOSH/OSHA must

Terms & Conditions:- Its a 10 hrs. shift everyday/ no overtime Timing: 7 am to 6 pm

Only Work Lunch provided 6 day week

Interested candidates share their updated CV along with below details at

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3. Gulf/Overseas Exp.-

4. Yrs. of exp. in High Rise Building-

5. Yrs. of exp. in construction projects-

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11. Are you comfortable with above mentioned terms & conditions

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Interview questions

work experience if any then the main integral stud rovol interview questions will be

what is aEHS?

What is Hira? And

what is expected impact analysis?

What is life cycle approach?

What is ETP and HTP?

what is machine guiding interlock and both and switches what is peepees?

What is excellent investigation?

What is emergency preparedness and

What are the environmental tests?

What is work permit system?

What are the differences in unsafe condition?

Unsafe fact near miss and accident. What is MSDS?

What are the legal requirements?

What are the firefighting systems now if selected following things will be discussed.

Why want to join this company companies requirement for this post salary Etc.

we start one by one number one is what is the HSE

e for environment each for help

s for safety

environment means creating a systematic approach to complying with environmental regulations Health means it should have the working practices and systematic activities that prevent or reduce.

the risk of harm to people safety means it involves creating organized efforts and procedures for identifying workplace hazards and reducing accidents. Number 2 is 0 that is Hazard identification risk assessment. I’ll explain this matter with this table.

I’ll start with main gate process is main gate subprocesses outside vehicle coming inside the premises hazardous unskilled or new driver consequencies accident may occur inside the premises existing control is checking out driving license now we have to give some score from 1 to 10. So for severity I have given three occur.

stupid detection one now. Our Pian Pian is risk priority number. It is the multiplication of severity occurrence and detection. So if we multiply 3 into 2 into 1 will come six now our relation is to fix some cutoff Mark so suppose cutoff Mark is 30 + RP n is below 30 then no need to take further action.

So here existing control is sufficient, but if our Pian is more than cutoff Mark then organization needs to take some some action some task force some project to reduce that Hazard now, I will explain you expect impact analysis. So this is the table process is main gate activity is outside vehicle coming inside the premises aspect is smooth from vehicle impetus air pollution existing control is pollution under control puc certificate checking. It’s a legal requirement now here also have to give some score so

84 occurrence six detection one here rpn is 24 are also there will be a cutoff Mark if the rpn is more than cutoff Mark then organization has to take some EMP that is environment Management program to reduce that Hazard or if the rpn is below 30 then no need to take action. So if the rpn is more than cutoff Mark, then it is a significant requirement and if the In is below cutoff Mark then it is not significant requirement.

But as because it’s a legal thing so I have taken it as significant companies all processes and activities are to be analyzed by ear and respect impact analysis. These two are the fast and many activities for a safety professional and erisa is mainly for human safety and aspect impact analysis is mainly for

Liberty’s lexical approach of a product life cycle approach means the whole chain of the products life cycle from Cradle to grave has a responsibility and role to play by each stage taking into account all the environmental impact and human safety. I’ll explain this matter with a table in this table. There are

process activity aspect impact and control in the process column we have to consider all that stages like understanding the requirement design deciding right materials purchase of raw materials stories manufacturing dispatch product used by customer disposal of leftover product and packaging.

and after this activity aspect impact control columns are to be filled like this all products are to be analyzed number four is ATP and STP ATP means effluent treatment plant for treatment of Industrial Wastewater STP means sewage treatment plan for treatment of

always Louis liquids from toilets baths showers kitchens sings Etc now various steps of ATP and STP are pretreatment screening grit removal flow Equalization set in Greece removal primary treatment secondary treatment and treatment now treated water should meet all the parameters s prescribed by pollution control board for that chemical dosing is done in Haiti pstp to get desired parameters in the outlet effluent permissible standards in India pH is five point five two nine TSS.

That is total suspended solid is less than hundred milligram per liter oil in Greece is less than ten milligram per liter VOD.

these biochemical oxygen demand is less than 30 milligram per liter and ceoddi that is chemical oxygen. Demand is less than 250 milligrams per liter after treatment accumulated sludge to be disposed of to PCB approved as in sees all the necessary PCB rules to be followed for storing and transporting the sludge treated water can be used for guy.

gardening toilet flush or can be drained to outlet of the organization which is going to the common drain number five is machine guard internal and both and switches all moving parts of machine to the Garden interlocking system should be there for some machines is the door is not

Claw machine will not run if both ends are used then only machine will operate this type of switches are to be used for specially press machines. All these things will reduce the possibilities of accidents digital is where the world is headed with

these personal protective equipment that is PPE various entities are and gloves Safety Shoes element are plugged. Google’s are prawn knows mask safety harness Etc

few important points about PP PP should be the last option to protect human being PP to be procured from genuine approved vendors. PP to be maintained properly and kept in a hygienic Place proper training to be given on how to use PPS proper disposal of PPE to be insured after use in which work please what PP to be used to be communicated or displayed required. PPE is mostly available at